Businesses are increasingly considering shifting gears to cloud, however are bit apprehensive about sharing resources with multiple users, including CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

With the emergence of private cloud model, this concern of resource sharing has been annihilated. It facilitates the users with dedicated compute resources that are explicitly put in use for their data. But, there are some businesses in Rajasthan that still have apprehensions about why should they create their own private cloud platform? Through this post, I would like to highlight certain key points that SMBs in Rajasthan can consider.

Private Cloud Hosting
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Let’s have a brief discussion about the top benefits of the private cloud:

  • Security
  • Cloud computing is an exceptionally secure platform, and with the private cloud model your data resides safely behind your company’s dedicated firewall. Given that you keep your virus protection up-to-date and have the right security provisions in place, your data remains intact. With enterprise-grade data center services, the service providers always ensure that integrity of your mission critical data remains unharmed. Additional with the cloud, you don’t have to worry about data loss owning to stolen laptop or desktop.

  • Scalability
  • Both private and public cloud enables you to rapidly create a customized server. According to your varying business requirements you can add or reduce memory, storage or CPU. In fact, private cloud platform grow as your business expands, and it tend to be more customizable comparatively to public cloud offerings.

  • No more maintenance or upgradation costs
  • IT infrastructure maintenance and upgradation costs can hit the bottom line of your business, specifically for SMBs. With this cloud platform, the cloud vendor is completely responsible to take care of all these expenses. All you need to do is to pay rent for the space you have taken on lease. And, you have to pay for only for the resources that you are using.

  • Redundancy
  • Unexpected events don’t happen by informing anyone of us. They just happen. And, it is always wise to be always prepared for any such events. One of the compelling advantage private clouds is that you have superior level of control through redundancy attribute.

  • Reduces down dependence on dedicated servers
  • Big corporates usually need several servers to carry on their business operations efficiently. When you have multiple on-site servers, then definitely it will add to your worry about cost of maintaining and upgrading them. You also have to ponder about where you will be storing them as well as about how much energy they consume. Therefore, creating a private cloud your overall overhead cost will cut down to a great extent.

    Hence, take a smart decision and concentrate on other competencies of your business.

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