Shri Ram Global School Bangalore Unleash your Child’s Potential

School is the place where children learn and grow. They learn values and ethics. In addition, to this, they also acquire academic learning. A child learns how to adjust with peers and face competition. Parents are always concerned about their children’s future and want their kids to have best knowledge. For this, they try to search the best possible school. One such popular and worthy school is Shri Ram Global School Bangalore. Bangalore itself is a metro city of high-paced life. And this school ensures to provide quality educations to the enrolled students.

Being the project of the Shri Ram Education Trust, the school is situated at Whitefield in Bangalore. Its aim is to pass on the preeminent schooling. The school also focuses on the growth of students in context of morals and individual persona. In short words, the school breeds high fliers.


The vision of the school is to create the achievers of tomorrow and place them at the untold heights.

  • For kids, the pedagogy has been enhanced. It is the perfect amalgamation of the IGCSE, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia elements. The curriculum focuses on wide learning and gaining a better understanding of subjects.
  • Nowadays, parents and students are more and more inclined towards the IIT and medical preparations. And therefore, SRGS is offering the foundation course for students from 7th and above grades. They focus on imparting the basic concepts of Maths, biology, chemistry and physics in a way that will be helpful for students in a long run.
  • The pedagogy also involves the world beyond the classroom. It considers art and other interests of the students. These interests are appreciated and polished at SRGS.

Why to choose SRGS?

There are many reasons for choosing SRGS. So let us see those reasons one by one.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced Teachers: Teachers play a significant role in shaping children’s future. Therefore, the SRGS has a team of well-educated and skilled faculty members.
  • All Round Development: SRGS believes that development should be overall. Academic development is not enough for breeding achievers and thus, the pedagogy involves the teachings of values and ethics too along with the physical training.
  • Real world learning: Students are given lessons of real world problems. The education is imparted in such a way that the students can apply their learning in the real world.
  • Better Grooming: Personality of a person speaks a lot about the person. A person with good personality is considered to be more civilized than the one with poor persona. Therefore, at SRGS every student’s grooming is taken into account. Once your child is at the SRGS, you need not to worry about anything. Every child is involved in extra and co-curricular activities too.
  • Parent teacher relationship: The teacher and parents have a good bond. Every single details of child at the school are shared with parents.

Apart from this, a special attention is given to the sports arena too. Every student is involved in the sports culture. The infrastructure and teaching methodology makes the school worth praising.

So what are waiting for? Enroll your ward at SRGS to unleash their potential and to see them soaring high.

Bharat Vashistha

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