20 Most Insightful Quotes for Content Marketing in 2016

With all the events and activities already started from January, the year seems to get into the groove as content marketers are looking to finalize and implement their strategies (most of them already did it). It doesn’t mean your new startup company needs to wait for the whole year to implement your content marketing strategy. You can hire experts and have an edge over your competitors with the help of the following insightful content marketing quotes.contentfeatured

If you are wondering, does Webryze have search engine optimization specialist Canada? the answer is “Yes, it does!”. In fact, the company is following social media experts on the globe better than anyone else in the business. Here is a reflection of what it can do, in the lights of these impactful quotes.

Customer Centricity

  1. According to Daniel Loebl of SEW, you have to be aware of what customers had to say about your product. “You cannot decide if you’re customer-centric on your own. Your customers will tell you”, says Daniel.
  2. According to Marc Engelsman (@marc_engelsman), Key to customer-centric marketing is “deep customer empathy” – need to look at the persona beyond the data.
  3. Gerald Murphy (@GeraldSearch) further explained what persona is. According to him, a persona is a description of your customers. A mindmap is who you want to be your next customer.

SEO with PPC

  1. IProspect gave the following tips for those struggling to integrate SEO with PPC strategy. Here are these tips.ppc-management-expert
  • Use PPC ad copy A/B testing to inform site content messaging.
  • Pull your top traffic PPC & SEO keywords an
    d identify the gaps for new PPC keywords or SEO content opportunities.
  1. According to GeraldMurphy who are some real time stats on Knowledge Graph: “In the last quarter Rich Snippets and Knowledge Graph has increased 40% in Google”
  2. Amanda Dodge (@amandaedodge) said, “When a paid ad & organic result show on the same page, CTR increases 20%.” This, according to her is, “Collaboration not cannibalization.”

SEO Diagnostics

  1. Mackenzie Clayton (@Mackclayton) shared her views on SEO diagnostics, “you must know where you stand; can’t optimize in a vacuum!”
  2. Once again, Gerald Murphy tweeted 4 technical audit elements for SEO:
  • txt, canonicals, meta robots,
  • Penalties,
  • Status codes, and
  • Crawlability
  1. Furthermore, SEO and Google bots are visually impaired. So, stick to UX principles, such as alt tags on images, LV-HA Links etc.

Ranking Factor

  1. Kelly Shelton (@kellyshelton32) says, Google has approximately 200 ranking factors and CTR (click-through rate) has been the most influential one.


  1. Christy Olson (@ChristiJOlson) warns businesses not to stalk customers by means of remarketing.
  2. According to Shannon McDonough (@shnmcd), you can segment readers and subscribers by frequency to engage them on terms that relate to where they are on their consumer path.
  3. Chris Chang (@chiswchang) of Elite SEM says, “Remarketing, your creepy best friend – It’s important to be relevant, not just follow customers”.

Mobile Search

  1. eMarketer has predicted that mobile ads will surpass desktop ads at around $40 billion in 2016.
  2. On the other hand, Anne Kaecher (@annekaercher) says, if anyone tells you that 2016 is the year of mobile marketing, give a deep bellied laugh and walk out of the room.
  3. Backing Anne Kaecher, IProspect says 44% among fortune 500 companies are not mobile friendly even when we have entered in the mobile era.
  4. A.Nunn (@A_J_Nunn) pointed out Users have an average of 33 apps, but interact with just 1/3 of them.

What Bing has In Store this Year

  1. According to Chris Bishop (@cpbishop), search share volume update from Bing indicates 20% rise. Now, 1 in every 3 users use Bing network.
  2. This makes some content marketers quite excited. Christi Olson seems quite excited about Bing Ads integration across Microsoft Products for driving query.

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