How SMBs in Rajasthan can Leverage Cloud Computing?

cloud hosting solution

With growing advancement in technology, it has become imperative for businesses to streamline their business processes and improve operational efficiencies to gain competitive advantage. Cloud computing has been much into hype lately due to the benefits it has to offer to businesses, regardless of their shape and size. Lot of development and innovations are going on to make the services faster, improved and secured.

cloud hosting solution
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Through this post, I would like to discuss in detail how SMBs can make a real difference through integration of cloud technology within their existing system.

In simplest words, cloud computing is a technique wherein the end user utilizes Internet for computing requirements. In perfect environment, businesses only require devices and uninterrupted connectivity to Internet. Mission critical data and applications, storage provision, networking, software, and security aspects, all can be made readily accessible to users through cloud within no time.

In fact, there are numerous of unique features of cloud service that has made it a most preferred solution amongst the businesses.

Quick glance at key advantages of cloud computing to businesses:

• One of the key benefits of the cloud computing is cost-effectiveness. Generally speaking, with clouds user doesn’t have to incur any initial investment on construction of infrastructure. Additionally, they don’t have to bear any maintenance costs, software upgradation, and license fees and hire in-house IT staff.

• Another advantage is the availability of unlimited resources. And, services are charged as per the resources consumed by the user. Most of cloud service providers offer the unlimited option either on number of users, storage provision, backup dimension or user access and almost everything possible.

Public Cloud hosting offers simple and widespread access to data, applications and procedures. This ways the user can access their mission critical data anytime and from anywhere. All they need to have an Internet-enabled device. Moreover, users and businesses no longer have to worry about the settings and customizations. They can access their data and applications from any computer or device in the way have configured.

• Cloud computing offer automated and users don’t have to incur any extra cost for that. The cloud vendors typically automatically update all software applications on regular basis.

In the end, would conclude by saying that businesses can  now gain competitive edge over their competitors simply by embracing the cloud services. If you are looking for optimal cloud computing solutions, then get in touch with CloudOYE.

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CloudOYE – Robust Cloud Hosting Service Provider

cloud hosting services

Supremacy is not an act, it’s all about the efforts and impetus collaborated to accomplish the same.

CloudOYE is one of the preeminent cloud hosting service providers that bolster businesses with its distinguished cloud offerings. Encapsulated with extensive hosting experience and reinforced with expert’s spirit, the wide-spectrum of offered services are able to quench the germinating business demands. Rotating heads from public computing model to private, and hybrid cloud solutions, we are skilled to manage any of the cloud classifications with our hands on approach.

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We are accoutered with learned technocrats to manage the cloud environment, and forestalling situations that can be a bottleneck to the business growth. Our multiple Tier III data centers with built-in redundancies wards-off any single point of failure, therefore, ensuring uninterrupted performance. High scalability is offered to remove, delete and burst to accommodate business needs. In terms of security, scalability, and performance, no other service provider can match us.

Quick flash of the Cloud Hosting platform that we offer to our client:

•Flexible billing
•Unstoppable network uptime for mission-critical applications
•Customizable and easy auto scalability options
•Colossal VM library to pick out desired VM template for your cloud platform
•High accessibility and global storage congregation
•Geograhical Reach and Secure Content Management
•24X7 technical support for quick assistance
•Tier III, multi-redundant and highly secured data centers in multiple locations
•Premium bandwidth for rich cloud experience
•Innate control panel to self-manage
•Fastest and on the go provisioning of resources
•Original servers from top-brands deployed
•Z+1 security model deployed to prevent your data on the cloud

Build your own cloud environment with lucid assistance offered by our professionals. You can reach out to us through any of the communication medium, i.e., through call (120-666-7718), email (, or by having live chat.

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Rajasthan Luring Global Players for Technology

In the year 2011, the state of Rajasthan took ambitious steps with preliminary tie-up with Israel. This will be the third nation to have committed or invested in the state after Japan and South Korea. The government has already allotted the last two nations the requisite land resources for setting up their facilities.

The state government has quipped that Rajasthan would be honored to utilize the technological resources of Israel and would surely put this resource into different other engagements. The nation of Israel has shown extreme expertise in the field of agriculture in its tough climatic and geographical conditions.

The authorities further said that it would be appropriate for the gulf nation to invest their resources into the state for much of the geographical and climatic conditions are similar. The initial plans had elaborated that until now the output from the Sewage Treatment Plans situated in the capital city of the state were being wasted but can now be sourced to the nearby arid lands , prospering agriculture of the areas.

The state is forwarding ahead with steady footings and the outcomes will be for all to see very soon. Collaborations such as these will surely bring in great resources and means into the state. The nation’s geographically largest state will soon lead the list of prosperity.

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Data Centers in Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan has been doing well in the IT sector. The government has taken marvelous initiatives in this regard and the state has two grand IT parks – Sitapur and Ramchandra Pura apart from many smaller hubs at Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota etc. The state government has given in its resources to establish its own data center for e-governance in the state.

The State consultant is Wipro , the data center operator is an organization named Spanco whereas KPMG has been appointed as the third party auditor. This is in line with the state government’s plan in association with Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) for the speedy development of the IT infrastructure. The installation of the state’s data center has ensured tremendous security for the data pertaining to the government. Data security is a concern of gravity when cyber-crimes are more frequently encountered. The state government’s data center is located at Jaipur and has been supported well by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India.

The data centers in Rajasthan have established in and around the various IT parks of the state. They have brought in the state of the art infrastructure with sturdy data center designs. The data centers have been beefed up with elaborate security measures. The premises are secured round the clock and since the commitments of multiple stakeholders are no less determined, the facilities enjoy relentless Internet connectivity.

Moreover, as the cherry adorns the cake, the educational institutes of the state are providing support to the freshly booming industry of Rajasthan. Therefore, data centers in Rajasthan have a constant flow of quality human resources for its infrastructure. The technical expertise offered is of global standards and since the initiation of the industry has not been old, there are boundless opportunities open in the state.

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Reinforcing Technology – Rajasthan Technical Education Sector

The state of Rajasthan is making regular news on the technology front. A late entrant in the development phase, it’s always said better late than never. The largely orthodox state is now opening its doors to options that are fresh and if implemented well, will ensure a speedy growth. The IT industry in the state is taking its shape and is in the adolescent stage.

Fueling the human resource needs of the Technology industry- is the education sector of the state. The Central Government’s policy of establishing institutions of excellence has come about in Rajasthan too. One of the premium institutions of the country, the Indian Institute of Technology has been established in Rajasthan in 2008. The institution is at a mere distance of 7.2 kms from the airport. The departments as of now are Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. This has been pumped up with more institutions catering to different streams of the technology department. The presence of other institutions such the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (one of the best of the country), National Institute of Technology, Jodhpur have ensured a steady flow of quality human resource to the state’s sector.

The stated government is poised to bring out the best in the state. Travel, Art & Culture and the majestic history of Rajasthan are unmatchable to anything in the world. The Royal state is out on a lookout to a grand technological success and the commitments illustrate a very positive story ahead.

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Harnessing the IT Dividend

The recent developments indicate that the state of Rajasthan is poised to harness the resources regarding IT, which it has at its disposal. The state has been in news for quite some years now for the various technology centers catering to the education sector. Off late, the state government in association with the Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation(RIICO) has formulated a number of policies that would help in the speedy development of the state’ s IT sector. The sector which is largely influenced by the southern states in the country is being provided new opportunities in the northern parts, thanks to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan owes the accolades for facilitating the largest assimilated IT Park in the northern India region. Mahindra World City, developed by the Mahindra group ranges over an area of around 3,000 acres. The facility – a Special Economic Zone – boasts of a bevy of global companies working out of it. Some of them are the EXL Services, Systweek, Infosys BPO, Deutsche bank etc.

Further, to augment the growing BPO and KPO sector in the state, the government has put forth the BPO & KPO policy – 2011. The state government has offered lucrative schemes by providing subsidies up to 50% of the land cost maximum to the limit of a score of lakh. A fact worth mentioning is that two more IT parks have been set up at Sitapur and Ramchandra Pura. The Sitapur facility has ready to move and other infrastructure in place where business can start operations right away.

Given the vast human resources in the state, these moves by the government and RIICO will surely lead to fruition. The vanguard position of the southern states in the field of IT is surely at a risk. The next half of the decade will offer the results and will be put against the success stories of the leaders of the trade. As of now, its wait and watch for the contest just got tougher.

Good Luck Rajasthan

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Rajasthan Industrial State Policy for Information Technology

Rajasthan Industries

The last two decades has been a witness to a holistic growth in the IT sector of the nation. Earlier, while the southern hubs were considered to the epicenters of IT businesses, the scenario is fast changing with effect from the recent past. States such as Rajasthan and many of the North India have emerged as the upcoming business centers.

Rajasthan owing to its large pool of IT professionals has taken the first movers advantage in the race. Supporting the industry with a constant flow of human resources are the many IT and technical institutions across the state. The state government has taken cognizance of the opportunities and has announced a slew of initiatives giving further boost to this industry.

The first of these plans is an initiative of computerization of the government functioning. This will offer various challenges and learning opportunities to this adolescent industry of state. The government has further planned to reinforce the IT based culture in the state with special preference to the IT education sector. The commencement of more courses in this field catering to different groups with varied educational background is expected to timely fruition.

The large players of the industry shall be offered production incentives which may count up to 50% of the land price. High speed data connection is certainly on the list which shall take care of number of issues plaguing the industry at present. The kind of resource investments that is taking place in the IT industry and its results, the future looks surely promising. The state with its renewed interests and commitments to development will reap its share of success very soon.

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The State Ahead in the Solar Race

Rajasthan, being the largest state of India in geographical terms holds immense opportunities and technology has to be the catalyst to tap and judiciously utilize the same. The large tracts of the Thar are an abundant source of solar energy. The same tracts are huge reserves of fossil fuels which are being harnessed by different organizations. The varied opportunities have necessitated a windfall development on the technological front. Multi-National Companies and the government are investing huge sums into the technological aspects of the state leading to advancements.

In view of this, Rajasthan is witnessing great initiatives. The recent installation of the world’s largest solar farm puts the state ahead in the global race of tapping the sun. The presence of many educational institutions which cater to the technological requirements of the work force has been another drawing force for this state. Many start-ups from the state are now making waves in the technology market such as the one of applications. Gradually, the technology is seeping into the sands of Rajasthan. The establishment of the Indian Institute of Technology is another bright example of the state’s commitment to technological research and development. The various industries of the state-hydrocarbons, solar industry, tourism etc. are incorporating the relevant technologies taking Rajasthan ahead by leaps and bounds.

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