No one wants to get injured on the job, but it is important to know your rights if you find yourself in a situation where a work-caused injury disables you from performing your job and receiving pay. Benefits gained from workers compensation often differs depending on the circumstance or situation making it important to seek legal counsel to best know your rights. If you live in Iowa and have suffered from an injury on the job, a consultation at Hoffman Law Firm or other surrounding law firms will inform you of the benefits you should receive from your specific case.

What is Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is an insurance policy paid by your employer. This insurance provides benefits and medical care in the case that you should become sick or injured due to conditions or incidents on the job. In the event of an approved claim of work related injury or illness, your employer’s insurance company will provide salary reimbursement, medical care, and other benefits.

Making a Claim at the Onset of Injury or Illness

A key move in successfully gaining workers compensation from your work related injury or illness is promptly filing a claim as soon as the condition arises. This is important in increasing the likelihood that an insurance carrier will approve your claim. If an extended period of time lapses between an incident causing injury or illness and when a claim is filed, it makes it more challenging to link your condition to a work related cause. Waiting too long to file a claim opens the door to legal dispute.

Benefits Gained From Workers Compensation

The Benefits gained from workers compensation is case dependent and often complex to understand. Even the most basic benefits received such as medical care and wage compensation come with qualifying conditions that can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes only your employer can choose which doctor you see and your cash benefits vary by state. Benefits also get tricky if your injury creates permanent damage decreasing your productivity and ability to make the same wage. If you can return to work but don’t have the same earning potential, you are sometimes eligible to a benefit that will pay out two thirds of the difference.

Legal counsel is a valuable resource in navigating the complexities of workers compensation. Ensuring entitled benefits through workers compensation can be overwhelming. Seeking legal counsel and consultation can provide the answers and guidance in your journey to recovery.

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