Incorporate the bohemian style into your wardrobe

In the recent times, the bohemian style has become quite popular and with each passing days more and more people are trying out this style. The boho chic style has so much variety. The dresses can make you look great as well as make you feel extremely comfortable when you wear them. This style is mostly about free flowing dresses that have a lot of details. Fringes and tassels are extremely common. The boho look can also add a very 70s touch to your whole attire. If you are thinking of doing something different or look quite unique, then you should definitely try out this style.

The bohemian clothing style reflects your inner free spirit and brings out your individuality. Boho dresses are fun and lively and are great for casual as well as formal occasions. There is so much variety to it, that you can pair them with a number of bottoms as well as tops. Accessorising is also an art that they love. A boho dress is incomplete without the perfect accessories. It is very simple to dress up in the bohemian style. Here are a few tips that you can use to bring out the gypsy goddess in you.


As you know, bohemians love free flowing outfits. This makes flares a common appearance for many of their outfits. You can go with a pair of flared jeans and a nice crop top. Wear a long flared shrug or even a kimono to achieve a simple yet elegant boho look. You can even create a similar look by opting for flared tops with normal jeans. Mix and match and see what goes with what. Just maintain symmetry and proportion and you will look like a diva.


Bohemians are a fan of beautiful patterns and prints. Clothing which have detailed work or delicate patterns on it is a must have for them. A beautifully printed mini or midi dress is all that you would need to get that boho look. Just pair them with some suede boots and some junk jewellery and you are good to go.


Accessories are an important part of the bohemian style. No outfit is complete without putting on the right kind of jewellery or accessories. You can go with statement necklaces and stacked rings as well as flower crowns and headscarves. Choose whichever accessory that will suit you as a person as well as will complement the outfit you are wearing. Complete the look with amazing accessories and step outside to impress everyone.

Sunnies and Maxis

Most of the dresses that bohemians go for are free flowing. Such type of maxi dresses and sundresses are perfect to create the boho look. Choose the ones which have a lot of patterns on it and is in a neutral or earthy shade. This dress will be great for an afternoon outing with your friends.


No one can imagine the boho style without thinking of fringes. They are an important part of the style and are found in almost everything, such as shoes, tops, bags, jackets, etc.

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Women Tops: A Wardrobe Necessity

Printed Tops for Women

Tops are the most important part of a women’s wardrobe. In fact, a lot of women have more than half of their wears as tops. They are apparel which can be matched with anything from jeans to shorts. There is a variety of women tops available online and in stores to fit into every occasion. The trendy crop top to the glamorous cold shoulder, the formal shirt style to the classy choker top, the hot tube top to diva kaftan, the printed tops for women to plain classy finish tops everything if worn right and accessorized well looks impressive, elegant and charming.

Different tops can be paired and worn in a number of styles and it saves you from boring looks and repeats wears. It can produce a new look for you every time as you experiment with it. For instance, the long printed tops for women can also be worn as a short dress and gives a sassy and cool look for a casual get together. The white shirt can be elegant as office wear and rocks with sexy denim shorts. The low back top looks bold in parties and when paired with a transparent cape cover looks ravishing for a romantic date. The fashionable cold shoulder looks super attractive with a pair of jeans or a skirt.

Printed tops for women have so many options ranging from graphics to soothing floral prints and the happiest thing is that we can now order these newly designed tops online from exclusive brands, designers and web stores. There are exciting discount offers once in a while in these stores where you can buy a lot of outfits at a very reasonable price.

The trick to buy newly designed tops online is that you have to be careful about size and quality. Most of these stores provide a size chart with measurements in inches and centimeters to ensure that there is least issue once you receive it. If the customer is satisfied with fit and quality, there is a high probability for repeat orders and it endorses customer loyalty. With the advent of web stores, the clothes from any corner of this world are now accessible and we can buy these best online shirts for women without much effort.

The challenge is to mix and match in stylish and comfortable ways to stand out from the crowd. Few pieces of tops can look stylish but are not comfortable to carry. It is important to spend some time to figure out what suits you the most.

To make any look more appealing or confident, one can accessorize it with belts, earrings, heels, shoes, bracelet or a chic bag. Do not over accessorize as it can look gaudy or take the charm away. Do avoid excess make up, use little compact powder, eyeliner with light mascara along with suitable lip color, which gives quite a bold look on its own.  Laugh out loud and spread your magic to the world being a diva.

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Age Old Question

Age Old Question

In India, traditions are greatly valued, and traditions usually involve the concept of gifting something invaluable or immeasurable, since time immemorial, rulers have been known to gift gold ball chains, gold rings, gold plates, etc. from the Gold Collection to the ones that they deemed worthy of receiving it, in current times, Diamonds are seen as a wealthy commodity, almost crossing the status that gold holds in the Indian society. Diamond necklace set price are usually high, but so are for similar diamond products, but the outcome of the gift is of great value and probable future long-term investment that could come in handy one day, as shown in recent times, where the price of diamonds has been on a steady rise. So which is better? Diamonds or Gold?

When it comes to diamonds, it is good to always keep the following in mind;

Size of the mineral: What gives it an upper edge over gold is the obvious fact of size, unlike gold, diamonds are of great value even when it’s in small quantity, whereas gold in some sense, takes up a lot of room, therefore their products seem like a good investment.

Storability: Since it’s so small in size, its storage options are of many, it can be stored in a small safe box to a big vault, etc. Products such as Diamond necklace set price of a lot of rupees can be held safe within a small box, its price would still be that of hundreds and thousands of rupees.

Durability: Diamonds are one of the hardest substances that are known to exist in the world, so in terms of its durability, it is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Safety of investment: The best part about owning diamonds is the fact that one need not worry about losing or get themselves anxious over a long period of time, because they can be insured, for it is inflation proof, just like other physical commodities, but unlike physical commodities, diamonds can be financially secured, and is worth as much.

If one is considering buying gold, as a gift or just to invest in it, keep the following in mind;

Culture and Durability: Unlike diamonds, gold has existed in the Indian culture since time immemorial and still does to this day, with equal value. It is not just a mineral but is intrinsic to the very culture to India itself. In 2012, India consumed 800 tonnes and imported 951 tonnes of gold.

As an investment: Gold has appreciated 501% from 2001-2012, which comes out to an annualized return of almost 18%. Gold is an excellent hedge against economic, political, currency crises, and overall market declines. When markets are in a recessionary period, gold is often sold to offset losses. Another benefit to investing in gold is that the market for gold is generally fairly liquid.

Storage: You may be worried about storing gold items such as new gold earrings and such other products in a safe space. Gold is fungible, which means you can trade one large piece of gold for a hundred small ones. These characteristics make it a feasible potential investment and probably enough to get the exchanged item into a safe space.

Ultimately the financial value that exists with the two are two high extremes, with their advantages and disadvantages, but as a gift idea, either one of the two is always okay, because who wouldn’t want gold or diamonds?

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Choosing Fashion Designing as a Career

Fashion Designing as a Career

Women in India have finally got the chance to come out of the four corners of their home and choose a career other than teaching, engineering and medical.

Fashion designing is the sort of job that many parents would warn their child against as they are worried due to the common misconceptions about this career.

Here are ten reasons you should go for a career in fashion:

  • Creative Career- For all the creative women out there,  fashion designing courses in Delhi can be an opportunity to become both creative and practical. You will have the satisfying lifestyle of one who creates and gets to see their creations taking place, and can also be satisfied with the state of your bank account. You will struggle like most people do at the beginning of their careers, but the chances of achieving a satisfying path is much higher.
  • The Possibilities Are Wider- Your parents might think that career in fashion is limited, and they will convince you that it’s a hard life and you have greater chances of failing. There are many women who do designing courses and go into different fields. You can design handbags or shoes for a big brand, or you can work with fashion editors. The sky will be your limit if you start thinking creatively.
  • Travel- Take the chance to go on different internships or jobs. If you’re the type of woman who loves exploring new places and meeting new people, then you will have many opportunities in this career.
  • Be Your Boss- Being a fashion designer doesn’t mean you have to be dependent. If your passion is to make something, you could start small, and who knows, may be someday you might achieve something bigger. Opening a boutiqueor store for fashion business is that difficult as you think. It is still difficult, since you have to be prepared to bear everything from angry clients to changing the lightbulb. But if this is your dream job, then it is definitely going to be a good time.
  •  You Can Dream Big- As a career option, it is one in which anything is feasible. If you want to explore the world, then that is possible. If you want to be famous all over the world, then that’s quite difficult, still there’s no harm in dreaming. You can definitely become one of the top fashion bloggers.
  •  Have Fun- If designing is your ambition, then all the hard work that your parents do for you, all the hurdles coming in front of you will be unimportant for you. Because you’ll be having fun, doing something that is truly important to you.

This is one of the most significant reason to choose fashion as your career. The important question is, do you really want it? If you have an ambition for fashion designing, then get yourself indulged in it. Think through your options cautiously, but take a chance on living the life that you want. Fashion designing cannot be done from the brain, it must come from your heart.

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Get your hair a new shine naturally

Hair is one of the most important parts of the beauty sector and you need to take care of your hair more. There are many good shampoos and you can make use of a natural shampoo that can make your hair grow well. If you use natural products then the hair issue will be solved easily.

If you make use of a natural shampoo and conditioner then that can make your hair healthy. You can make it using some natural things those are easily available at your place. There are many good shampoos in the market that will make your hair long and strong. Natural shampoos will make the hair shine in a natural manner. As the natural products are made up of only natural things and not chemicals, they will not create any side effects. They also have some essential vitamins and minerals that will increase the volume of your hair.

You need to get a shampoo that is trustworthy. There are many shampoos available in the market and you need to take the one that is affordable and reasonable for you. These shampoos will clean your hair in a natural manner. They will remove dirt from your hair and make them look clean. These shampoos are mild and hence you use them easily. You need to get the best natural shampoo for your hair so that they look healthy.

You can either make this shampoo at home or buy them from nearby stores. You can also buy them online. If you buy them online then you may get some discounts. This is the way you can save your time. The natural shampoos are best for everyday use as they are mind. If you want to have some additional effect then you can also make use of conditioner. The conditioner will make your hair smooth and shining. If you have some hair fall problem then you can stop using the conditioner. You can ask the experts if you face any issues while using the conditioner.

You need to select the best shampoo for your hair. You need to make sure if that suits to you. You can also ask the expert before you start using the same. We all have a hectic life and hence do not have time to take care of the hair. Hence we need to make use of good natural shampoo so that the hair will become healthy and strong. You need to get such a shampoo that will make your hair look good, suit your hair. These natural shampoos are available at very affordable rates.

If you make use of the shampoo as well as conditioner then you will get the best results. You need to take such a shampoo that suits to your hair type. Generally natural shampoos are suitable for all hair types. These shampoos will enhance the quality of your hair and your hair will get a new life. Get a good natural shampoo and conditioner for your hair and have a strong and healthy hair.

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How to Provide a Kid’s Friendly Space in a Café

The trend in cafes started with the intention of having a good place to relax with your friends while sipping on your favorite beverages. However, why should only teenagers and above have all the fun?

A lot of children friendly cafes have been made over time to increase the variety coming to the restaurant i.e a lots of Kids-Friendly Cafes in KL. Now how do we spot which café offers a suitable environment for your child?

Seating Space

The most comfortable yet safe seating environment for a child would definitely be indoors. Parents can keep an eye on their kid while he or she explores the café as a whole. There is no danger of anyone harming the children nor is there a danger of the child running away on his own.

Children should have higher but smaller chairs compared to adults so that they fit in and reach the table as well. This way they wouldn’t have to stretch to reach their food and can eat comfortably. The parents won’t worry as well since the chair is inescapable for the kid.


A lot of food consumed by adults is rather disliked by children. They tend to react badly towards bitter or sour food. Their taste buds are used to soft and bland food instead of crispy or spicy food. This problem should be confronted by the restaurant by adding a variety of easy to eat food in a kid’s corner. They should be cheaper and less in quantity so that no food is wasted since kids do not eat a lot.

A child’s immunity system is far weaker than that of adults. This is why the staff needs to be extra careful and hygienic while preparing meals for youngsters.  Using plastic ware is always better when serving food for kids.

Play Place

Play places inside restaurants are the only places parents can leave their children worry-free since it is free from any types of dangers and the staff is always on the lookout for children. The play places should consist of short slides, ball pits, and a trampoline. The floor should also be carpeted with foam. A variety of options to play with keeps your child engaged and they don’t get bored easily,

Play areas would obviously have children other than yours. This is why if your child is sick; try to not send to such public spaces as it may be harmful to others. Make sure your kids wash their hands thoroughly after coming back from the game zones.


The best way to make sure that the only people in the café are families is by setting the timings from what time would children be permitted inside till what time. Cafes tend to be places where teenagers and adults hangout evening and night times. Their company near kids do not put a good impression on children which is why setting times for kids is important.

Setting times are also better for parents so that they do keep their children outside of their homes for longer times on school nights and such.

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Women Jumpsuit guide for every modern women

Women Jumpsuit

The fashion is very regressive in many sense and the most depressing thing is it changes like seasons and sometimes before the season too, to keep up with the rapid changes is a task in its own terms and in order to make the most out of this situation is always keeps yourself ready and updated enough to take the drag and make the most out of it. Women jumpsuits is also one of the result of this rapid and experimental nature of fashion. I must tell you we have seen many experimental yet adventurous fashion upgrades but becomes of some reasons unknown to us these fashion upgrades ended up as a big time fads but the women jumpsuits trend is somehow survive  and taken the seasonal strike straight on the face and have adapted all the changes like classics. Women jumpsuit trend registered it presence in the fashion runway back in 2014 and since then this one piece garment have faced many weathers and seasons but nothing have change in the name of the popularity of the whole women jumpsuits trends. This women jumpsuit trend have seen many fashion fads to come and go in just a one cycle of their existence and this thing also count touch a single strand of this women jumpsuits trend.

Women jumpsuits trend is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere in the closest time span that you can think of, so if you have not already embrace this trend with open arms then it’s time to do so and when you are doing it do it as a true fashionista. Women jumpsuits is a kind of silhouette which is a fashionable extensions of those classic denim overalls, with a lots of added elegance and chicness to the whole next level of perfection. This women jumpsuits trend knows no boundaries, it has even invaded the stretches of the women workwear section. Many modern independent women are embracing this trend with open arms for their for their work closet and the results are just gold. The best part about this women jumpsuit trends is, it reflects on the personality of the one wearing it, if you are a casual chic and being casual and effortless is your idea of fashion then you can easily donne a casual vibe trendy women  jumpsuit for your wardrobe. If you a minimalist by the core then you can style a basic and subtle women jumpsuits silhouette in the most soothing palette of colors. On the top of all if you are a modern independent working women and cant put too much time  and efforts on your workwear closet still wants some edgy and easy chic silhouettes in your closet, then a classic statement women jumpsuits is what you are looking for in your life. These women jumpsuits are taking a toll on those heavy duty elaborated dresses and gowns. This women jumpsuits trend is working it’s ways to finally replacing all those dresses for the betterment of you, your closet and the whole fashion fraternity. All you have to do is to plan an occasion and laid out your perfect women jumpsuits on display and the rest will be handled by its aura.

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How activated Charcoal is good for you

Our skin is the largest organ we have and it is designed with innumerable skin pores or very fine tiny openings. Whatever we apply onto the skin surface, gets absorbed and pass through these pores & eventually mixes with the bloodstream. This is the reason why it is advised to apply such items on skin that is consumable in some form and avoid artificial chemicals.

Active charcoal is used in certain medicines and as a filter too. Charcoal Peel Off Mask, hence is much better than any other face mask made of toxic chemicals. Use it tension-free as it will not upset both your skin health and general health in any manner.

What is activated charcoal?

Charcoal is burnt wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen or air. Activated carbon is produced by heating wood in the presence of a certain gas, which develops numerous pores in the wood, helping it to trap naturally produced chemicals. 

What is bamboo charcoal?

Bamboo charcoal is also used in beauty products where bamboo is chopped into smaller sizes and then boiled, dried, carbonized in an oven at a very high temperature for longer hours. The residue is called Bamboo charcoal.

How can charcoal be beneficial in addressing beauty concerns?

Charcoal or carbon is widely renowned for filtering impurities and dirt from water, so it is used as filter commonly. Activated carbon does the same in case of impurities and dirt hiding deep in the facial skin pores.

It pulls them out like a strong magnet, leaving behind a thoroughly clean face. Glow and glamour cannot be achieved without assuring proper cleanliness. For men, it is ideal because they have tougher and rougher skin that needs something strong like activated charcoal. 

Role of charcoal as a beauty guard

If an individual is not healthy completely, she/he cannot look really good. Similarly, if our skin is not enjoying good health it will not glow and develop signs of its sickness. The signs are acne, blemishes, dullness, rashes, redness etc. 

A Pore Cleanser

Activated charcoal used in face mask can give our skin the gift of health by shielding it against environmental impurities and germs.It can keep the pores clear of accumulated dirt and excessive oiliness that clogs them and make the skin suffocate. Prominent pores on face make men look more aged and less attractive.

An Oil Balancer

Our skin requires lubrication in an appropriate quantity but most of the time this appropriation is negatively interfered with by our oil glands. Excessive oils not just clogs pores, but make dirt/dust stay stick to the skin and gives an untidy & tired look to the person. Activated carbon draws the excess oil out.

Use it maximum two times a week though, as then it can cause too much skin dryness.

A Tough Exfoliator

Activated charcoal helps in removing dead skin cells and helps in discovering the more attractive skin surface, hidden beneath the dull outer envelope. Its proper use can even the skin tone and keep skin clean always.

A Natural Disinfectant

Activated carbon is loaded with antibacterial & antifungal elements that help in the fight against different skin infections.

Right art of using

Activated charcoal facemask should never be used without properly cleaning the face. Use a mild face wash and pat dry.

Apply the product using a foundation brush or clean fingertips, leaving the space around the eyes and lips.

Keep it till you are comfortable and pull it slowly in an upward motion, starting from jawline to forehead. Do not pull it off as if you are skinning chickens! It is your face.

Wash face properly then. Pat dry. Use a gel-based mild moisturizer for good result. Use just twice/week.

To conclude, activated carbon is good for men but should be used moderately for best outcomes.

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Spring summer fashion trends for 2018

The Spring summer fashion trends for 2018 brought an exciting mix of pastels, geometric, floral patterns and metallic accessories this year,all mixed to create unique pieces that any true fashionista will need to own. So today we are delighted to talk about what’s hot this season and give a few ideas on how to incorporate these trends into your everyday wholesale handbags outfits. If you are looking to make a statement no matter where you go, then this article is for you.

  1. Pastels

The designers have spoken, and pastels are all over the place. From dresses, with multiple layers of silk to trousers and blouses, you will see pastels everywhere. Moreover, you will get the chance to see the colour of the year chosen by Pantone in a very subtle interpretation, and that is as a delicate lilac tone. Of course, you can also incorporate pastels into your outfit by choosing a new purse or scarf and pair it with a white outfit. It will look amazing at a business meeting or a dinner for two.

  1. Black and white

It is absolutely impossible to go wrong with black or white. Create your entire outfit with one of those colours and expect a lot of compliments. You can complete the outfit with a monochrome bag in a bright color.

  1. Rainbow

Of course, designers couldn’t help themselves and created an alternative for those ladies out there who are not into pastels but more into bright colours. And we are not talking about just one statement colour but all the colours of the rainbow in one outfit. So, the only rule for the is to wear as many colours as possible. Challenging, right?

  1. Disco glam is back

The glow and metallic patterns of the disco era are back and ready to conquer your heart. Whether it is a dress, body or suit, metallics and squints will give you all the glamour you’ll need. Just keep this style for special occasions like parties or clubs. And in this case, your bag should be as simple as possible.

  1. Rubber

As crazy as it may seem, rubberized materials are among the spring summer fashion trends for 2018, and everybody loves them. From coats, dresses or shoes to purses and bags, rubber is everywhere and, of course, it is present in very bright colours to cheer you up all day long. We bet you are not looking at those cleaning rubber gloves the same way as before, right?

  1. Floral

We all love flowers and designers all over the world are no exception. Floral patterns have been a thing for years, and due to their success, they are here to stay.

Looking for more ideas and incredible trendy bags to incorporate into your outfit this Spring? Well, all you need to do is visit and let the magic begin.

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Choose the best salwar kameez for your Body Shape

There are different types of traditional dresses available for women of the Indian subcontinent. But the one that is the most popular is the salwar kameez. It is perhaps the most comfortable and admirable outfit which is worn by women of all ages. Women of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh do wear it for different kinds of occasions and as casual wear. The beauty of this outfit lies in its creation, design and being modest at the same time, helping the wearer to earn respect and praise from the onlookers. As a matter of fact, its popularity has increased manifolds and is slowly being adopted by women across the globe. This is because of its ease of use and enhanced comfort. It can be worn for long hours without any hassle or much effort. It can also be carried with great elegance and grace.

Trendy & modern

One can find the very best salwar kameez online sites offer a variety of dresses of this type, suited for all ages and body sizes and shapes. The suit is said to have evolved with time to a tremendous extent. There are available trendy versions in the market introduced by the well-known designers of the country. They have completely transformed the way how people look at this particular attire. Often, it is known as the ‘Punjabi Suit’. This is because it was women of the Punjabi community who had started to use this way back.

The suits are found in three sections, with two among the three being the kameez and salwar. The third is the dupatta which needs to be worn across the neck loosely.

Details about salwar kameez

  • Salwar: These are stated to be loose pyjamas which appear similar to trousers. Going through the top rated and the best salwar kameez online portals can help to make a wise selection. Moreover, it has a narrow bottom and the top is found to be pretty wide. The legs in salwars are created wide, which gets conical in the ankles. It does offer plenty of space to allow free movement.
  • Kameez: Also known as the kurta is considered to be the set’s top portion. It is a shirt that flows till knee length and is regarded as a tunic, worn above the salwar or churidar. Plenty of changes have been incorporated in its length. However, the ultimate length has been retained until the knees. Usually, the side seams are kept open to offer the wearer with greater freedom for easy movement. It is the neckline region along with the front that the designer uses his creativity.
  • Dupatta: This is a long shawl and scarf which is either a designer or plain piece worn usually around the neck. It offers the final touché to the grace and overlook of the suit. It also completes the set. This is rather given immense importance prior to purchasing the entire set. Traditionally, this piece is worn by women over their head during religious ceremonies or to pay respect to their elders. Presently, it has become a fashion and a must have in the wardrobe of almost every woman, who aspires of style and enhanced beauty.

There are numerous online portals offering top quality dresses for women.

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