Lighting significantly impacts employee morale and overall productivity in the workplace. Lack of natural light is likely to make your staff tired. And. Your workspace is likely to become gloomy. Fortunately, you can ix this by calling a team of professional interior designers in Dubai to give your office a facelift. This is through incorporating fixtures that enhance the presence of natural light.

The ideal office environment should include natural components including natural light, plants, and water elements as part of interior decoration. Including these elements in your office leaves a great impression on visitors while keeping your employees mentally and physically fit. Here are design features that enhance the natural light in an office.

Glass walls

Allowing in natural light requires interior walls that collect and disperse light without restriction. Glass walls are a good solution to introduce natural light while giving it a modern and sleeker look. You will always be sure that your office will never get dark. Glass can’t be a supporting structure but can be incorporated into internal walls partitioning various areas.

This allows light from outside to reach dark nooks including where there are no windows. Consider using patterned films on the lower part of the walls for employee safety. This avoids anyone walking into the glass thinking its open space.

Minimal design

Overstuffing your office space with elements including furniture is not a good idea. Regardless of the size of your office, the presence of heavy furniture in a room limits the entry of natural light. Keep usually keeps the room without enough light. Overcrowded furniture limits the dispersion of light and makes anyone using the space to get overwhelmed. Avoiding this requires working with a team of professionals for the best interior design in Abu Dhabi.

Stylish low filing cabinets and lockers placed against a wall offer ample space for stacking documents. These don’t compromise the entry of natural light into space in any way. A minimalist office design guarantees easy flow of natural light through all corners of the office. It limits the use of light fixtures to save energy.

Limited walls between windows

It is very important to avoid placing too many walls between the windows and your workspace. These walls make it increasingly difficult for everyone to access natural light. A professional interior design team will design your office to create more open spaces. These are a better option compared to wall-off cubicles. Revamping your office interior should allow more windows opening externally while allowing easy access to natural light.

Shiny surfaces

Another interior décor trick to enhance the natural light in an office is to install mirrors. These also make the room seem bigger while being a quick hack to optimize the reach of daylight inside the office. Mirrors are a wonderful solution for an office with few windows, multiple walls, or surrounded by other buildings. There is no need to remodel or switch spaces. The borrowed light principle is a cheaper solution to make the most of available natural light.

Some spaces have limitations to the use of mirrors in their interior design. Reflective surfaces make wonderful alternatives. These are incorporated in various office fixtures including wall color, furniture, and ceiling panel. The shiny surfaces allow light to bounce throughout the office more effectively. Exposure to natural light will breathe life in your employees.

Imitation skylight

Sometimes, the options are limited that can introduce natural light in an office. Luckily, you can opt for artificial light fixtures to give an illusion of natural light. Imitation skylights make a wonderful source of daylight while eliminating the flickering effect of fluorescent bulbs. A professional interior designer will evaluate your office environment to determine the suitability of these lights.

This will give your staff a sense of keeping in touch with the real world. Additionally, the presence of natural light enhances the overall look of any workplace and gives a lasting impression on potential clients and new talent.

Other lighting to use in the office

Rethinking artificial lighting in an office allows making the most of natural light . Think beyond light fixtures directing light downward by considering focusing on multidirectional lighting. Enhancing the lighting atmosphere in the office requires fixtures including:

  • Desk lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Wall lamps
  • Overhead illumination

A range of color temperatures is necessary with soft and arm light sources on the desks. These are ideal for complementing cooler overhead light fixtures. Other types of lighting in an office include ambient and corrective lighting. These have lower density and limit vision fatigue.

Benefits of natural light in an office include:

  • Better sleep
  • Better moods
  • Less eyestrain
  • Fewer energy costs
  • Workers feel more engaged
  • Natural light increases the value of the space

Wrapping up

Incorporating a biophilic design in your office is a wonderful idea. You need a team of professional and experienced interior designers to revamp your workplace while encouraging natural light. This boosts productivity while promoting physical and mental wellbeing of employees.

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