Email hosting is a mission-critical requirement for small to mid-sized businesses in Rajasthan. If you are the owner of a Rajasthan based SME, then you ought to plan for a professional email hosting provider. To create a snapshot of potential benefactors, create a comparison worksheet with the help of below enlisted steps.

    • Support

The email service provider must render 24x7x365 support which is not tiered. Such an outsourced support can be obtained by settling for nothing less than live, round-the-clock and exclusive admin support.

    • Security

The Microsoft or Zimbra email hosting provider should ensure privacy and safety of sensitive data. Multi-level authentication systems should be in place so that your provider supplies a stringent standard-based encryption and protection. IP hygiene, spam and virus must be covered under the company’s security policies.

    • Uptime guarantee

Email communication must be backed by nothing below 99% uptime. The email hosting provider should have a certain level of dedication to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Review the robustness of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to keep things clear.

    • Features

Low-cost email providers must be avoided so that employee-productivity is not hampered. Similarly, excessively feature-rich email systems lead to heavy bills. So look for a provider who offers a decent choice of email platforms with optimized features that suit your business needs.

    • Clear Pricing model

Make sure that no hidden fees are present. Do a proper pricing research by enlisting contract terms and cancellation penalties.

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