Turai- a magical veggie that needs to be in the staple diet

When it comes to regular food, there are few staple vegetables that are cooked in every Indian household like pumpkin, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, turai. Although at times all these vegetables might look boring they have some really great health benefits and the taste totally depends on your cooking skills.

Here are the health benefits of the most avoided turai ki subzi, also known as ridge gourd, tori or sponge gourd, this vegetable has some magical health benefits hence this can be seen cooked in many Asian households.

  1. The first and foremost health benefit of ridge gourd is in the treatment of constipation, lower sugar levels, and weight loss.
  2. Boosts the immune system and prevents the human body from the attack of common flu.
  3. Ridge gourd and its juice are alkaline in nature hence it is the best cure for those suffering from common acidity problem, also it is a great cooling agent hence for those who commonly feel hot should add this vegetable in their daily diet.
  4. Being rich in vitamin C and B content, it is quite good for the treatment of common cold and flu.
  5. Ridge gourd when applied externally, has an extreme inflammatory effect, hence in case of swelling in lymph glands, it is the best remedy.
  6. Ridge gourd has dietary fibre hence it is one of the best things one can consume in a case when they are trying to control their weight.
  7. The low-calorie count makes it one of the magical foods to control diabetes; also it actively controls blood sugar levels.
  8. Mix dried ridge gourd with coconut oil and apply it on hair, this prevents early greying of hair and hair fall.
  9. One of the best sources for blood purification hence prevents pimples, acne, and drying of skin.
  10. To get a quick cure for jaundice and liver infection, ridge gourd can do wonders.
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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. The saying is all true, these days people spend more time in earning money and forget to take a proper diet which at the end leads to some serious health problems hence they end up taking medicines. Experts these days say, that going forward there will be a time when the doctors would start giving people a correct diet chart but not medicines. Our day to day habits make us healthy or weak hence it depends on how active you are in preparing your body for a healthy lifespan. And this is truly said if you don’t have a correct diet medicine is of no use and if you have the correct diet you will never need medicines.

Show some innovation in your cooking style and try to make this magical vegetable a staple in your diet and observe the changes in your body in just a few days. To get the extreme benefits of this magical veggie try to consume it the as soon as you buy it from the market, keep the freshness retained. Also, if in case it is not consumed in a week’s time then keep it stored in a sealed and airtight container, this will keep it fresh for a longer time.

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