Having a child is a huge responsibility as it changes the course of your future towards a completely different direction. There is always a sense of responsibility that comes out during every big decision. Your child’s education is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make and it is never easy to choose the right path.

One of the biggest confusion that arises is whether to choose from among the top most boarding schools in India or to send your child to regular, private schools as a day scholar. If you have problems choosing, then it best to understand the features of both options and then make a thorough and solid decision. It is always better to weigh the pros and cons and see which the best option is.

Advantages of being aday scholar:

A regular school is where students attend 8 hours of academic session and then are back home by evening. Each subject as well as extracurricular activities is assigned a specific time within that period. School is divided into three general levels- primary, secondary and high school.

When students return from home, they get to experience strong relationships, both at school as well as home. Families become part of their daily educational system and parents get to play an active role in monitoring homework and helping with projects.

Day scholars will have better contacts and connections from their home community and this can work in their advantage when they graduate in terms of career choice. Day scholars also mingle with the opposite sex more than what boarding school members are exposed to due to coeducation facilities, making them more assertive and confident amidst the opposite sex.

Tuition fees is also comparatively much lesser than boarding as parents do not have to shell out extra for accommodation, food and other facilities. In case of any emergency, a child can be rushed back home easier if she/he is a day scholar.

Advantages of Boarding school:

Children in a boarding school get all the facilities they want in one roof, be it academics, extracurricular, sports, music, guidance by teachers, etc. Since they are all in one campus, it is easier to go up to any teacher at any point of the day and ask whatever doubts that you would like to clear.

Children are constantly encouraged to take up realistic activities such as art, dance, etc. rather than being carried away by technology, phone or video games.

Students also develop stronger bonds in the form of friendship and are more easily adaptable to various circumstances. They are easy going as well as have high levels of social skills. They are also very responsible and much disciplined as they are taught to follow rules and regulations strictly, from a young age.

They also develop high levels of confidence as they are able to stand up for themselves. They also are very interactive and your child gets all the benefits of what you pay for. All famous Boarding schools in India always promise state of the art facilities and usually, they hold up to their side of the bargain.

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