Marketing techniques whether internet or formal have changed to a great extent than how marketing was in earlier years. Internet marketing and SEO have also changed to a great extent and it is now becoming difficult for spammers and low quality content to rank websites in search engines especially Google. It has now become very difficult to rank websites on the top of SERP’s. It takes much of effort, strategy and good quality content if you want to achieve higher rankings in modern search engines. That means that you have to work harder than you did previously when Google and other search were not smart enough and just relied on few keywords on different pages of your website. Here are some important tips and tricks for bloggers and SEO’s who want to achieve higher and stable rankings in Google:

seo for bloggers

Choose Topic based on keyword:

Content is the most important ranking factor for your blog or website. It is always good to practice if you write content based on niche relevancy and keywords that are performing well for your blog.  Consider following things in mind:


Relevancy towards the niche and topic of your blog or website is very important. Relevancy is also important towards readers or visitors for your website, blog. Consider doing some research on your readers and determine what kind of information they are seeking from you, what information can make them happy, what they are searching for?

Optimize Content:

Content is the king of all ranking factors and if you have awesome content think half of your hard work is done. Content optimization is also necessary even if you have very high quality content. Here are tips to optimizing your content for max exposure:

Keyword ratio:

Keyword density is very important for your content. If you are stuffing your content with keywords you are making it difficult for both crawler as well as your readers. The approach while writing content should be to write for humans not for bots. There is no hard and tough rule for keyword density but nice use of primary and secondary keywords is all you need.

Tags and descriptions:

Tags and descriptions are also very crucial part of your SEO policy. Use HTML tags and meta descriptions provides suitable and necessary information that search engine crawlers need.

Building backlinks:

Backlinking is still very important and one of the basic point in your SEO policy. Backlinks are similar to votes to your webpage of blog that the content here is relevant and important somehow and should be shown in query results. Backlinks can boost your rankings but only if done in natural and no spammy way.

Social appearance:

According to SEO giants, social appearance is very important ranking factor that Google and some famous search engines consider while ranking webpages. So social appearance is very important for your blog or website.

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