Shifting to a new city is always exciting. New possibilities, new environment, new house and what not. However, this excitement brings along a lot of anxiety especially when it comes to furniture the home. To sort this, you may think of the following options:

  • Moving the furniture all the way through- It’ll cost you a whopping price and beyond that what if it gets damaged in transit? If you have the benefit of reimbursing the expenses, still, no one else but you have to bear the losses incurred due to damage.
  • Live in a fully-furnished home- In most of the cases, the fully furnished homes are quartered with the leftover furniture that the landlord does not want or that the previous tenants left behind.
  • Buy new furniture- This idea will shake your budget.
  • Start EMIs for new furniture- Your rest other plans may go on hold for next some months.

Well! An optimal choice that millennials or transferrable are making these days in Pune, Mumbai and other metro cities is – renting furniture. Whether if you have to rent bed in Pune or rent mattress in Mumbai, renting has eased the way of living in non-native cities. Here are the advantages of renting furniture over other options:

Smart Spend- When you shift to a new place, new priorities get added to your wish list. Shopping, house deposits, exploring the new place and many other experiences that you may want to have, need money. Play smart by renting furniture because here you save a considerable amount of money and that you can utilize in accomplishing other tasks.

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No Sinking in Depreciation- The world around us is changing with every blink of an eye. Henceforth, depreciation is in effect. You might not always get the furniture of your choice in your budget. And even if you get it, its resale value will be deflated to such an extent that you’ll regret purchasing it. If you rent the furniture assets, you stay in no profit, no loss zone.

No Maintenance Charges- What could be better than ‘no maintenance charges?’ When you purchase furniture, you become the sole owner of keeping it clean and well maintained. You shall agree with the fact that no matter with how sensitivity you deal with the assets of your home, there are instances when your furniture assets get spoiled up. Be it stains, cracks, termite, bed bugs or anything; you have to spend additionally to maintain the life of those assets. But, when you rent such assets, you have to pay zero maintenance. Everything is taken care of by the provider except for the rent.

Renting promotes hassle free life and rentOne has been successful in providing its customers with a hassle-free experience. If you need furniture on rent in Pune, then contact the provider who has been successful in satisfying thousands of customers with its ‘ease of living’ motto. Neat & clean furniture, free drop & pick up service and prompt support are a few USPs of Try it once!