Ever increasing use of Internet-connected devices in order for real-time data access has augmented the demand of cloud computing, which is rapidly gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional IT. It is interesting to note that cloud hosting comes as an evolving service model in which different applications are merged together to provide IT services on behalf of clients.

cloud server
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The main attributes of cloud server hosting are on-demand availability and pay per use policy. On-demand availability enables companies to increase or decrease their storage capacity on the move in order to cater their needs. In addition, cloud computing also claims to slash the costs with respect to human administration and development.

With companies, irrespective of size, gradually moving towards cloud, players like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce.com and Cyber Futuristics are leading the way with innovative service offerings. Each player develops various pricing and capacity planning strategies to strengthen their position in marketplace.

If a report published in Techcrunch.com is to be believed, Salesforce.com deploys 10 times lesser servers than Amazon to provide service to the equal number of clients. No doubt, several research surveys have been conducting with the perspective to link virtualization, standardization, parallel computing, and open source software with cloud computing. Majority of surveys find that this is an emerging technology and it has manifold potentialities to stay in marketplace.

According to IDC, companies intending to move to cloud want that their service providers should offer competitive pricing on cloud services along with optimal performance-level assurances. In fact, the value delivered by cloud server services is adequate to efficiently manage and regulate your business operations, irrespective of size, from anytime, anywhere. This helps organizations to improve customer delivery capability, which is the determinant component of any business process in order to strengthen its position in marketplace with the support of this avant-garde technology.

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