With the rise of virtualization and cloud technology, the need for building more and more data centers is also increasing. A study reveals that more than 50% of companies are embracing this avant-garde technology for their growing business needs and to gain competitive edge. Colocation offers a wide array of opportunities to the SMEs and enterprises to keep a pace with the technology-driven environment, with no huge capital investment. It offers the extremely reliable, resilient and economical ways of delivering virtualized and cloud solutions. This is a must for the enterprises with strict security and compliance requirements.

Colocation Services
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Environmental Control and Network

Virtualization and cloud hosting services are reliant on the performance of network services and controlled environment. Also, the hardware with virtualized servers requires the optimum environmental support, which a colocation service provider offers.

For cogent functioning of cloud based solutions and virtual machines, colocation offers premium bandwidth, fast connectivity, and dual power path to support the network. The buzzing virtualization technology reduces the number of physical servers required, however the consolidated servers produce greater heat, and for optimal performance this needs to be removed immediately.

Colocation Meets Compliance Regulations

For the companies with strict compliance requirements, it is too costly to build and maintain a data center. Not only architecting a data center is an expensive process, however it is also very intricate. Proper certifications, such as SSAE 16 is required to ensure that the data center is well-armed with all the aspects and is capable enough to meet the demands of the companies dealing in various sectors.

In this light, all the security and compliance needs are efficiently managed through a colocated datacenter.

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