Lacquer and Filigree Work is counted among the most captivating art works in the entire state of Rajasthan. This special art work of Rajasthan can be found in the form of Lac jewelry and bangles, which is very much admired across the country. Filigree is a very fine-grained jewelry work that involves metal work usually done on gold or silver. Rajasthan is famous for the filigree work done on silver base of jewelry. In this type of work, craftsman requires a lot of patience to deliver fine jewelry pieces with accuracy. Filigree work is also exported to various countries across the globe and holds high value especially in Europe and Middle East

The craftsmen of Rajasthan possess exceptional skills in engraving art and embellishing gold and silver. The filigree silver cut work is particularly reckoned for its unique designs and ultimate style. The artists of Jaipur region are well known for the art of meal engravings. Lacquered and engraving along with filigree work can be featured in various forms such as boxes, hanging lamps, picture frames, lamp stands, plates, etc. The use of lac and semi-precious stones also enhances the beauty of filigree work and mesmerizes its onlookers.

Lacquered and filigree work is highly appreciated in the form of jewelry items and jewelry lovers prefer them for their admiring collection. There are numerous workshops in Jaipur and Jodhpur that specialize in this kind of art. Such jewelry pieces are exported to various parts of the world and are appreciated by everyone. Such jewelry items are also available for men as well as women and offer an elegant touch to their attire

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