What all Ocean Freight Services proffer you with?

Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services connect you to all chief and primary ports across the world. It is fully licensed and is termed as NVOCC which means Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier. Our contract runs with all main shipping lines as well as consolidators.

We include following types of services-

  • Full Container Load or FCL

We employ FCL Freight shipping for transporting valuable stuff separately. Most of our customers do not want their precious and delicate stuff to be transported with other cargo and hence FCL services are offered to them. If they need to ship a huge amount of load which is 12+ pallets, FCL is the best option.

  • Less than Container Load or LCL

If the customer wants to share his container space with other customers who too want to ship their cargo, LCL is a wonderful option. This alternative is far more cost effective than FCL. Hence, ship your smaller loads overseas to the desired place whenever you want.

  • Reefer Containers:

Ocean Freight Services bequeaths this kind of services to ship refrigerated goods. All those who want to avail this facility for commercial or personal reasons to prevent their goods from spoilage or humidity should use these services. Their goods are shipped in a temperature controlled containers whether their demand is freezing temperature or the moderately cool environment.

  • Hazardous Containers and Dangerous Goods:

We even transport dangerous goods like pharmaceutical substances, explosives, various gases, inflammable fluids, combustible solids, corrosive substances, oxidizing materials, dry ice, fuel cell engines, lithium batteries and many other substances. Our professionals are certified in handling dangerous goods and they assist in handling hazardous goods via freight services with optimum safety to the desired destination. Our company meets compliance and the international regulations precisely.

  • Roll –On, Roll- Off :

We have been shipping any types of automobiles, tractors, motors, trailers etc successfully for years. If you wish to transport any heavy equipment or machinery on wheels that comes in the category of roll-on or roll-off cargo, contact us; as we are specialized in Ro-Ro vessel transport.

  • Container Loading and Unloading:

We take complete responsibility for loading and unloading your containers. Our Ground shipping network transports your cargo to the final destination on your demand.

  • Transloading Container Trucking:

If you wish to save on warehouse expenses while saving time you can avail our transloading services. We load your cargo in our trucks as soon as it reaches the port and sends it directly to the destination saving your precious time.

  • Warehousing and Distribution

We have connections with warehouse spaces on ports across the globe. This assists us greatly in managing the inventory and the distribution with heightened ease without creating any confusion.

  • Importing or Exporting the Shipping Documentation:

All the necessary documents that deal with credits or the import/ export process is a true headache and we as professional and experienced freight forwarder make the process hassle-free. We do all the paperwork and proffer you with bills of landing and other mandatory documentation facilitating the process.

  • Cargo Insurance:

To safeguard you from any kind of losses or damages, we provide cargo insurance. It safeguards our customers from seawater flooding, storms, vessel collision, any act of God or unforeseeable circumstances.

So, stay stress-free and enjoy our services 24 x 7 x 365.

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Emerging Challenges In Truck Driving Field

Trucking business has gone a long way to be considered as the green pasture by loads of people who are either looking out for a decent career option or wish to switch from an existing career field. The ever increasing demand of truck drivers, apparently has inspired many who expect rewarding sources of income and a great career span at the same time. Having said that, one can’t easily get a truck driving job today. Especially, by exhibiting mediocre skills and impressing the interviewer by a fluke. As a matter of fact, trucking industry calls for the right candidate for the task to get completed on time with utmost surety bench seat console USA.

Commercial truck Driving Jobs:

Seizing the right individual (for the job) is just like completing the unfinished jig saw puzzle. To match up the required skills, one must take a look into all major aspects as such. For this reason, majority of trucking big shots are teeming up with online headhunters or job portals to make sure the screening becomes easier and better. Such platforms have abundant driving job vacancies and opportunities. So, if you wish to stamp your foot in this industry, one must bear down the competition. Apart from some basic formalities like licensing and certifications, make sure to register yourself on major online portals and submit your updated resumes.

An aspiring truck driver has to strive hard, in order to achieve the best position, candidates who have prior experience in truck driving jobs need to present their best skills forward in an effort to grab the opportunity. This is the part, where numerous applicants break down especially the new ones. This exemplifies the fact that earning just a commercial truck driving license from a decent school is not enough. One must be aware of how and where to apply in order to get seen. And beside that, one is ought to take into account other significant factors like following state’s strict regulations and norms of myriad insurance companies.

Truck driving jobs has underwent a major change due to growing threats to national security. Soon after the gruesome attacks in the US, the laws governing commercial truck driving turned out to be even more stricter. One must abide by such rules to fetch a respectable position. Find a good firm that can assist you well for the purpose of increasing your overall efficiency and experience.

Take a note: It can be tricky to earn a job in the trucking business if you don’t know where to begin. But with proper cognizance and motivation, you can stand a chance!

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Top Tips for Buying a New Car

You might be aware of the fact that today’s world is quite fast. Therefore, it has become quite difficult to manage personal as well professional lives. To make your lives a little easier, it is always better to have a personal mode of transport. The reason of having a personal mode of transport is that without it your life would become even more hectic. The most common and reliable mode of transport is the car. Moving from home to office becomes a lot easier because you really need not depend upon the public transport for your daily commutes. Moreover, you can also enjoy liberty and freedom when you buy your own car.

Purchasing a car involves huge investments that you will ever make. Hence, making a single mistake while purchasing a car can lead to long-term losses as well as problems. So, before you buy a new car, you should always follow the 10 tips that are given below.

1. Plan out your budget

This is perhaps the most important tip while making a purchase for a new car. Generally, when you plan to buy anything, the first thing that you determine is the cost of that thing.

The same rule is applied when you are planning to buy a new car. Before doing anything, it is always recommended to decide on the budget that you are going to spend on the new car. While deciding on the budget, you have to make sure that you take all your requirements and needs into consideration.

You also need to think logically while deciding on the budget and make sure that you stick to your budget to avoid overspending. Do not buy a car that crosses your budget limit just for the sake of showing off. Be smart in your approach.

2. Conduct Your Research

After you have decided and planned your budget, the next thing that you need to do is conduct a research on what type and model of the car are you looking forward to buying. Again, buying a car is no child’s play, hence you should be focused when you are planning to buy a new car. There is no point of visiting a car showroom when you do not have enough information about the cars. Times have changed. The world has become digital and so you should also become one. All the information that you need about a car is easily available online. So, you should conduct a proper and enhanced research on the models of the car before making a visit to the car showroom. Another advantage of conducting a research is that it minimizes all the types of confusion that come in your mind.

3. Determine your Needs

There are different people with different types of needs. After you have decided the budget and have conducted the much-needed research, the next step for you is to differentiate between your needs and wants. Buying a car means making a huge investment. One wrong mistake and you could possibly face huge losses. For this reason, it becomes very important for you to recognize your needs. You should see if the car is quite comfortable according to you and provides you with a high level of satisfaction.

Everyone has a unique set of requirements when it comes to buy a new car. So focus on that model of the car which not only suits your budget but is also inclined with your needs.

4. Determine your Wants

As said earlier, purchasing a car involves huge investment and so you should have a picture perfect idea of all your needs and wants. After you have decided your list of needs, it is now time to focus on your wants with respect to buying a new car. The wants can be related to the styling, image, colour, reliability, fuel economy, safety, capacity etc. While buying a new car, you should be highly specific to what you want. Do not settle for less, if you want more and even capable of making the right payment as well.

5. Collect Price Quotes

This step comes when you have decided your budget, conducting a research and determined your needs and wants. For collecting the price quotes, you should contact various car dealers. You can either fill the contact form that is available on their website or send an email regarding the price quote. The advantage of collecting price quotes is that you can now compare the prices and deals provided by different car dealerships and then choose the best from all the available options.


6. Test Drive the Car

Take a test drive of the car that you would want to purchase. It is really important to test drive the car for many obvious reasons. Make the comfort option your priority while taking the test drive. If you feel that you are not feeling comfortable while driving the car, you should perhaps just leave that particular car.

While taking the test drive, you should preferably focus on the following points. Ensure that the car is comfortable, smooth and quiet. You should also assure that the view from each of the mirrors is proper. You should also have a proper view of the dashboard gauges. To check the control of the car, locate the turn signals and turn in the windshield wipers. Make sure that everything is easy to use. Now, this is very important, it becomes very important to see if the car responds well if you push the accelerator or brakes. A test drive helps you to make sure that a car meets your requirements and reduces your confusion regarding the model of the car.

7. Check the Sale Price and Warranties

After you have targeted a car, the next thing that you should focus is on getting a proper price from the car. You can contact the sales department of the car dealerships via call, text or email. You can ask about the selling price of the car including the cost of additional accessories that have to be installed in the car.

As far as the warranties are concerned, you should ask for the list of products that the dealership plan to offer you after you buy the car like extended warranties and maintenance plan.

8. Determine your Payment Options

The next important step is to decide the payment option through which you are going to make the payment for the car. There a number of payment options available to you but the ultimate decision lies in your hand as to which of the available options to use. You can make the payment in cash. You can also go for financing or leasing. When you are looking forward to making the purchase via cash, all you need to know is the cost of the car inclusive of sales tax, registration fees and insurance premium.

If you have decided to go for leasing or financing, you need to know the amount that you have to pay each month. Consider the insurance premium, annual registration fees and the fuel charges.

9. Make Negotiations on Your Purchase

Now the time is to negotiate the deal on the new car that you are going to buy. Now is the time to decide how much are you going to pay for the car, how are you going to make the payment and from where are you going to buy the car. Keep a constant check on the website of the manufacturer to sure of the current rebates, leasing and financing deals. You should also know that the vehicles that are plentiful in supply can be purchased at or close to the invoice price. Whereas, the vehicles which are not in plentiful supply charge a premium charge. Sometimes, rebates are paid to the customer in order to reduce the price of the vehicle.

10. Close the Deal & Take the Delivery

If you are well satisfied with the price and financing, you can now close the deal. You can either buy the car from the dealership as it is or gets it delivered to your home. A lot of people prefer to close the deal at the dealership. When you finalize a deal, carefully review the contract and make sure that there are no additional charges or fees. After you sign the contract, the car becomes all yours.

The next thing is to take the delivery of your car. Ensure that the car is clean and the fuel tank is full. Give a final check up to your car and look for any dents or scratches that might have occurred during the transport.

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Things to Know About the Ford Falcon FG-X

The Ford Falcon was first launched in 2014 by Ford Australia. It has undergone comprehensive changes over its predecessor that are both cosmetic as well as functional. And there are some pretty interesting facts about it that a petrol head would be keen on. This article lists twelve of them.

  1. The Falcon FG-X and was developed along with the MkII Territory on a reported 103.5 million dollar budget. This includes investments from both the Federal government as well as the government of Victoria that amounted to $34 million. Production was set to last until October of 2016.
  2. A MEGA racing Australia version of the FG-X will be driven by renowned Australian racer Jason Bright in 2017’s Supercar Championship. Bright has recently shifted his contract from Brad Jones Racing to Prodrive Racing and officially unveiled it at the team’s headquarters in Melbourne.
  3. The FG-X is the only Ford Falcon to have been given a three letter designation. The X at the end is a nod to some of the notable Falcon models of the past such as the XB, XR, and XY.
  4. The building components of the Falcon FG-X are mostly from Australia, 70 percent, in fact, which is a bit less than before. The headlamps and tail lamps which used to be sourced from Hella, Australia, now come from Thailand and Taiwan respectively.
  5. The number of prototype vehicles built by Ford prior to finally signing off for the Falcon and Territory amount to 97 units. Those prototypes have been driven a total of 835,846 kilometers in the three months preceding the official launch.
  6. The Falcon FG-X is powered by a 4 liter 6 cylinder power plant that boasts 28% more efficiency over the BA MKII Much of this is due to some clever tweaking such as the use of low resistance tyres. On the XR8 model, there is an over boost function that has been claimed to improve the power output of the engine by up to 15%.
  7. Improvements have also been made to some of the body panels. For instance, the front bumper has been shaped so now the aerodynamic drag it generates is improved by 6.7%. That means the 0.312 drag coefficient has been reduced to 0.291 making it more slippery through the air and therefore, more economical to drive as well.
  8. Both the Falcon and the Territory have been equipped with the SYNC2 program by Ford. It is quite an advanced software capable of understanding over 10,000 voice commands and the ergonomic design helps drivers focus on the road while giving instructions.
  9. There are two aerial antennas on the Falcon. One is located just behind the front bumper and the other is set on the roof. It is always the better signal of the two that is picked by the system giving it enhanced FM radio reception.
  10. However, the budget set aside for development has not been enough to include a two-way one-touch driver’s window.
  11. Both the Falcon and Territory have been programmed to dial up emergency services as well send a pre-recorded message and GPS location in case of a crash. The call will wait 10 seconds in order to give the driver time to cancel it if necessary.
  12. The Falcon FG-X is the first production car from Ford to have automatic windscreen wipers.


So there you have it, twelve lesser known fun facts about the Ford Falcon FG-X.

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Reasons You Should Avoid Buying Tata Storme

An SUV produced by reputed Tata Motors of India, the Tata Safari has attained a lot of fame across the country. It is a hot favourite among those who love big cars and get the feel of having the best in possession. Tata Safari is virtually the first SUV to be designed, developed and manufactured completely in India.

Are you looking forward to buy an SUV this year? Here are some reasons you should NOT consider a Tata Storme:


Of course, the Tata lovers boast about the look these cars manage to carry. The latest Tata version has almost brutally assassinated the original masculine look of the traditional version. However, it still manages t looks like a Tata product. The Storme carries a sober front with a spare wheel at the rear door. The door carries the safari trademark combined with a stout look. The side profile for this SUV remains the same.

Fit and Finish

Don’t expect much in this department from Tata as this is the weakest section for the brand. So the Strome comes with coarse finishes, with bumpy panel gaps that are clearly visible.


Storme is available with basic features. If you choose the top end model, it comes equipped with a Dashboard that has a nice matt wooden finish. Some of the other features of Storme include a decent quality music system, AC vents, traditional rotatory knobs, and an analog clock. The downside here is related to safety. It does not have air bags (LX and EX variants).
These days most hatchbacks come with this safety feature. So an SUV of this stature priced at almost Rs. 10 Lakhs must have included it as a standard feature across all variants. The rear-AC is available only in EX/VX models. Another big turn offs for the car is a basic instrument console, absence of digital meters and FE indicator.

NO 4×4

Tata Storme is available in 4 variants:

  • LX
  • EX
  • VX
  • VX 4×4

The experts have considered this as a big flaw in this car. They believe that Tata should have ideally, provided 4×4 in all of its variants.

Jump Seats

This time too, the Storme has reserved the rear 3rd row jump seats. So this will come as a total let-down for most aspirants because they love front facing seats, especially for the 6/7th passengers when going on a longer journey.


The Storme offers somewhere between 12 and 12.5 KMPL on an average. This was promised by the manufacturer for enhancing the vehicle performance. This will help it run more KMs.


Well, Tata has always been known for poor after-sales-service. So this is definitely another reason for not opting for Storme.

No Automatic gearbox

Although not an important part, most of the present day car buyers prefer it to be auto.


If you go for VX4x4, it will cost you somewhere close to Rs. 17 Lakhs! There are other candidates to look forward to. Try going through Tata Safari Specification online before making a decision.

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How to combat unpleasant smell inside the car

The problem of unpleasant smell is typical for the cabins of many cars and especially for used ones. According to experts, there is no general recipe for combating this problem, since the origin of a smell can be very different, and it is necessary to eliminate it on an individual basis. Especially it is necessary to take into account the fact that the unpleasant smell in the car’s interior is only a consequence, i.e. it is also necessary to identify its cause and to fight it.

By the way, if you consider buying a used car, you may want to find out how to buy a used car properly in order to avoid some serious problems.

Will car aromatizer help?

Most often, car owners prefer to use aromatizer to solve this problem. They can simply be hung on the rear-view mirror, installed on the air duct or even sprayed through the cabin. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that all these solutions can only partially help, as they are not able to remove the cause but only mask the unpleasant odors.

Possible reasons

Most often, the cause of an unpleasant smell is the polluted air conditioning and climate control system. Over time, during the operation, they accumulate dirt and dust, which consists of various components, most of which cause an unpleasant smell.

In order to clean the air conditioner, special goods are used, which you simply inject into the air ducts. However, if you have some spare time and cash, then it is best to entrust this procedure to specialists at some reliable service station. In the event that the aerosols could not cope with the task of cleaning the air conditioner, then you can use mechanical cleaning by disassembling the evaporator radiator.

Another reason for an unpleasant smell is tobacco smoke. In this case, it will not be enough to clean the ashtray, because the cigarette smoke can penetrate the upholstery and even the plastic interior elements of the cabin. In this case, if you want to neutralize the odors, it is better to use special polishes and cleaning tools, which have some special aromatic additives. Plus, it is also necessary to regularly clean the upholstery of the interior with special means and auto-cleaners.

Quite often, fleecy rugs could become the source of unpleasant smells. This is because, in the winter, passengers and the driver of the car bring in the snow into the cabin from the street making the car mats almost constantly wet. As soon as the heating starts and the air temperature rises in the car cabin, the fleece on the mats begins to exude an extremely unpleasant odor. That is why mats should be periodically washed and thoroughly dried. Furthermore, you can even replace the fluffy mats with rubber ones, as these would be more practical.

We hope you enjoyed our article. Additionally, we would like to suggest you check out our
tips for car detailing, as these might be of high relevance to you.

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Finding The Right People To Move Your Vehicle

Finding a company to move your car to your new home or for business needs can be a challenge. There is a range of companies out there providing professional auto transport services, but not all of them will offer the full range of features that you’re looking for. In order to get the best experience possible, it’s important to narrow your search down to a set of particular factors. Decide whether the business in question meets the following criteria, and if they do, they should be a good fit.

  1. What vehicles do they have available? In order to find the company that suits your needs, it often helps to start by looking at their fleet. A well-established, reliable company will probably have a large fleet at their disposal, with a suitable car transporter available for every type of vehicle and scenario. Ask the company about what their fleet consists of, and find out whether they have the type of freight or carrier that you’ll need to move your vehicle.
  2. Where do they go? Some companies offer a fairly limited range of transport options, while others have a wide scope for their services. If you’re looking to travel interstate or ship your car across the country, you’ll need a company with the appropriate routes and capacity to go the distance.
  3. What is the cost? Find out all of the costs upfront before you decide on an auto transport company to move your vehicle. You’ll need to know whether your vehicle will be insured throughout the travel process, whether the rates are worked out by distance or at a specific set rate, and if the price can change according to the carrier used or time of year in question. Ask plenty of questions and be willing to compare prices and quotes before you make up your mind.
  4. Know if your vehicle will incur extra costs. Some shipping companies add additional fees when dealing with certain types of vehicles. For example, if your vehicle is worth a substantial amount of money, this may affect the rate offered by the company. If you’re looking to transport a truck or large SUV, this could also affect the price. Find a fair deal before you settle.
  5. Read reviews. It’s always useful to find out exactly what other customers think about a company before you agree to use their service. Check online for recent reviews, and be sure to check the company responses to negative reviews in case they may have been slandered unfairly. Positive reviews almost always indicate that you can expect good service overall when moving your vehicle.

How long will it take? If you need to get a vehicle somewhere in a hurry, for a trade show or event, for example, then the expected delivery time offered by the company will be crucial to your decision making process. Some companies will offer faster delivery times than others, so ask around to find out which business will be able to deliver your vehicle in the timeframe you need. You need to be sure how much advanced notice the company requires to book the auto transport so that you’re fully prepared for the move when the day arrives.

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Scan Resources for Cars

The car producers of today’s are getting the hi-tech method that is, adding numerous gadgets to improve luxury and the effectiveness provided by their automobile. It’s challenging to remove analytical information to repair an issue that’ll occur like a vehicleis inner methods have more complex. To the recovery, analytical check resources come in this scenario. These resources are ostensibly check gear that connect with the pc cpu of a vehicle and aid take out the necessary data from this.

A unique function of the diagnostic check device is the fact that it may analyze the on board analytical info program (OBD II), which handles the fuel-economy, efficiency and time of the automobile. It’s the OBD II that assists a wrist watch is kept by the federal government about the gas pollutants of automobiles that are private. A check device that is diagnostic links for this OBD-II returns and codes when irregularities are contained by the car. These rules assist educated technicians to recognize what is currently evoking the problem.

This provides us to signal fundamental hand-tools that entry visitors and show rules in the caris pc. Usually cheap, they act from wherever analysis may start as the initial step. To get an automobile proprietor, signal visitors would be the greatest analytical check resources to understand when it’s time for you to spend the technician a trip.

Additionally they charge significantly reduced than their stand alone, PDA-centered alternatives, which, regardless of supplying portability’s advantage, provide just performance that is simple. About the other-hand, PDA-centered hand tools’ professional have displays that are better as well as permit information to become taken for evaluation that is later. They’re likewise charge reduced and fairly more straightforward to utilize.

Usually, the previous have displays that are big as well as in-constructed analytical application that may be quickly updated. They are able to remove analytical info that is stored, show real-time report, guidelines info as well as provide printable reviews and personalized charts. Additionally, Computer-centered analytical resources that are check may access producer- information that is unique. Click here :- Actron CP9580A

Analytical check resources can be found in a variety of dimensions and costs and include application that may be quickly improved. For fanatics, an enhanced hand-held device that is may conserve money and time invested in technicians that are visiting.

More complex check resources that are analytical show program information indicator ideals and conduct home -assessments for example screening fuel-pump, EVAP Computer- based -centered.

Unlike previously, analytical check resources have grown to be lightweight and really inexpensive during so or the decade. Hence, actually for homeowners of preservation and stores providing fix for automobiles, they prove priceless. All of the shop-owner must do is choose one which fits budget and his necessity after which educate his technicians to make use of it for their benefit.

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The second largest selling luxury car brand in India in terms of total sales volume, BMW, is all set to woo customers with a potential drop in prices in view of the impending Goods and Services Tax or GST implementation, notably from July 1. The new tax regime to be kicked in India from July 2017 is expected to be a game changer, wherein the whole country will transform into a single market. This single market will be guided by a single tax structure called the Goods and Services Tax or GST, which in effect will subsume all the existing central and state taxes such as VAT, Central Excise, Octroi, Sales Tax, etc. The new tax regime will have four tax slabs, namely 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%, wherein luxury cars will be clubbed under the highest tax slab. Additionally, large cars (engines more than 1500cc) including the luxury ones will attract a maximum cess of 15%, thus bringing the overall GST rate to an effective 43%.

Interestingly, contrary to expectations, clubbing the luxury car segment under the highest tax slab of 28% seems to have enthused luxury car makers. This is due to the fact that at present the segment willy-nilly attracts a cumulative tax structure in the range of 45 – 55%, which is more than the proposed 43% under GST. As a result of the new rates and cess, luxury cars are expected to see a drop in prices to the tune of 4 – 8 percent. Not surprisingly, by keeping in mind the proposed GST induced drop in prices and in an effort to clear inventories, car makers including the German behemoth BMW have offered a slew of benefits.  

2015-BMW-M4-Coupe-(1-of-29) (1)

The range of benefits includes:

  • Reduction in Ex-showroom prices of select models to the tune of 12%
  • A much reduced rate of interest worth 7.90%
  • Complimentary maintenance services offer for three years
  • Complimentary insurance cover for one year
  • Buyback assurance of up to four years

These attractive incentives can bring new customers to the BMW fold, who otherwise would have opted for pre-owned luxury cars including the used BMW models. For BMW, the latest price cuts would be to the tune of 12% but on select models only. The place of purchase too would have an impact on the price cuts.

The Munich based company has its car plant based in Chennai, India producing models such as hatchbacks (1 series), sedans (3 series, 5 series and 7 series), and SUVs (X1, X3, and X5) respectively. In addition, the company imports Completely Build Units of models such as M4 Coupe, M6 Gran Coupe, besides M3, M5 and Z4 sports sedans. The company has a wide dealership network as well that provides all types of support to customers including the crucial after sales service. The pan India dealership network including the used BMW dealers in Delhi NCR buzzes with activity as far as pre-owned cars are concerned.  And with more people with high disposable incomes and BMW’s established brand equity, the new GST related rate cuts can have a multiplier effect on sales.

Even though the full impact of GST is going to be felt post July 2017 only, luxury car makers have used the window of a few weeks leading up to July as an opportunity to clear existing stocks. Car companies feel this step will boost sales besides offsetting any supposed lean period, wherein customers postpone their purchase decision in order to benefit from lower prices post GST implementation. Hit hard by the diesel ban in NCR, luxury car makers are looking expectedly at GST to hit the road of high growth.  

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Asymmetric tyres & how to fit them to your car!

Car tyre fitting can be tricky due to difference in their patterns and particular methods to fit them appropriately to the vehicle. Both, asymmetric and directional tyres are fitted following specific methods and the only way to do it the right way is by understanding their key characteristics.

Asymmetric tyres: Key features

The different patterns on both the right and left sides of the asymmetric tyres make them stand out of the crowd.

The outside of the tread is responsible for overall performance of the tyre on a dry terrain. The very elements are intended to ensure the vehicle remains stable and balanced as it turns.

The inner part of the tread is to dispel water thereby protecting the vehicle against aquaplaning as well as allow smooth driving experience on slippery and wet tracks.

The structural difference means asymmetric car tyre fitting must follow a certain orientation that is in accordance with the markings on both sides of the tyre.

The side of the tyre facing inside of the vehicle is marked “INSIDE” whereas “OUTSIDE” is for the exterior and visible to someone standing right next to the vehicle for mounting the tyre.

Alternate labelling is also there for instance “MOUNT THIS OUTSIDE” or “OUTWARDS SIDE FACING” but the concept must be clear in order to fit the tyres appropriately.

Asymmetric tyres were once installed only on high-performance cars however today, they’re mounted on almost every other mid-range vehicles and this is due to the unique benefits. This uniqueness is due to the combined parameters of both directional and symmetric tyres that allow cornering in a convenient and problem-free way, even when you drive at a higher speed.

The tyres are a great option for cars boasting advance traction and braking support system due to improved interactivity with many different features. Another great benefit of asymmetric tyres is their appearance that attracts savvy riders. The unique tread design they bear is usually found on summer, winter and all-season tyres so no matter what you choose; exceptional performance is delivered.

To fit an asymmetric tyre

Even when car tyre fitting is being carried at a highly advanced and renowned facility, do keep a closer eye on what’s being done just for assurance. Much like everything else, chance of flaw is always there and you can immediately pinpoint if carefully observing the process.

This is important because incorrect and wrong fitted tyres pose certain dangers to the driver as well as the vehicle. Since they’re designed to serve a specific purpose at particular sides and angles of the tyre, even a minor flaw can divert you off the track thus hampering overall driving.

Important steps

  • Before you begin with car tyre fitting, unscrew the valve
  • The rim is placed on a special mounting machine to ensure the perfect fitment of the tyre with the wheel
  • Clean the tyre with a special brush before fitting it and to remove any lubricant leftover from previous fitment procedure


Make sure you fit asymmetric Falken tyres to the car in the right way from the details outlined above.

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