Planning to start a shop is a great decision as it is a perennial business idea that is constantly in demand. Flowers are one of the best forms of expressing feelings and an indispensable accessory for decorating any place for every occasion. Flowers can lighten up the ambiance of every location. Flowers like the bright marigolds are used for decorating Indian weddings and during special Poojas and festive occasions, rose garlands adorn the bride and groom, orchids are the perfect centre table decors, liles are great way to express your love for someone, as are gerberas and carnations. There are flowers for every occasion, when rejoicing and celebrating or even when mourning. All of this points out the fact that we need flowers for every occasion in our lives and a flower shop is a business idea that will definitely be frequented by customers on a daily basis.

However, flower shops in the country are still envisioned as small kiosks which cater to a very limited crowd and often have the same display techniques. While planning to start a flower shop, aim to be different from the existing shop owners. 

In order to start a business dealing with flowers make sure you are skilled with floral design along with having strong interpersonal skills, and a good sense of operating a business. 

To open a flower shop, you can start with basic equipment such as a refrigerator, a hardwood table, vases and pruning equipment along with which are required certain attributes that will help you succeed at the business.

Attributes To Consider When Starting A Flower Shop

  • Developing A Business Plan

A business plan is helpful for a business, to be focused about the mission, and vision for the business. Many business owners believe that a business plan is just to procure a loan but a business plan checklist will make it clear what a business plan consists of and why it is important for the business. In brief, the business plan includes details on what products or services would be on offer in the business, the place where the business is likely to start, a thorough analysis of the competition, along with an estimation of the demand and a financial model developed to elaborate where the finances for setting up the business will come from.

  • Acquiring Floristry Skills

It is important to acquire certain floristry skills to be able to arrange flowers in an appealing manner. Acquiring skills helps you stay ahead of the other competitors and gives you the confidence to experiment and be unique, thus attracting more customers to the shop. Learning skills does not just mean acquiring a certificate or doing a course but it can be learnt on the job too, provided you have an inquisitive attitude, an eye for detail and creative fair. 

  • Having Interpersonal Skills

In a business that deals with facing customers on a day to day basis it is important as a business owner to develop interpersonal skills. It helps to interact with customers with the right attitude and disposition. Additionally, interpersonal skills come in handy when customers come in with requests for flower arrangements for funerals or weddings, where they are under a different pressure and stress and as a business owner, you need to be capable of handling such customers and situations deftly.

  • Looking For Regular Customers

One of the main success mantras in a business that deals with perishable items is to have a regular customer base, so that you have an idea of the minimum amount of raw materials to be purchased on a daily basis. Regular customers can be sought in the form of restaurants, hotels, hospitals that display flowers regularly and also certain homes can be approached who can be supplied with flower arrangements on a daily basis. A regular set of customers is vital so that the business has a steady business to rely on at all times.

  • Studying The Market

A market analysis is a must while starting any business, especially small businesses like a flower shop since there is competition and to stay ahead of the others it is best to know what customers want, where do they go to purchase flowers, which flowers are in demand, what occasion are flowers used more often for, etc. Along with studying the market, a study of the competitors and what services they offer will also help to decide how you can improve and offer something unique. A small business like a flower shop deals with items that have a limited shelf life and need to be obtained in the early hours but they are a constant necessity, making it a great business idea which can be pursued with proper planning.

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