Games are what most of us are looking for during these difficult times of the pandemic. As people are spending most of their time working at home, games are a great way for diverting their minds. And for the time being, the best games are the ones which you can play with your family. 

Cards are always on the top of the list when it comes to family favourites. Here are some of the easily available online card games for money that are perfect for spending your time with your family or friends. Maximize your gaming experience and spend the best time with your loved ones with these card games along with earning exciting cash prizes. 

1. The Game Of Sets And Sequences

A very favourite family game, Sets and Sequence game rules always has been at the top of the list amongst the games played together. This is India’s very loved card game consisting of sequence game rules, which is very easy and fun to play. Whether you know how to play a flush card game or not, this game of Sets and Sequence game rules is very easy to understand and play. 

A player with sharp observation skills, fast thinking and swift decision making skills has a good chance to win ample cash rewards at this sequence game. All a player has to do is just make perfect sets and sequences from the given bunch of cards, before the other players on the table in a sequence game

The quicker you make sequences, the faster you win the game of sets.  

A perfect game where skill blends with strategy, this 13-card Indian card game throws a quick challenge in a light way to everyone. It is always fun to play the game of sets and sequences. If you have been looking for some exciting online card games for money, this game of sets and sequences will be a perfect way for you to spend your free hours.

In this game, you have to play with 13 cards, with 2 decks and a total of 2 jokers involved. The player has to arrange the 13 cards in his hand into proper sets and sequences before other players. A correct valid declaration has to be made before others, after arranging a minimum of two sequences including a pure sequence. 

Find the table that suits you the best and start playing this game at your earliest. This offers you a great thrill and also exciting cash prizes, which adds to the fun of the game. 

2. The Game Of Alphabets

You may feel at certain times that in spite of your love for the game of sets and sequences, it is not a cakewalk. But here, in the game of alphabets, you can play the easier version of the aforementioned game. Be prepared to get your swiped off your feet with this latest game of letters and earn ample money rewards while having a great time. 

Now without any concern of making sets of cards, suits, rankings or jokers, you can freely play cards. This game doesn’t even require you to know the flush card game tricks and is very easy to learn and play. This consists of just 26 letters from A to Z. But, here also you have to complete making the sets and sequences of letters before the other players. 

How To Play –

  • Arrange the given letters into proper sets, faster than the other players. 
  • Each player starts the game with 90 points and has to deal with 9 letters. Click on the grid to get a new letter or you can tap to pick from any of the open letters. 
  • Exchange it with any one of the letters in your hand or you can discard your new card. All these have to be done before the given time exhausts. The discarded letter will return face up in the grid. 
  • Make sets with the letters available in your hand. It can be made with 3 letters of the same kind like AAA or you can also form a sequence with 3 letters in the alphabetical order like ABC, whichever feels easier to you. 
  • Your wild card can be used as a replacement for any particular letter, to complete your set or sequence. 
  • You will be awarded 30 points for every set or sequence. And the first player to declare 3 valid sets or sequences will be the winner. 
  • The points of the remaining players will be summed up to calculate the cash prize. 
  • You can easily find this game among the online card games for money . Play and win easily while spending a perfect afternoon.

3. The Thrilling Card Game

This game is very popular all over the world. The thrill is doubled in this game as here you get to play with real players at real time with real money involved. Whatever is your experience level at the game, you can always find a table for yourself to play and win plenty of real cash prizes. 

It is a mind sport played in small and flexible rounds. The expertise and prudence of the player during the round matters the most. Download this application from the easily available online card games for money and spend your time in the best possible manner. Experience the sheer thrill that this card game has to offer you at every turn and earn easily. 

As it is evident, there are several ways in which you can play card games. The diversity in gameplay will keep you from getting bored. But most importantly, if you become an expert in these games there are higher chances that you can easily win money from them.

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