The world of social media keeps on revolving and evolving every day. There are a billion things that come into trend every minute. You never know what might get famous the next day. From the account of an egg getting trendy to the trends of reels- all of it is influenced by what content can engage people more.

Social media trends are especially very important for those who rely on social media marketing to earn money or promote their businesses. It influences all niches- whether it be gaming, fashion, food, technology, or services. The trends can also help in popularizing content that has specifically no contact with social media, such as content related to pottery, glass-making, or breakout escape room koramangala.  

Social Media Trends of 2022 

The world of social media is just starting to grow, with huge apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, taking over the industry. Thanks to their huge user base, all businesses are working overtime to harness the exposure opportunities offered by each platform. And to do that, the most important requirement is to stay on top of the trends. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top trends that are expected to dominate social media in 2022: 

1. TikTok will rule the world of social media 

Tiktok is a very accessible platform for people of all classes and walks of life for showcasing their talents, brands, and services in the form of videos and compilations. This app was initially famous among youngsters, but now it has reached new heights of popularity because of its appeal to people of every age group. During the last two years, Tiktok has launched many useful tools for revenue generation, including ads, business profiles, and collaborations. The graph of the Tiktok user base is growing every day, and it is expected to go higher in the future too. 

2. Businesses will try to reach new audiences with social media 

Thanks to the pandemic, businesses have had to shift their operations primarily to online mode drastically in the past two years. And on the other hand, consumers have also grown more reliant on online purchasing modes rather than going out to shop for things physically. Therefore, the market for almost every product and service is booming in the virtual world. 

And this is why businesses are expected to go to unprecedented lengths to reach new audiences through different strategies. This is already visible on platforms such as Instagram, where organizations are hopping onto reel trends that are nowhere related to their products, just to increase brand visibility.  

3. Demand for Social Media Hires will increase 

This has been pretty evident from the start of 2021. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the one professional field that has flourished is that of social media marketers. A dedicated team for social media will help businesses structure their content and bring more potential customers. This team will include marketers, strategists, and an analytics team to take care of the overall corporate social media presence.  

4. Augmented reality will grow 

Augmented reality is a world of many possibilities. This spectrum is still being explored by consumers. AR helps the customers to try the products before they actually get in their hands to wear them. So, it is a very useful technology that can assist and influence people’s purchasing decisions largely.  AR can increase the click-through rate of a brand and give them business through second channels as well.   

5. Influencer Marketing will grow bigger 

With the pandemic, the world has seen a surge in demand for influencers who make more relatable and realistic content. This increased demand has, in turn, opened markets for new influencers who aim at building content in a particular niche. The huge outreach of influencers will definitely impact the way brands advertise and market their products. 

Just like we have seen with Youtuber, sponsored content and product placement will become more rampant on other social media platforms as well since brands will try and focus on influencers who promote a particular niche to reach their target audience.  

6. Social Media advertising will become more systematic 

The shift of businesses to social media will increase the advertising world too. Third-party cookies will be eliminated by 2023, and so businesses will rely on other organic methods for traffic. Advertising will also help in forming a data-driven strategy to understand user interests and expectations.  

7. Businesses will invest in both long-form and short-form contents 

Short-form content has been growing every day, but it is expected that long format content like audio chat rooms, Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse will also become as popular as Reels and TikToks pretty soon. But before you rely solely on any of these content genres, it is important to figure out what your buyers and audience are liking.  

8. Consumers will crave more snackable content 

With the attention span of consumers declining every day, the demand for short content will also increase. Consumers will try to look for content that shares more information in a short period.  


There are some of the trends of social media which are expected to flourish. But it is important to understand that every trend might not be feasible for you. So instead of trying all of them out simultaneously, plan your moves, track your performance, and stick to the ones that seem to be yielding results for your particular requirements. And that is how you market smart on social media, regardless of whether you are an independent content creator or a business.  

Author Bio:  Aniya more is one of the brightest content writer at Breakout escape rooms. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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