A reduced vendor bias in the year 2015 will actually make cloud all the more affordable. As a result of this, regional cloud providers in Rajasthan might as well have to actively participate in cloud adoption strategies. Some might fear that data security will continue to decrease.

While cloud still occupies the place of the most hyped and latest technology trend, it has also become an essential IT system component. Apart from cloud adoption cloud computing has also shifted to new horizons.

It is true that cloud is ubiquitous and available, but its successful adoption still relies on several effective migration strategies. To that extent, cloud experts as well as regional cloud providers have gained importance to help in carrying out the successful adoption of on-going management of cloud operations.

Cloud has time & again been hyped as the latest technology. No wonder that it is considered to be an essential IT system component. So cloud adoption has become an active trend amongst enterprises. It is also available because successful cloud adoption actually relies on the effective migration of business specific strategies. As a result, cloud experts as well as regional cloud providers have now become important for the successful adoption of cloud operations.

Therefore, strategic cloud providers are important today. The following trends will be witnessed in this financial year:

  • There will be lesser vendor bias. So cloud will become all the more affordable
  • Some public clouds will become normal
  • The popularity of hybrid cloud will actually drive the involvement of basic cloud providers
  • In cloud adoption strategies, Rajasthan based cloud providers will actually play an active role
  • Concerns related to data security and proximity will get controlled

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