Real Ghost Stories that helps to differentiating between Demons and Ghosts

India is known worldwide for its haunted places and ghost stories. Well, there have been many ghost stories in India that have helped people in figuring out the difference between demons and ghosts. Yes, they are two different things. In any of the religion, you will never see any reference been given to ghosts. But, on the other hand, demons are very common in almost all the religions.

Difference between Demons and ghosts

  • Ghosts were people at some point of time, demons were never people.  Ghosts are said to be the spirits of humans who have passed away and Demons refer to the angels who have fallen from grace and have been casted out from the heaven. The soul of the ghosts needs light and some guidance. On the other hand, demons belong to the lowest category of souls.
  • All demons hate to live but the ghosts don’t hate living. Paranormal studies and paranormal investigator tell that difference between demons and ghosts is like that of day and night. Ghosts have the energy of humans or even animals at times. They are considered to be very dangerous according to the ghost stories in India. Demons have never experienced living like humans. Their only purpose is to making human beings suffer. In fact if they get aatched to you, it’s very difficult to get rid of them.
  • A demon can imitate a ghost, but a ghost can never imitate a demon, nor does it want to.
  • Humans that are possessed are because of demons. Ghosts never possess any human.
  • The faults and mistakes that are made by a demon cannot be further redeemed, whereas, mistakes of the ghost can still be redeemed.
  • Demons are dishonest, dangerous and deceitful.  Usually, a demon disguises itself as a good spirit for entering someone’s heart or home.
  • As compared to demons, the ghosts have a short life span. The haunting of a ghost stretch maximum till 300 years to 500 years. If the haunting stretches more than that then they start losing their connection with today’s world. Demons stay alive because of the traditions and history that has been going since hundreds and thousands of years.
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Things which attract Demons to People

  • Dabbling in Occult: At times playing with magical items, like tarot cards, pendulums, Ouija board etc can attract demons without you even knowing.
  • Performing Black Magic: Diving into the black magic’s world can be an invitation for negativity and demons in your life. If you perform black magic in groups then, there are more chances.
  • Obsession of Death: There are many people who obsess over deaths like they research about death and murder scenes, visit haunted places, perform a séance, traipsing around a cemetery etc; there are chances that demons get attracted to them.
  • Depression or Anxiety:People, who have a weak aura or are depressed, attract a lot of negativity and demons.

People who do Drug Use: People who do drugs on a daily basis, tend to get attached by demons. This happens because drugs usually reduce your spiritual, mental and physical level of energy. This in the end leaves them weak and other negative energies and demons feed on your low energy.