For most of the organizations, the private cloud model is the very first choice and only choice when it comes to cloud technology. This model offers a robust hardware and highly secured network environment that is solely and wholly dedicated to the organization.

Whether facilitated through a hosted private environment or an in-house one, there is an assurance that the hardware components, data storage and network security provision are confined to only one enterprise and not shared among other users. When it comes to extremely confidential corporate information, trade lists, PCI or HIPAA certified environments, a private environment is mostly preferred.

Moreover, these days’ businesses are identifying the advantages of the public cloud model for some of their comparatively less critical web applications. SMBs are even looking forward to leverage enterprise private cloud due to various factors, including high availability, redundancy and security with the affordability of a shared cloud.

Enterprises need the capability to seamlessly and safely move non-critical, non-sensitive computing and development work from their private environment into a shared cloud but they need to achieve a similar level of accessibility and security.

There are numerous of public cloud options available in the niche market. Some are elementary cloud servers intended to offer the lowermost cost computing services for less-critical applications like web or development servers. While others are designed to deliver the high availability and security provision that organization requires in their server environments. The latter one is managed cloud hosting, wherein everything is well take care of by the service provider.

The managed cloud is also known as virtual private cloud with one or more virtual servers in a shared environment that deliver the same level of data protection and network security as a dedicated private environment. The managed cloud is placed on VLAN in conjunction with a dedicated private cloud and servers to deliver a fully integrated system. This gives businesses in Rajasthan a remarkable level of flexibility and scope for expandability beyond the private cloud platform and dedicated hardware component. And, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your data.

I would conclude by saying that leave behind the worries related to website performance by opting managed cloud hosting services.

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