The best boarding schools in India focus to teach children to be independent, bold and take ownership of their education and career. They encourage students to face challenges on their own and prepare them for their future.

The Indian education system has changed a lot in the past few decades. The main focus of school education is on the overall development of a child and a high value is placed on education as it helps develop a stable future. Every parent wants their children to attend the best school and receive the best education possible. This is the reason why most parents prefer sending their children to the best boarding schools in India where they can learn to face the challenges of real life situations.

Why Boarding School?

India has some of the finest residential schools in different cities providing education since a long a time. In these schools students begin their education by learning all subjects mentioned in the curriculum, and graduating in the subject of their interest. Here, children are taught to be independent, bold and encouraged to face challenges on their own. They are made to socialize and take ownership of their education and career. To be precise, these schools protect them, guide them and prepare them for their future endeavors.

Enrolling your children in a boarding school is not an easy decision. The physical separation from their children can make the decision hard for the parents. However, if you have thought of putting your children in boarding school then you should look into the below important considerations:

  1. Small class size: Top boarding schools generally have small class sizes. This helps teachers to engage with every student in the classroom. Students are taught in such a classroom setting that encourages their active participation.
  2. Quality of faculty: The best boarding schools in India have expert teachers who have advanced degrees in their subject of specialization.
  3. Quality of resources: Student resources at boarding schools such as the library, science laboratories, design and technology center, theater facilities, auditorium, dining hall, multipurpose hall, wellness centre and athletic complexes are of excellent quality.
  4. Challenging academics: Boarding schools provide education of high standards often meeting the international standards of education. Here, the students are pushed to question ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’, become inquisitive, and tackle challenging problems.
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Best Boarding Schools in India

  1. Col. Brown Cambridge School

Col. Brown Cambridge School is one of the best residential schools for boys located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The school is affiliated to ICSE Board and is known for its high quality education, quality teachings and is gradually welcoming the transforming technology in the school itself

  1. The Lawrence School, Sanawar

The Lawrence School located in Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh is one of the oldest co-ed boarding schools in Asia. The school is a CBSE affiliated and have produced some of famous personalities including Omar Abdullah, Maneka Gandhi and Preity Zinta.

  1. Sherwood College, Nainital

Sherwood College, founded in 1869, is one of the oldest surviving co-ed boarding schools in India. The school has a reputation of offering high quality education along with excellent sports and cultural activities.

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