Horse Racing is one of the most ancient of all sports practiced in civilization across the worlds since ancient times, but it is a modern spectator sports experience in recent times. It typically involves two or more horses ridden by a jockey or driven over a set of distance for competition. Horse racing has a comprehensive format. Different countries adopt different style and tradition for it. There are different variations including running over obstacles, on various track surfaces or different gaits.

Horse racing is also an integral part of legends and myths. Chariot racing was one of the essential sports in ancient Greek and Roman history but in later times ‘hot blooded’ horses or ‘thoroughbred’ horses became popular in British royal society.

Types of horse racing

There are various types of horse racing, including Flat racing, Jump racing, Harness, and endurance racing. Flat Racing and Jump Racing are the most popular and common form of racing in Britain and Ireland.

The training conditions of different horses are different depending on their breeds, age, and skeletal soundness. A horse’s fitness is utmost important to prevent any injury to both the horse and the person riding it. You can check out to know more about this sport.

America, Ireland, Poland, Australia, Great Britain are few of the countries where horse racing is considered as on the of the popular sport

Horse Racing and Tourism

Horse racing and horse racing tourism have become immensely popular in the recent times. They are like two sides of the same coin. Countries like Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia and many others have engaged them in horse racing tours. These tours are fascinating for those who want to enjoy the thrills and spills of a day at the races amidst comfort of luxury transport and a hearty meal to keep you going.

Horse racing tours facilitate the tourist to travel to beautiful race courses to a different location with their families and friends and experience a different culture, food, and people in various destinations. These tours mainly concentrate on providing tourist race course exercise in great comfort.

Some tour guides also provide traveling to horse racing stables accompanied by racing trainers which makes the perfect day for the racing fans. The tours are meticulously designed starting from morning breakfast to spending the entire day with the trainers. After the long weeks of weeks of office if you want to spend some relaxing time with your dear ones then the horse racing stable tour is an apt one.

Race Courses

Racecourses come in all luxury and style and are situated all around the world. Some are draped in luxury and others are as bare bone as they get. Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious venues for horse racing in the world. It is located near to Windsor Castle, and it also is a destination for horse race tours. The other famous racecourse is Churchill Downs in the United States. It can hold up to 120,000 people. The other such famous horse racing course in Birdsville races of Queensland in the town of Birdsville. This place is a real pilgrimage of Australian fan. Apart from these few famous race courses, there are other race courses as well like Tokyo racecourse which is famous for its intake capacity with its 2,23000 capacity.

Though horse racing is a very popular form of sport, there are also dangers associated with it as in the horse can stumble and fall, or fall while crossing any obstacle. So while racing or while doing involved in tourism, it is imperative to take precautions and are advised to participate under proper guidance.

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