When you often hear about e-cigarettes, there is a slight stigma attached to it. It is often heard by a lot of names such as electronic nicotine delivery systems and e-cigs, vapes, vape pens, mods, tanks, etc. E-Cigarettes are those devices which operate by heating the liquid solution to quite a high temperature so that it produces the aerosol which is inhaled. 

The act of using an e-cigarette is called vaping. The devices that produce the aerosol and not vapor are e-cigarettes. They are in gas form and the aerosol from the e-cigarette have tiny chemical particles which are there is the liquid solution as well as the device. 

There are a lot of common myths that surround the e-cigarettes and despite the facts and the surveys and pieces of evidence, people still believe some common notions about it. Hence, we are here helping you to clear up some myths about the e-cigarettes. 

It can give you popcorn lung

One of the most commonly known things about e-cigarettes is that it can be giving you popcorn lung. Well, this was because some flavorings used in e-liquids that are used to provide a buttery flavor which contains the chemical diacetyl- they have very high levels of exposure in lung. This has been associated with the serious lung diseases such as bronchiolitis obliterans. The condition has gained a popular name because it was observed in a popcorn factory. 

But here is the catch; the diacetyl chemical is no more used in the e-cigarettes and e-liquids. 

E-Cigarettes aren’t regulated

It is said that e-cigarettes aren’t regulated. But under the tobacco and related products regulations, they are subject to minimum standards of quality and safety. Apart from that, the packages do provide the consumers with information about the harm it can do. The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency also have provided detailed information about the listing of all the ingredients. 

They are harmful

E-cigarettes such as puff bar vapes are thought to be harmful as they contain nicotine. 4 out of 10 smokers and ex-smokers wrongly have this notion that nicotine causes the most of tobacco relating to cancer. There is proper evidence which shows that nicotine is having the minimal risk of harm to health. This is an obvious fact that everyone gets addicted to smoking due to the presence of nicotine but there are a lot of other chemicals in the cigarette smoke that causes the most of harm. The E-cigarette vapor doesn’t contain any tar or carbon monoxide. These are the two most harmful elements in the tobacco smoke that affect the health of a person. The e-cigarettes do contain some chemicals that are found in the tobacco smoke but at a much lower level so it is not harmful as much tobacco smoke. 

E-cigarettes may lead to young people into smoking 

E-cigarettes are known to be leading to young people into smoking. Whereas, there was no evidence found so far that supported that statement. There are surveys that young people are actually experimenting with the e-cigarettes but using it regularly has become a rare scene. There, is a recent survey that smoking rates among the young people in the UK are continuing to decline. 

E-cigarettes are being used as Trojan horse

The tobacco industry is full of rumors and there is no solid evidence that suggests that e-cigarettes are making people to smoke but the proportion of e-cigarette users who are ex-smokers has been increasing over the past few years. There are many numbers which prove that there are a lot of people who are quitting smoking.

In the UK, there are about 3.2 million adult e-cigarette users and there are more than half who have completely stopped smoking. There are a lot of people who are slowly smoking and vaping. The quitting success rates are improving and there is, a lot of drop in the smoking rates. They are at a record low of 14.9 percent.

E-Cigarettes don’t help you quit smoking 

A major portion of the world thinks that the standard e-cigarette like puff bar vapes is twice is effective in quitting smoking and it is helping the smokers to get to the combination of the nicotine replacement therapy. The groups who participated in the survey had behavioral support and they significantly showed faster reductions in the cough and phlegm. 


Hence, here are some of the myths that are debunked. E-Cigarettes and the tobacco ones are not similar yet they should not be treated similarly. It is significant that everyone has this information and make learned decisions about their health. We do not hoard that the e-cigarettes are risk-free completely but they do carry some risk of smoking effects. Yet, it is doing its part to help a lot of smokers quit and stay smoke-free.

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