Inpage Urdu is a Urdu typing software that doesn’t only supports Urdu but various other languages including English, Persian, Arabic and a lot more. There are also online conversation tools, check easy marathi typing website for online translation tool. Inpage is a highly flexible software for Urdu typing that provides the best optimization for all the languages been supported by the software. All these languages could be used side by side and separately from each other to completely integrate your document. The software is based on the Noorinastaliq don’t style for Urdu typing and has it’s main focus on nastaliq script for typing. Urdu inpage from AtozSofts enable you to make a perfect layout of you documents made in any language supported by the software. This is one of the best software used for typing and publishing Urdu. The software Urdu inpage free download is available online for you.

Key features

Following stated are some of the key features of Urdu inpage that make this software worth downloading.

  • Unicode import and export of different text type
  • Spell check for English and Urdu texts
  • Character and word count feature is available.
  • Border styles and patterns are available
  • You can easily group and ungroup objects.
  • Complete support provided for OLE servers.
  • Contrast and brightness control of the pictures in text.
  • CMYK color support on pictures
  • Different keyboards with styles and patterns
  • Supports almost all the locational languages
  • Easily creates backups for the documents.
  • Extra fonts available.

The software is basically made to support the national language of Pakistan like every country has there own national language and there has been no proper software to type and publish Urdu language so this software is the perfect to be used for typing Urdu language by using all the features of this software.

How to use Urdu inpage?

You can see various online video tutorials that are present online in form of complete courses. You can easily understand how this software works and how you can make particular documents using this software.

Other than video tutorials, you can just start trying using this software by yourself and make setting and adjustments to the documents as per your requirements.

You can prepare the documents using any language that is supported by the software.

Different versions of Urdu inpage

Inpage was initially established in year 2008 and till now from then there have been a lot of versions with simply different functions, features and tools. However its logo also keeps on changing annually. All these changes create a great difference in all the available versions of linkage.

However, the basic features and working of all the versions of inpage are the same but the tools and added features keep on changing based on the changing technological trends.

The basic purpose behind introducing this software is to enhance the understandably and usage of Urdu as a national language in different print media.

Though this software doesn’t only support Urdu it has the option of using different languages but mainly It’s an Urdu inpage software.

It’s a completely spectacular software that adds more importance to Urdu language and is highly important to create legal and official documents of all nature.

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