It is that time of the year when students are in the final stages of their preparation to crack the fast approaching JEE. With the registrations knocking on the door, there is very little time left. It is vital to have all the concepts, theories, formulae, and equations stamped on the brain by now. In this duration, between getting registered and getting all set to sit down for the exam, one must not forget to put their knowledge to test. Several coaching centers and online study portals, including OTS, have begun to release JEE Main and JEE advanced mock test papers.

Five Benefits of Solving JEE Advanced Mock Test Papers

Practice makes a man perfect. It is only through practice that a student can crack any exam. Through training, one can assess their knowledge of a concept and analyze how thoroughly they have grasped it. JEE Main and JEE advanced mock test papers are the best resources for practicing and keeping a check on your preparation level. Hence, the candidates must attempt several mock tests before they appear for the actual exam.

The top five benefits of solving JEE Main and JEE advanced mock tests are as follows:

  • Getting familiarized with real examination environment

The design of mock test papers is made according to the model of the real exam. OTS’ mock tests introduce one to the question paper pattern, syllabus, and the difficulty level. While solving mock tests, students inadvertently get familiarized with the style and mode of examination.

  • Prevents anxiety and boosts confidence

Stress and anxiety accompany every exam preparation. Unsurprisingly, harboring these emotions can have adverse outcomes, i.e., it can adversely affect the exam performance. There have been instances where candidates couldn’t perform well, even after all the hardcore preparation, owing to bouts of last-minute nervousness. When fear clouds the mind, it impacts the memory, and this results in ‘blanking-out’. Students claim to have experienced blanking-out often in the examination hall. To avoid these situations, it’s necessary to be well-prepared beforehand, not just with the topics, but also with the exam pattern. Solving bunches of JEE Main and JEE advanced mock test papers by OTS will help you acquaint with the pattern of examination.

  • Enhances speed and time management

Students are frequently heard complaining, “I couldn’t complete my exam”! Most candidates find it unable to clear their exams within the prescribed duration and lose marks in spite of knowing the correct answers. Few candidates often face difficulties while solving questions with accuracy in the given time. Time management plays a critical role in examinations, and the lack of it gives rise to this universal problem. Candidates must equip themselves with speed and time management by the point exams are around the corner. To enhance attending speed and to learn to manage time well, rigorous practice of JEE Main and JEE advanced mock test papers is bound to help to a significant extent.

  • Revision of the entire syllabus

Another problem faced by almost the whole student population is misremembering the concepts studied earlier in the year. OTS designs JEE Main and JEE advanced mock test papers such that it falls in line with the pattern of the real exam. Their mock tests cover nearly every important topic in the syllabus. Hence, solving these tests frequently will ensure a complete revision of the syllabus. Further, it would also help the student retain whatever they’ve learned in the long run.

  • Finding strengths and weaknesses

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to keep a check on the level of preparation as blind learning won’t suffice. Appearing for mock tests on OTS’ page can aid in several rounds of self-analysis, where one can judge himself, his strengths, and his weaknesses. The student would know where to exert efforts and which concepts need vigorous brushing. Lastly, the success of cracking JEE depends on the student’s devotion to his subject. JEE aspirants must study routinely and revise occasionally. A general misconception is that, the longer the hours of study, the higher the success rate. When it comes to JEE, long hours of study won’t help one get ahead of others; rather, it puts them behind. Hard studying can be mentally draining, and it can even result in episodes of blank-outs. So, one must try to pinch in their active study hours into the preferable time. And get cracking!

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