10 Things to Shop for in Jaipur

Jaipur, the Pink City is a famous holiday destination in the monsoons and the winter months. But it is also a perfect shopping destination for many. The Jaipur markets are loaded with colorful and fancy items compelling you to take home more than your requirements. Be sure to walk down the pink corridors to shop when you take the Jaipur Tour Package.

10 Things to shop for in Jaipur

Bandhani work Fabrics

Bandhani or the Tie and Die is the signature design of Rajasthan. You cannot leave the Bandhani designs when you are on the shopping spree. Look for bandhani sarees, dress materials, and even dupatta. You will also get bandhani textiles.

Meenakari work

The meenakari or enamel work on metal is the next thing you should shop for in Jaipur. Small meenakari gift items in red and green had been popular until recently. But now, new colors have taken over.

Kundan jewelry items

Kundan or the uncut stone jewelry has been quite popular since ages. Though a little heavy, these are good choices for wedding and such other occasions.

Blue Pottery

The blue pottery work of Rajasthan of quartz stones is used to enhance the beauty at home. These are taken as good gift items.


The miniature paintings of Rajasthan are of two types – the Mughal paintings and the Rajputana paintings. The Phad and the Pichai paintings are also liked by art lovers across the Globe.


Rajasthan is the prime manufacturer of carpets. Choose from the diverse patterns of Charkona, Mehrab, Dushala, and Shikhar.

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Puppets, stuffed dolls, and toys

The toys and dolls of Rajasthan are crafted from clay, stones, and wood and are quite popular among the tourists. These toys and puppets and also the stuffed dolls are available in vibrant colors with glitters and jewels on them.

Jodhpuri Juttis

These pure leather Juttis are available in different colors, patterns, and range. Besides being beautifully crafted, these Juttis are also popular because of being comfortable to the feet.


The sweets of Rajasthan are so delicious that you cannot resist buying yourself a big pack of it. Ghewar is one such sweet made up of pure ghee, sugar, and milk and can be easily carried while traveling back home.

Jaipuri Razai

The most famous Jaipuri Razai should also be bought. These are lightweight soft cotton quilts with cotton or fancy covers that can be folded into small bundles

Apart from the local bazaars, there are many shops and boutiques under Rajasthan Tourism where you can look for the handicraft and other traditional fabrics.

But more importantly, you take home sweet memories of the Jaipur Tour.