Passed B.A! Choose these offbeat professions!!

BA is a popular undergraduate degree course. Subsequently deciding to study B.A. at pass or honors level, students can select from an immense variety of study verticals from diverse options available before them. Students may opt for career options in countless areas following successful completion of their Bachelor of Arts degree.

Work opportunities include Historian, Economist, Educationist, Archaeologist and Political Scientist among others. These are all traditional careers after BA which a person takes up, primarily because these customary careers are considered respectable and more adequate by the society. However, apart from these conventional career options, youngsters have much more interesting and lucrative choices to pick from.

Reason for this drift from conventional to offbeat careers is that the former has always been very challenging due to the level of competition and number of aspirants. Also, unlike earlier times when people did not risk their career choices, the scenario has changed and youth is open to experiment with different career opportunities.

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Not many are aware of suchoffbeat career options which can give one self-satisfaction along with monetary benefits. So to help you navigate through a welter of information, we’ve listed some professions which you may pursue after completing your Bachelor’s, along with the details regarding the same.

Tea Taster

A tea taster not only tastes tea but is able to differentiate between itstypes and is also able to give expert suggestions on how to blend the tea in order to attain a peculiar taste. In old days, tea tasting was a profession for those who had experience but with changing times, scientific study has also come into the picture.

Now how to foray into this unique profession? There is no formal degree given in this field but one can do certificate courses which goes for around 6 months to 1 year. Rest you learn while being on job in the tea plantations. Most tea companies and tea traders employ tea tasters to confirm the blends and quality. Career in tea tasting is very alluring.

An intern may get around INR 7000 p.m. while a senior professional may get INR 25000 p.m. Tea sommeliers can get between INR 40000- 50000 per month along with perks of bungalow, car and luxury living in tea estates.


Cartographer is a skilled professional who draws various kinds of maps. In short you can also call a cartographer ‘MAP Maker’. With such a dynamic technological environment all over, the demand for cartography has increased.

GPS and GIS are vital tools for cartographers to detect reference points in the map. Research institutes, government departments, private companies using GIS and remote sensing hire cartographers.

You can pursue cartography by studying B.Sc. in Geography or Cartography. Basic eligibility for this course is 12th with geography as a subject, however some colleges may consider admissions overlooking subjects in 12th. Starting salary for a Cartographer ranges between INR 15000- 20000p.m. With experience, one can get INR 50000p.m.

Art Conservator

Art conservator is a professional who examines, treats and takes preventive care of objects of art. Restoring art work while taking care of the integrity of original work is the work of an art conservator. Aesthetics, eye for detail, patience and respect for art are the basic qualities found in art conservators.

Archaeological Survey of India, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, National Museum Centers offer jobs to art conservators to restore ancient monuments, scripts and objects. As a permanent employee in museums and institutions, an art conservator can get up to INR 16000- 20000 per month. If an art conservator works for one assignment at a time then he/she can expect INR 5000- 20000 per assignment, depending on nature of assignment and experience.

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Gone are the days when photography was just a hobby. Now, it has become a lucrative career option for those who have skills in it. Various certificate and diploma courses in photography are offered to brush up technical aspects of photography.

Such courses can be pursued part time as well. A photographer can be in any field such as wildlife photography, photojournalism, fashion photography, still photography, sports photography and the very interesting; food photography.

Salary in this profession varies in accordance with your skills, experience and expertise as a photographer. For start, one may earn around INR 10,000- 15,000 p.m. but if you acquire the skills required, you may earn up to INR 10,000-.50, 000 per day!!


Anthropologist is someone who studies the physical characteristics and cultural behavior of humans from past and present. There is a huge scope in this profession, especially in our country.

Defense forces, museums, Ministry of I&B, Ministry of External Affairs and all cultural centers employ anthropologists. Salaries are much dependent on work location, level of education and experience. Salary packages start from INR 5 lakh per annum and may go up to INR 10 lakh per annum with experience and expertise.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are given an overview of the problemsthat need to be solved, or a precise outcome that needs to be realized. The challenge is to gather information and study it, to figure out with the best possible result that can be conveyed via image or animation.

Blogs, start-ups, films, media are among the few sectors where there is a huge demand for graphic designers. As a graphic designer, one must be upbeat with new and changing technology, else there will be a career block with time. With an experience of 5 years or more, a graphic designer can earn up-to INR 5-6 lakh per annum.

Film and Television

This career is for those who want to take the challenge to broaden the knowledge of cinema and television culture and production. A skilled professional in this field is required to cope up with wide range of responsibilities.

To start with, fresher’s join as production team members. They are taught the art of making a video film from scratch. There are various sub fields in films and television such as sound records, technicians, director, screenplay writer and actor. It is very important you chose to be in this career wisely as there is no fixed trajectory for career progression here. It all depends on your inputs and struggle. Starting from INR 10,000 a month you can go up to INR 10,000 a day depending on your caliber to perform in this challenging industry.

If your profession is to do something you love and get paid for it, then trust us- it can’t get better than this. This will be a self-motivating factor- forever, while you will be at work. When you do what makes you happy, then passion is your driving force, all you need. With dedication, constant learning and exploring you can make your own ways in any profession you pick.

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