Widely popular today, online assessment tests provide high grade assessment to ensure ease of auditability for an employer.  The measure of technical and job competency is effectively delivered with these assessment tests, enabling the employers to grade the candidates based on the requirements. The in-depth and actionable insights provided by these assessment tests are great tools to evaluate the potential of the candidates.

Screening and choosing candidates couldn’t be any easier. The interview tests for programming skills are designed with a main focus to analyze the technical and programming skills of the applicant and reproduce the results in the form of actionable insights. These are indeed great tools that aid the employers to recruit IT professionals with necessary technical skills. An employer or business unlocks the potential of these high-quality, customizable tests that suit numerous job roles. The employers can set relevant benchmarks curated based on the competency, job role and other parameters. The candidates can be challenged based on analytical skills, behavioural situations, or anything of the employers choice. One can always use the tests developed by the experts from the research team or create coding tests from scratch. The main advantages of these tests include:

  • An employer not only gets the test results, but also an in-depth insight to understand patterns behind a candidate’s approach to solve a problem and make more accurate decisions.
  • These tests are probably the best tools available today to assess the raw coding potential of the candidates. This makes it possible to grade them based on the company’s requirements.
  • It is not feasible to hire merely the right answer. With these tests, an employer can check the coder efficiency, code memory consumed and others to hire the quickest right answer.
  • As these are not academic knowledge tests, but resemble real IT projects that provide an insight of the actual potential of the programmer.
  • These tests basically simulate the actual working environment and help in obtaining a review about candidates’ work style and workflow.

An employer can define the needs and skills that are to be assessed in the candidates and tests can be framed in a manner to suit the libraries and frameworks of the company. The candidates can be challenged with:

  • Programming tasks: Here no algorithmic tasks are used, but only real coding challenges are presented to the candidate to simulate the real working environment.
  • SQL tasks: SQL tasks help in verifying programming skills based on knowledge specifics for a particular database engine.
  • Code review tasks: These help in verifying if the candidates are familiar with coding practices and design patterns, their efficiency of debugging, and their approach to code quality and others.
  • Multiple-choice tests: These help in the overall assessment of a candidate’s knowledge.

These assessment programming skills online tests allow employers to assess coding skills in frontend, backend and mobile technologies- collective in one place. With these tests, not only that the company can save huge amounts spent on unnecessary interviews but also raise the competency of the new employees. This whole process has shown to have a positive effect with respect to the growth of the company.

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