Rajasthan is counted among the richest states of India, which boasts of dazzling art and craft items. Be it lac, stone, leather work or Ivory Carving, Rajasthan always has the best of best to offer as a souvenir. Ivory Carving is the most delicate craft style that has flourished under the regal patronage in few capitals of Rajasthan including Udaipur, Jaipur, Bharatpur and Jodhpur. One can find numerous samples of this kind of art style in the form of delicate ivory figures of gods and goddesses that are minutely carved and perfectly portioned. On top of all, jali-work of lace like obscurity is the testimony to the ivory carvers.

Ivory carving is not new for India; it has been around for more than 4000 years. Ivory Carving was popular even in the era of princely states and mostly used for artistic and visual appearance that captivates onlookers for long. The texture of ivory is very smooth and whatever designs the artist desires to create can be easily carved on ivory. Ivory items are carved from elephant tusks and the raw material is pretty soft and light weighted. There are numerous of ivory items including animal figures, birds, fish trays and so on that are often used as decorative items.

Apart from attractive decorative craft items, ivory bangles are another prominent object of use. The ivory bangles are beautified with simple color patterns or with glass beads and are recommended to be worn on special occasions like marriage.

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