Lord Shiva who is popularly known as ‘Devo Ke Dev Mahadev’ is the revered deity who enjoys a special place in the heart of every individual who follows Hinduism. In fact, if you are one of such individuals who are religious and a big art fan as well then you must have had seen many religious paintings. You might even be having one. Nevertheless, when one buys religious paintings, the chance of the painting being that of Shiva are high. Moreover, even though most of the folks following Hinduism have Lord Shiva paintings, they rarely know the true meaning that the painting beholds. There are many forms of Lord Shiva and each of them has a different meaning.

Hence, in this blog, we acquaint you with few of such forms. Take a look.


The Almighty is considered as the most innocent god. He is not convinced by materialistic things. If a devotee worships the Lord with all his heart and soul then he gets convinced very easily and blesses the devotee generously. This is the prime reason that he has got this name. The word ‘Bholenath’ in regard to Lord Shiva means not just innocent but sometimes ignorant as well. For instance, many times we encounter situations in our life where finding a solution to some small problem seems to be impossible. However, if the person has some intellect, he can solve the revisal issues in his life easily. Likewise, calling the lord Bholenath in no way means he is naïve but that he didn’t use to choose his wisdom in minor matters.


This form of Lord Shiva is adored very much. The bronze idols, statues and Lord Shiva paintings that show the deity dancing show the almighty in his Nataraja Avatar. Nataraja-Shiva is known as the lord of the dance. It is the dance of destruction. However, the same also signifies stillness.


Lord Shiva has got a third eye which opens when he gets extremely furious. That is why he is known as ‘Triambaka’. Many lord Shiva paintings show him in this form. It is also believed that this eye also helps lord to see what the ordinary human cannot. Hence, if one wants to gain this kind of wisdom and vision, he needs to meditate.

The three forms mentioned above are just a stone throw in the number of forms that this deity has. The most interesting feature of the deities of this religion is that all of them have incarnations and forms with a different meaning. Share this blog with a true art fan and believer of this deity. Also, let us know in the comments which form of the almighty you have in your house or are planning to purchase soon.

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