Server co-location is the practice of physically re-locating the server(s) from in-house server room to a completely managed data center, outside business premises. It is an ideal solution for the SMBs that are looking forward to make most of the huge IT infrastructure at cost-effective range. On the other hand, big organizations don’t face that much financial crunch hence can make huge investment on the construction of IT infra for hosting their web servers, as well as hire experienced in-house team of technical experts to manage it diligently, which definitely SMBs and individuals users can’t afford to do the same.

server colocation
Through this post, let’s discuss in detail how SMBs in Rajasthan can make most of the server colocation and drive more business growth.

What is Server Co-Location?

Nowadays, it’s not mandatory to have your own data center so as to host your servers and applications. In particular, when you just have a small number of servers/users (or) your business requirements vary. Business continuity is definitely one of the most essential factors for any company these days, and downtime of significant applications such as ERP/CRM could mean loss of business prospects.

Server co-location solutions have considered as best solution for the SMBs by many industry experts because it’s possible to rent just the number of rack-space/ power/ bandwidth necessary to host one (or more) servers in a vendors (shared) data center premises well-equipped with multiple levels of redundancy (power, network, and bandwidth) built to guarantee high availability of servers and applications.

Here are some of the key benefits of server colocation that businesses in Rajasthan can consider:

  • Relatively businesses have to incur lesser capital, as the networking, bandwidth availability, firewall applications, power, cooling and rack space, are provided by the data center companies in exchange for a monthly rent. And, it is shared among multiple customers.

  • Consistent availability, as most of the data centers make use of redundant network routes and power supply, multiple bandwidth lines from different vendors, and centralized HVAC and other cooling amenities.

  • Stringent Security, as most of the colocation hosting providers’ offer best in class physical security (24×7 security guards and biometric access), network security (shared firewalls) and CCTV cameras.

  • Broadly speaking, most of the data centers are equipped with centralized monitoring provisions for all the servers housed by employing dedicated personnel, to make sure that customers are immediately informed whenever a server/ application is not accessible.

  • Another compelling benefit of co-location hosting is scalability. And, it can be attained faster and without incurring huge capital cost, as the user can always lease more rack-space to host extra servers.

  • Server co-location is very beneficial for hosting mission-critical web applications, as it’s largely quiet challenging/ costly to deliver the high levels of network uptime with small server rooms.

  • Hence, cut down your overall capital expenditure and take your business to next level simply by co-locating your server in a highly secured and stable environment of data centers.

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