Among so many digital learning tools available today Mintbook is gathering very good feedback from its users. I have recently used its latest offering ODLS (Online digital library subscription).

 It has e-books from more than 100 publishers in 10 different languages.

It also contains Videos and quiz related content which is gaining popularity among educators as well. Videos are very interactive and on par with the needs of students.

 They have also introduced a product called M BOX (Mint Box). M box is a   micro server that works without the internet. It is an ideal and safe device for home schooling needs as well.  With changing times as parents are opting for home schooling their children, such products will find a lot of relevance. Some of the content is available in downloadable format.

They have options in which multiple users can connect to the same M BOX device within a specific distance. Considering the need of parents especially for traveling with children this comes very handily like an educational toy. It can keep children occupied for long hours.

Also, the online digital library subscription (ODLS) serves as a good source of knowledge for educators and learners. ODLS is a very useful product from Mintbook. It contains solved competitive exam papers, interactive videos, etc. This Exam paper includes IIT JEE, NTSE and many more.

How Mintbook is different from others

The entire content is divided class-wise to address the need for children from a specific age group. It is available from class 1st to class 12th in various languages.

The content is curated under the experienced faculty to address to current needs of children.

It serves as a means of easily and rapidly accessing books from more than 100+ publishers.

Traditional libraries are limited by storage space, digital libraries have the potential to store much more information. In Mintbook this information is curated in the most simplified way so that students should not face any difficulty in researching any topic for any given class.

It requires very little physical space. ODLS can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Whereas MBOX is very portable easy to carry box which is very simple to use as well.

The low cost of maintenance makes it popular among users.

 It is much easy to download as a book. It can be used as a reference for future use.

Features of Mintbook

As the digital medium of learning is gaining popularity Mintbook have come up with a very useful range of digital learning tools both online and offline.

Mintbook have developed content both online and offline. Their online content is called ODLS (Online digital library subscription).

And their offline content is called M Box, mint box, which can be used without internet

They have a class-wise content division which makes their product useful for children of all the age group from class 1st   to class 12th.

Their academic contents are mapped to the Board curriculum. So students and educators will find it as an attractive option to supplement their classroom learning.

There is a range of resources for students available to learn beyond syllabus coverage. This can help them to have a deep understanding of subjects. The content is very engaging for learners to try, learn and understand various concepts. The videos are very helpful to watch.

 EBooks and free textbooks are a valuable addition. Digital books covering curriculum and also providing learning material beyond syllabus coverage.

Teachers can use it as reference material for assessment creation, project implementation, or Virtual Labs. Out of these virtual labs or simulations are very helpful in showing the experiments conducted in labs on a digital platform.  This can be discussed in detail below.

   For   Competitive Exam Preparation, good material is provided in terms of the latest test papers, solutions and a lot more.

The range of resources is made available to prepare for various competitive exams like Olympiad, NEET, and IIT-JEE, etc.

Simulation Lab

  They are a great source of instant understanding of lab experiments prescribed in the syllabus. It helps engage learners to try, learn and understand various concepts through experiments.

Tech Camps

They can serve as a great advantage for students and provide a deep understanding of concepts in a fun way. They provide the learner with the latest knowledge relevant to the competitive world.

  Quiz questions are a great way to engage children and entertain them simultaneously. The quiz helps to practice and cement the learning.

Concept videos help to drive clarity to the learner for better assimilation and retention.

Advantages and Disadvantages of mintbook:

It provides better assimilation and retention of content as it is very interactive with the user.  Also, it is user-friendly and can be understood by any age group user. The content is available both online and offline which makes it more useful for learners living in various geographies where internet connectivity is weak.

 The content engages learners to try, learn and understand various concepts. They have options for taking notes and bookmark the pages while reading as in any physical book.

It is curated by professional experts exclusively for customer’s needs. The content curation has made Mintbook online digital library stand out from any other product in the market. It addresses the individual’s specific needs. The simulations can be used by students in various science projects expo and exhibitions.

The deep and wide range of topics covered opens up the world of knowledge at fingertips.

Some suggestions

The catalogue can be made more user-friendly. Also, the contents which are currently segregated as per the class can be divided as per age.  The addition of more storytelling books for all age groups can be a good offering. It can come very handy for users like senior citizens.

The addition of more interactive videos will be an added advantage.

Future of Mintbook

Looking at the increased number of online users, it becomes imperative that we should have a product like an online digital library.

The future looks promising. We recommend this product for all the school-goers teachers and management.

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