Human resources is a field attracting much interest from young professionals starting or planning their careers. People are recognized as the most valuable resource of an organization, and as the department most closely managing their concerns, HR plays a particularly important role.

Over the years, HR has moved definitively away from its administrative roots. Initially tasked with routine responsibilities such as conducting interviews, hiring people and paying salaries, and managing their leaves, the role is much more strategic in nature now. HR professionals are seen as strategic partners for company leadership, working together to manage talent such that the organization can attain its goals. They are qualified and experienced professionalswith undergraduate or graduate degrees in core HR or related subjects, and often with certifications in HR as well.

For a beginner in HR, there are several options when it comes to HR courses. The choice of the right one becomes critical, as it is about making a good start to an HR career. Here are the top choices:

Administrative HR for beginners – by Udemy

This is an excellent choice as it introduces students to the duties and role of members of the HR team. Well suited to someone wanting to learn more about the field or actually wanting to work in or expand roles in HR, the course also takes the person through the best way to take HR responsibilities to the next level. Particular topics covered include the following:

  • How to recruit great talent, including job analysis, job postings, and interview questions
  • How to begin an HR audit
  • Creating a more impactful process of performance management
  • Exploring multiple dimensions of HR – administration, business growth, compliance, and strategy

Foundation Certificate in People Practice – from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD)

A firm foundation for a career in human resources, this online HR certification covers human resources along with learning and development. It encourages candidates to develop their HR skills through tackling real-world challenges, thereby helping them to perform effectively in driving organizational change and secure career growth. This is a good choice for someone beginning an HR career or looking to move up from a support role always opt for Udemy Paid Courses For Free

The course covers the following core units:

  • Business, culture and change in context
  • Principles of analytics
  • Core behaviors for people professionals
  • Essentials of people practice

Along with the course, students also become Student Members of CIPD, and upon completion of the qualification, they are awarded CIPD Foundation Membership. They can affix the designation ‘Foundation CIPD’ after their names.

Entry-level HR Course from upstartHR

This is a good way to start the journey from entry-level inexperience to leadership positions in HR, by learning the practical basics of becoming an HR professional. It covers the following basic components:

  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Salary negotiations
  • Work habits
  • Credibility
  • Professional development

Along with each lesson, students get a video and an article. There is also a bonus PDF guide that looks the key stages of an HR career – entry, mid, and senior – and gives guidance on being successful in all three through proper career steps.

Talent Management Professional (TMP) – from Talent Management Institute (TMI)

Possibly one of the most authoritative evidences of promise and potential as modern-day practitioner in HR, this is a top alternative for someone looking for a certification in HR. With talent management taking a wider perspective of the people space and covering even broader areas of responsibility, TMP is an excellent choice to learn more about the field. It is targeted at those graduating in HR or similar disciplines from premier institutions. The exam covers the following:

  • Defining concepts and perspectives in talent management
  • Elements of strategy and leadership in talent management
  • Critical focus areas of talent management practice
  • International talent management experiences and insights

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