A Soothing Vacation At The Beautiful Bhutan


Bhutan is the destination of nature lovers; encircled with the Great Himalayas and Buddhist chants in its air, Bhutan is a land of peace and serenity.

The festivals of colours

Bhutan is a country of colours; here another name for religion is festivals of dance, fun and masks. If you want to know Bhutan you must participate in these religious ceremonies, which portray the ancient traditions and customs of this serene land. One of the most popular festivals of the country is Tshechu, celebrated in honour of Guru Padsambhava. Various aspects of the life of the guru are dramatized at this festival. Traditional music and unique masks and dresses are the main attractions of this festival and monks and common men are seen performing in this festival.

Panakha festival is another grand celebration of Bhutan’s victory over invading Tibet. While various battle scenes are enacted in front of the grand Punakha Dzong fortress, the colourful procession of Serda and the lights of thousands of fire crackers create a joyous mood among the locals and the tourists. The Jambay Lhakang Drup is another festival of music and dance which is performed to celebrate the completion of Ihakang and the prime attraction of this festival is the fire ceremony.

The spellbinding beauty of nature

You travel to Bhutan to fall in love with nature. The glacial Gangtey Valley is popular known as    the Shangri-La of Bhutan, is a vast valley without any tree. It is just like a vast open space and hence quite amazing. Trek through the villages of Gogona and Khotokha, witnessing the happy simple life of Bhutan. Get a bird’s eye view of Paro, the abode of serenity from the Zuri Dzong peak. The spot is also historical as it is believed that Lord Buddha used to mediate at a cave here during the 8th century.

The Punakha Dzong gifts you an awestrucking view of nature. This peak is located just between the crystalline waters of Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers. The peak is connected to the valley with a bamboo bridge and is a treasure house of relics. Relax under the shadow of jacaranda trees, witnessing a mesmerizing sunset here.

The Chelela Pass of Bhutan is located at 13000 feet, the highest vantage point is known for its pristine beauty. As the fluttering flags welcome you, the frozen rivers and the bright blossoms of Alpine enhance the beauty of the place. You can also get a magical view of the Haa valley from here.

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The ecclesiastical monasteries

Bhutan, one of the happiest countries of earth preaches peace. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries that shine like small gems at the valleys of Bhutan. You may start your pilgrimage with a visit to the 1692 Taktsang Monastery. Popularly known as the ‘tiger’s nest’ as it is believed that Guru Padmasambhava flew here on a tigress and mediated here for 3 months. The 1688 Tango monastery is an amazing architectural piece with twelve corners and six temples within its complex.

The Tongsa monastery is named as ‘door to heaven’ not only for its religious importance but also for the soulful view of the black mountains that it offers. Built in 1648, it is also the largest monastery in Bhutan. The 1620 Cheri monastery is located at the top of a hill and you need to trek through the mountains to reach here. Rinpung Dzong, located at the Paro valley, is a fort monastery of Bhutan as it was built in 1647 to defend the attacks of Tibet. The Lhuentse Dzong served as the royal residence prior to being transformed into a monastery in 1654. With five temples, this monastery is home to a thousand monks and hence also the best place to exihibit the simple life of these Buddhist preachers.

A warm shopping experience

The cold weather of Bhutan has made it a hotspot of warm clothes. Bhutan is known worldwide for the delicate wool work and hence warm clothes are a must buy here. You can also bring back small trinkets, bamboo handicrafts, metal souvenirs and prayer wheels with you.

Food of health and happiness

Treat yourself with the national delicacy of Bhutan, Ema Datsi, a dish of cheese and chilly. The peppery items of chicken, pork and beef are served with steaming hot red rice here. Make your chilly evenings comfortable drinking hot butter tea, known as Suja or with the locally brewed drink of arra. The best part of food at Bhutan is all the ingredients are organically produced here.

Hence if you are looking for a vacation of peace and tranquillity, a vacation far from the maddening crowd, be at Bhutan.