There are so many students who prepare for BITSAT every year and as the BITS Pilani dates are out, all the students have started to study hard. Here are a few tricks on how to crack BITSAT. To have a really good score in this exam, one needs to follow some given hacks.

  • One needs to prepare as per the BITSAT syllabus, which you may easily find in the brochure. This can be found online. Apart from that, Arihant is one of the greatest books to study from in case you are planning to attempt this exam.
  • Secondly, you need to constantly revise all the topics separately as they are not usually covered in your IIT preparation. Stress should be given on the formulas and you should be able to memorize them by heart. This would help you increase your speed up to a large extent and as you know, time management is of utmost importance. Once you go through a good mock exam, you will understand how to manage time. Keep a track of the BITS Pilani dates.
  • It is important to revise the old topics totally by heart and only when this is done, should the new topics being started. Root for more and more concept based questions rather than for longer questions which would take up a lot of your time and may or may not be right.
  • The subjects included in the BITSAT include mathematics, physics, chemistry, English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning. It is vital to divide the time accordingly for each one of them, and understand which one is your strength and work on your weak areas. For chemistry and math, it is good to remember the formulas by heart.
  • It is recommended to spend a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds per question. If you do not pick up speed in the beginning, then what would happen in the end is that you would have to rush through the last few questions which will result in a way lesser score than you had planned.
  • For math, practice is required, thus it is recommended to solve at least a minimum of 50 questions daily. This will help you be more confident at the time of answering questions. There are even 12 bonus questions, which you get after submitting the answers to the previous 150 questions. Thus, it is recommended to think wisely before attempting.
  • 100 questions need to be correctly attempted as there is negative marking in this paper. We recommend that you attempt at least 120 questions and this would be apt if you want to get admission into BITS.
  • First start off with what you are strong with, as this will boost your confidence. Then slowly come over to questions that you may not be very comfortable with. This turns out to be very effective. Master your strong areas well and this would help you a lot while attempting the paper as the weak areas get easily covered up by the questions that you are good at.
  • English needs to be mastered well as this is the weak spot for most people. So, divide the examination in such a manner that you attempt 20 questions in English and logical reasoning, 35 each in Chemistry and Mathematics, and 30 in Physics.

Go for the ample number of a mock test as this is the only way for you to see how you would be scoring in the real exam. Thus, we recommend you to give at least 20 mock exams before attempting the paper. Not only would it help you in the test but also would help to increase your patience and would give you a real picture of how it is to sit in front of a computer for 3 hours.

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