Best 9 Tips to Increase Reader for Your Blog

There are millions of blogs online but out those only few would be attractive and might end up reading. There are certain methods for doing it and you can actually increase traffic to your blogs, by following the various tips to increase reader for your blog.

If you want to know how to get visitors to your blog, you must know that your site must load fast. Statistics say that your blog is going to lose 20% of their visitors every second if the page that the site takes time to load after 1.5 seconds. Moreover, content management is also very important as 86% of the businesses that do B2C marketing are now adapting content marketing to promote their brand. The conversion rate is 6 times higher to those brands who have adopted content marketing for promotion.

Below are mentioned 9 such tips which can help to shoot up the numbers of visitors to your blog.

  1. Create content for targeted customers  

In order to attract the readers, it is important for you to have good content. You should know your targeted audience and create the content accordingly keeping their favorite things in mind.

To know your audience better these questions should be answered primarily.

  • Occupation of your audience
  • The most enjoyable topics which they love to read
  • What can keep them up at night?

An important thing which you need to consider is how to get maximum numbers of links to your website and share your content. In order to get more social shares and visitors, it is essential for you to have a proper format for your content. Your content should show the emotions, practical value as well as the social currency. Though it would be hard to get such kind of content, make sure to have the right approach which will help you to get a lot of traffic.

  • Proper headlines

You need to create the title or heading of your blog in such a way that it would attract and grab the attention of potential readers. It’s even essential for you to include the main keyword so that when people search over search engine your blog would appear. A proper heading would boost blog traffic. You can even include the principles in your blog heading such as emotions, practical value, and social currency as well.

  • Organize your content systematically

While writing a blog it is important for you to arrange your content appropriately so that it would be easy for the readers to go through it quickly and easily. You can use bullets, number, subheadings, a bold text where ever necessary so that it might help to optimize for the search engine as well as the reader.

  • Choose long form and evergreen content

If you are looking for ways to attract readers to your blog then it’s always better to have good content length as long-form content will be ranked higher over the search engine. Most people wish to go for these kinds of blogs as it provides in-depth information about a particular topic and if they feel it’s really interesting and useful, they will even share your blog with their friends.

  • User-generated content

You can even ask the users to share some kind of photos and videos on your article so that they would like to share your site with the people whom they know. If you are thinking about how to get more readers for my blog, then this is an easy way to do so.

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  • Create scheduled posts and have consistency in posting blogs

By creating the scheduled posts, it would be very easy for the readers of your site to know when you are posting the blogs and when they can expect the next one. In order to maintain your consistency whether it would be on daily basis, weekly, monthly or quarterly, make use of an editor calendar. You can plan the content and get ideas for theme contents which you can save on your Google calendar, spreadsheet or even an outlook. Depending on your daily work you can choose weekly for a few months and once you get familiar with it you can opt for daily blogs.

  • Keep your content SEO friendly

There are certain factors which you need to consider while working on SEO and which might affect the overall ranking of your site like:

  • Have user-friendly URL’s.
  • Optimize loading speed of your page
  • Usage of keywords in H1, title, and description
  • Keywords in first 100 words
  • Create original and long content
  • Responsive design and more.
  • You can optimize images with the help of SEO attributes.
  • Can make use of unbound links with relevancy and good quality

If you really wish to work on how to increase blog traffic fast it’s always better to follow all these steps. SEO needs both your knowledge and time as well. In order to improve your site all, you may need to do is to go for SEO plug-in and install it for free if you have Word Press. Depending on your interest you can choose any SEO to optimize your article.

  • Before you write do research for keywords

            With the help of special tools such as KWFinder, Google keyword planner, SEMrush etc it would now be possible for you to get targeted keywords which you can use in your content. This will provide an estimate of what has been requested by the public, and how often are the users looking for those words over the search engine.

  • Have an appealing design for the website

      In addition to creating the best quality content by spending some time and quality, it is essential for you to even concentrate on the appearance of your content design or blog. It’s just that first impression which might matter for a visitor so you have to grab that chance to turn a visitor into your customer.


      Remember that people might visit you again only when they like your blog. So it’s important for you to make a good design for your blog and in addition to that, create latest trending article to increase the numbers of visitors to your blog.

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