What Features Add Quality To A Stethoscope?

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Buying a good stethoscope is not an easy task. There are a variety of models and types available out there that add more confusion than required. Similarly, it’s important for buyers to become familiar with the attributes and features of the instrument before taking the final decision with regard to the purchase. The stethoscope you plan to buy should work well for your environment and deliver quality for the sounds intended to be listened to. In a sense, you have to check whether some standard features are available.

Here are some of the features that lend quality to a stethoscope –

1    Stainless-steel tube

A majority of medical professionals prefer a stethoscope that has a tube made out of stainless steel. They do so to get a durable device that won’t break down with repeated use. So, the one that has an aluminum tube may fail to last long in the wake of regular use. Durability is always a good criterion and maybe that’s why doctors invest in littmann stethoscope classic 3 and get value of the desired level.

2    Flexible diaphragm

The diaphragm is the pillar of the stethoscope developed to bear the most wear and tear along the way. It makes up the constituent of the part that detects the body sound and helps in auscultation in true sense. It is placed against the body to hear the sounds to do clinical or physical analysis of patients. So, if the diaphragm is made out of non-flexible material, the device then will not last as long as the one with the flexible core.

3    Perfect fitting with earpieces

A good stethoscope is one whose earpieces are a perfect fit for you. After all, this is what you wear in order to hear the sound and do the diagnosis. With some models, your ears might hurt while some don’t fit at all to impact the clarity of the sounds. So, not having the right earpieces mean neither will you be able to get accurate results nor will you able do the job with due comfort.

4    Chest pieces that can be tuned easily

It makes sense to buy only a stethoscope that delivers you tunable chest pieces. That means, the unit should enable you to tune the chest piece in a way to let you listen to a certain sound frequency with ease. The chest piece should allow you to tune them to match the right body sound. This is how you will be able to get sounds at a range of frequencies and make the right diagnosis.

5    Arm-sized tune length

It’s important to consider the tune length when you look for a quality stethoscope. The criteria should be to go for ample tube length. That means, the unit you plan to buy should have a tube length that is fit for your arm size. Since various tube lengths are available with stethoscopes, you would not face much of a problem on this front for sure. But yes, do take care and don’t ignore the length to get quality.

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