Key Steps to Make Your Work Training Interesting and Entertaining

Most people don’t know this, but teaching other people is a form of art. If you’re a good trainer, you can catch the attention of your audience, but if you’re a great trainer, you can keep and hold the attention that you get. To be a great trainer, you need to make your audience laugh, help them fully understand even the most complicated topics, and most importantly, inspire them to take action and apply what you teach them.

To do this, you need to have enough practice and experience, as well as some training people under your belt. Here are some key tips for making your workout training exciting and entertaining.

What Is Work Training?

Mandatory teaching is typical for companies, big or small. However, even if you require your employees to attend it and compensate them for their time, they’re not usually excited about it. Your workforce may even dread participating, since if they fail to pass the tests after the workshop, they may face reprimands. As a business owner, supervisor, manager, or trainer, it’s your responsibility to erase these negative thoughts and feelings that your employees have about teaching. You should try and work on making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for them.

Work workshops, also known as industry or trade training, is an opportunity for your employees to enhance their skill sets while earning money. It can be about safety or on-the-job workshops, really anything that can improve your workplace and your workforce.

How to Make Your Work Teaching Interesting and Entertaining

Are you ready to make your working workshops fun and interactive? Well, if you are, then set aside your sleep-inducing lectures and droning speeches, and work on these fun training ideas:

1. Make your workshop relevant to your employees.

If you want to earn your employees’ attention, you have to make sure that the teaching that you’re planning will be useful for them. If you want to know exactly what they want out of your workshop, then you should probably ask them directly.

You can:

● Set up an array of different types of training and subjects that are available for your employees, and get a vote on what workshop they most likely want to participate in.
● Research your employees, and learn their different strengths and weaknesses to help you shape your teaching to address this.
● Ask what other companies in the same industry did regarding their workshops for employees.

2. Try to fit your style to different learning abilities.

People have different learning abilities; thus they can learn in different ways. People can learn through:

● Looking at pictures
● Watching videos
● Readings notes
● Applying the lesson, instruction, or procedure they’ve recently acquired
●Listening to spoken words or music

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To help you achieve an inclusive learning environment, you can try combining two or more of these methods. You can:

● Use audio and visual presentations
● Try giving written handouts
● Make letting them participate group activities
● Try making them join interactive tasks

3. Alter the design of your training area.

Have you noticed that most workshop rooms have been designed the same way? A bunch of tables and chairs in rows and columns? The layout is dull and boring for some. This is why it would make your teaching much entertaining and exciting if you challenge the conventional set-up of workshop rooms.

You can try:

● Utilizing a circular arrangement, where you stand in the center
● Using bean bags instead of chairs
● Utilizing small circular tables where you can fit a small number of chairs
● Using rising podium tables

The way you arrange your teaching area will have a significant impact on the way your audience will interact with you. This is why you should use this to your advantage. Remember an engaging room is equal to an engaging audience.

4. Utilize props and other workshop-related materials.

Using props can make your training more engaging. You can represent and present your topic in a fun way where your audience can connect. Accessories let you liven up your sessions and will help you make your lessons easily remembered by your attendees.

5. Try inserting games into your workshop.

When you need to keep your audience focused, have you noticed that they lose their attention quicker if you ask them to focus? This is why you should think of ways to make them engaged and on-task.

You can tap into your audience’s competitive sides by using:

● Puzzles
● Ordering tasks
● Riddles
● Memory games
● Crosswords
● Group games

To make things more exciting for you and your attendees, you can impose a time limit on your games. Just make sure that the game content has your teaching content at its center.

Are You Ready?

Workshops don’t have to be just about you informing your audience; it’s about entertaining them, too. So, if you want employees who are excited about your workshop, then make them lively, fun, unexpected, and varied. If you need help making your workshop fun, reach us here at Go Training.

Jim Stevenson

Jim Stevenson has worked in training business staff across 20 years. He’s proud to help business clients push their business further by providing ongoing training and assessment of companies across a broad range of industries. He works for Go Training and has a loving wife and two sons.