Becoming a parent is a trying time, whether it’s your first or fourth baby! Babies cry for many reasons and sometimes all that is needed is a feed, a burp, a clean nappy or a cuddle. There are other times though, when no matter what you try, your baby is plain cranky, and it can be exhausting. It could be colic, teething or he or she feels unwell. Once you’ve ruled out any symptoms that would require a call to the doctor, try some of these tried and tested methods for soothing a fussing baby:


This can help a baby feel secure and cosy, with experts thinking it recreates a womb-like feeling that soothes babies. A lot of parents find that swaddling can help their baby to calm faster and sleep better. Try leaving your baby’s arms outside the blankets if they don’t settle with their arms tucked in as some will like to self-soothe with their fingers or prefer the freedom of movement.


It is common for babies to self-soothe by mimicking the sucking movement of feeding. Whilst it doesn’t fill their tummies, it can soothe them greatly. This is why pacifiers and dummies are so popular. If you’d prefer to wait until feeding has been established before introducing a dummy, try offering baby of her fingers or a thumb or fist to suck on.

Use a rocking motion

It’s a time-honoured method for a reason – it works. If you don’t already have a rocker in your nursery, you might wish to invest in one, especially for those late-nights feeds and calming sessions. Find yourself a stylish, contemporary rocking chair Eames Rocking Chair which offers pleasing style with great functionality. Get your Eames Rocking Chair from Pash Classics.

Soothing white noise

Many babies like to soothe to the sounds of gentle, rhythmic whooshing that could remind them of the noise they heard when in the womb. Sudden noises can startle a baby trying to settle and this is when white noise can be helpful to block out other sounds. There are special machines that emit white noise, or you could try a fan in the background as a cheaper alternative.


Another time-honoured tradition is to sing a gentle lullaby to your baby. Your baby won’t care if you’re off key, forget the words or sing a pop song instead of a lullaby. They will respond to the soothing, secure feelings that your voice brings to them.

Get out and about

Sometimes a bit of fresh and some distracting motion will calm a fussy baby. It might feel like too much to leave the house but if it works, you’ll be glad you did. Sometimes we all need to get outside and the change in light, air, sounds and temperature will improve both your mood and your babies. If it’s raining, try going for a drive instead.

Entertain Yes, even young babies can suffer from boredom which could explain the fussiness. Consider talking about all your actions, make funny noises and animated faces. Show her how her toys work, making them spin and rattle. It’s never too young to start reading a story from a simple board book or even turning on some music and having a dance.

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