In recent times a lot of the applications are getting banned by the government of India. This is because of the defense, security, and many other reasons. Here in this video, you will able to get the real reason about the ban. Is PUBG Ban Over in India?? This video will help you to get the answer about its future comeback. Since this is the most played game across the country, it will help the gamers to know about its comeback. PUBG Mobile gaming that was banned, made all the gamers to get disappointed. Therefore here is the good news for you all.

Why you have to subscribe to this channel?

In recent times the Technical Guruji channel is getting a lot of the subscribers as this is providing very informative videos about technologies like mobile, applications, and many others. This is much helpful for the gadget freaks to know about the latest update or related news about digital technology. In this Hindi youtube channel, you will get the complete details about the PUBG ban India.

The reason for the ban will be explained by the experienced and the skillful anchor Gaurav Chaudhary.  He has explained a lot of the technology news in his brave voice. It will be more interesting from the start of the video to the end of PUBG Hindi. This has gained millions of views in the short span of the time and so you should not miss it. In this video, you will gain all the latest pubg ban in india news in three minutes video. It will be the time saving one for the people as they get the information from the single video itself. Thus not only this gaming video, but you will also detail the other apps or gadgets that are coming in the market.

How interesting is it to watch this video?

Instead of searching in the net about the ban in pubg or about its comeback news, you can simply watch the video that is posted on the techguruji channel. This is the famous channel that has been in partnership with the recharge tech. You will find the voice and the video quality to be the more excellent ones. Even the people who are speaking other languages will able to understand it clearly. The way he is telling about the pubg banned in India and the news about the handover of the South Korean company to India and the many others. Over the millions of the people are expecting the comeback of this game as this is the only entertainment for most of the youngsters and even the kids or adults. During the pandemic situation, this game has become popular further. But due to some of the issues, the Indian government has banded. In this youtube channel, you will receive more and more updates about the famous pubg game. Thus if you are the pubg addicts, then you will definitely like this video. The up to date information and the latest news will be posted in the upcoming videos.

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