F15D Network How does it work?

once again a launch of Teacher Luciano Augusto appearing here, If you do not know him, Teacher Luciano Augusto is an online marketer involved in numerous national launches in the digital market.

This time the StartUP with less than 2 months of life (except for deception) made a huge success with presence till television.

But, what is the F15D NetWork anyway?

F15D Network what is it?

Through the sharing economy the F15D Network has actually developed a distinct service that connects countless individuals in social networks without anyone having to pay anything, as in the structure of the F15D there are numerous linked communities they can move a device that generates thousands of gos to from natural traffic.

F15D Network How does it work?

You develop a community within the F15D Network system and pick the social network you wish to participate in. From there your media is listed in the F15D network of participants directing traffic to your website that is likewise offered by the F15D. Monetization process that can be in several methods: Adsense, info-products, sale of services and etc …

F15D Network – How is the Blog site?

Based upon the information I have actually that have actually been drawn out from F15D Network customers and the business’s own main website, blog sites are enhanced for online search engine, have good SEO practices and are 100% responsive.

I do not know to what level it is optimized, I as a professional in the location am very dull Crucial with “optimized blogs” one good thing is that blog sites are hosted in a VPS which significantly improves performance.

Remembering that all the information that I hand down to you was info that extracts from customers of the platform and the main website of the business.

Well, now concerning the dependability of the product we have the approval of Professor Luciano who is an extremely sincere and sincere person in his releases.

The F15D does not interest me due to the fact that I’m a professional in natural traffic, it does not make much sense for me to purchase traffic generation tools.

I have my wiles and certainly if I had to invest some value to create traffic I would definitely purchase exactly what I already understand, trust and utilize PBN’s and natural traffic sources (Google) with blogs and cash sites.

But for what it seems the proposal is really great, for those who begin it seems to be an excellent investment, a chance to take part in an engaged group, to do networking, to create collaborations and to generate income from all that.

Prior to you ask me in private I will react quickly exactly what is PBN.

What is PBN?

PBN is the recursive acronym for” Personal Blog sites Network” doing a direct translation we have “Private blog networks”.

The structure of PBN is simple, in regards to SEO, the site that has more authority to Google is most likely to position and as a result produce more traffic.

If I write a short article here on my blog and an authority website discusses the very same topic I composed, taking both into account with excellent internal optimization the possibilities of me losing are terrific because of the authority he has with Google.

There are numerous metrics to be able to specify the authority of a domain, so as not to complicate excessive if you are a beginner I will inform you about two standard metrics that you may have heard of: DA and PA (Domain Authority and Page Authority) that are metrics spread out by MOZ, a company that provides SEO tools.

To understand the PA and DA of a website is basic, simply set up an extension for Google Chrome or FireFox and when you access a website will already be revealed to you at the top of the page what authority that page has with the Google.

Keeping in mind that DA and MOZ PA are not absolute guidelines there are a number of other metrics to think about, I revealed you the basics of fundamental, taking into account that PBNS, Metrics and etc … It is an EXCEPTIONALLY ADVANCED topic within SEO.

So back to the topic of the PBN structure, Google passes the authority from one site to another through “Juice” (which is like the strength of the site) through links, so the more links a site has the more juice it Will receive and consequently more authority he will acquire consequently accomplishing a much better positioning.

This is where PBN comes in. It includes creating numerous sites that play “juice” for a main site in this way that triggers a surge of links, increases authority and consequently traffic.

This is the safe and constant investment in MY VIEWPOINT. If you have a site in a specific niche you can develop lots of “small blog sites” (which will create traffic) and point everything to the main one.

What does it cost? does a PBN expense?

If you know how to do the functional part, a PBN will cost you in the series of $ 400.00 with 20 posts on average (based on the rate of the post at $ 20.00).

For that reason, 5 Pbns BOAS you can install with about R $ 2,000.00. You will have consistent, certified and scalable traffic, after all you can increase the number of articles to produce more traffic.

Final factors to consider.

If you choose to buy the F15D Networking understand that you will remain in excellent hands, I have actually associated partners who are very pleased even I believe that I can assist you in something in the association with the F15D.

You favorably decide to close with the network and call me at WhatsApp to negotiate something for you, clarify some concerns about traffic and connect with a great friend of mine who is associated, all right? My Whatsapp is 21 98379-8479 Bruno Medeiros.

I wish to leave here likewise my invite for you to take part in my special and closed group on Facebook that I am constantly sharing quality material on marketing, digital marketing and SEO, it will be an enjoyment to have you there is totally free has seen?