All you need to Know About Money View Loans

The requirement for some extra cash or a loan can come in at any time. It could be a medical emergency, a requirement to pay school or college fees, to fund a vacation, or even meet the month-end cash crunch.

Personal loans always come in handy in such situations, as they are easy to avail and are lower on documentation needs. When in emergency situations, time is of great importance. Hence, a loan should be made available, when it is needed the most.

Money View is a new age fintech lender who believes in enabling easy and convenient credit to everyone. With its totally digital experience, paperless process, and faster approval and equally fast disbursal, availing of a personal loan from Money View is a delightful and effortless process.

Read on to know all that you need to know about Money View Instant Personal Loans.

Features and Benefits of Money View Instant Loans:

  • Eligibility check for a Money View personal loan just takes 2 mins
  • Borrow any amount starting from Rs. 10,000 and going up to Rs. 5,00,000
  • Enjoy relaxed repayment terms of up to 5 years
  • Fast disbursal of your loan amount in just 2 HOURS of approval
  • The entirely paperless process ensures lesser effort and hassles
  • Low credit score? You can still get a loan with our alternate credit model
  • Low-interest rates start from 1.33% per month
  • No prepayment penalty if 3 EMIs are paid.

How do You Apply for an Instant Personal Loan from Money View?

It is extremely easy to apply for a Money View personal loan either on the app or on the website. The process is simple and user-friendly and takes just 4 simple steps.

  1. Eligibility Check: 2minutes is all it takes to check your eligibility
  2. Plan Selection: You can choose a loan amount and repayment tenure that suits your financial needs
  3. Upload Documents: Provide your personal details and upload the necessary documents, all on the app or website
  4. Get the Loan Amount: Get the loan amount disbursed to your account in 2 hours of approval.

Interest Rates and other Charges on Money View Paperless Loan

Interest rates and other charges on a Money View loan are extremely pocket-friendly and competitive which doesn’t seem like a burden on your finances.

The schedule of interest rates and other charges on Money View loan are

Fees & ChargesAmount to be Paid
Interest RateFrom 1.33% per month onwards
Loan Processing ChargesBetween 2.5-6% of the approved loan amount
Part/Full Payment of the Loan (Loan Foreclosure)No penalty charged on full pre-closure of the loan after payment of 3 EMIsNo part-prepayment allowed
Interest on Overdue EMIs2% per month on the overdue EMI/Principal loan amount
Cheque BounceRs.500/- every instance of bounce
Loan CancellationNo additional charges are levied.Interest is charged for the period between loan disbursement and loan cancellation.Processing fees are retained.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying to Money View Personal Loans

The eligibility criteria to apply to Money View instant personal loan is transparent and easy to understand. Also, we have open eligibility criteria so that credit is made available to as many individuals as possible.

  • Be salaried or self-employed
  • Have Monthly in-hand income of ₹13,500* or more
  • Income received in a bank
  • Min CIBIL score of 650 or Experian score of 750
  • Should be aged between 21 years and 57 years

Documentation Requirements for Applying for Instant Personal Loan

Personal loans from Money View are very easy to avail, so are the documentation requirements for our loans. The documents required for the loan are

ID ProofAnyone of the following: Voter ID CardAadhaar CardValid Indian PassportPAN CardValid Driver’s License
Address ProofAnyone of the following Ration CardAadhaar CardValid Driver’s LicenseValid Indian PassportVoter ID CardUtility Bill – (Gas Bill/ Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/ Water Bill) or Bank Statement -Generated within the last 60 days  
Income Proof (for self-employed)Last 3 months’ bank statement (in PDF format) or last 2 years’ ITR
Income Proof (for salaried)Last 3 months’ bank statement (in PDF format)  

Top 10 Uses of an Instant Personal Loan

  • To repay other high-interest loans like credit card outstanding, etc.
  • To meet emergency expenses
  • To consolidate other debts
  • For starting a business venture
  • To build your credit history
  • For remodeling your home
  • Fund your travel plans
  • To pay down-payment of big-ticket loans like home loans
  • To buy an expensive electronic or electrical gadget
  • To meet educational expenses

Personal loans are undoubtedly convenient and easy to avail; however, it is important that you avail of a loan that can be repaid easily with your existing income. Equally important is that you repay promptly so that your credit score does not get affected negatively

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Finding the Best Staffing Agencies in Seattle

If you ever realize, more and more companies nowadays are using the help of the staffing agencies to find them the right staff that they need. The main reason is the simplicity. They do not need to do the selections and some other things to find the right staff that they need. That is why nowadays you can easily find a lot of staffing agencies. One of those places where you can find the staffing agencies is Seattle. It is very easy to find one staffing agency Seattle, but to find the best one that you can trust is another thing. If you are thinking about asking for help from one of those staffing agencies in Seattle, you might need to put these things below into your consideration.

Their Experience in This Kind of Field

The first consideration is the experience of the staffing agency in this kind of field. This is the most important part that you need to check if you want to ask for help from one of those staffing agencies that you can find in Seattle. If you just choose one of those staffing agencies, there is no guarantee that you will get the right staff that you need. That is why you need to make sure that you are calling the experienced staffing agency. To find out if they are experienced enough, you can find the establishment time of their staffing agency. If the staffing agency was started less than five years ago, then you can put your doubt on them. However, if the staffing agency has been helping a lot of companies for more than five years, you can say that they are experienced enough.

The Clients That They Handle

The second thing that you might want to put into consideration is their clients or their partners.This is something quite easy to do because you can ask them about this information. If they are professional enough, they will be able to show you some of their clients. Of course, it is not a wise thing to ask about the information of all of their clients. However, showing some names is not a bad thing for a business too. Once you have found out some of the names, you can think if those names are reliable enough or not. If the names are some of the giant companies that you have known, then you will be able to measure the quality of the staffing agency on your own.

The Selection Processes The last thing that you might want to consider is the selection process that the staffing agency does. This is one of the easiest method to find out if they are going to give you the best staff candidates for your company or not. If the selections are quite tight and thorough, you can be sure that they are doing the proper selection so that you do not need to worry about the possible candidates that you will get from them. So, keep this last point in your mind when you are choosing a staffing agency.

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Get Cakes For Various Occasion Through Online Cake Order In Ludhiana

Whenever you think of a celebration or a party, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the cakes and flowers. Parties and celebrations are never complete without their presence. A cake enhances any celebration by ten times and is perfect for all the occasions.

Cakes for Different Occasion and Online Cake Delivery

In case you want more than one occasion to relish this delicious indulgence, here are the occasions that call for online cake order in ludhiana:

  • Birthdays: this one is way too obvious. Is it even a birthday without a cake? Cutting a cake on a birthday is customary. Whether it is your kid’s birthday or the birthday of your loved one, make it special with a delightful cake.
  • Anniversary: when you celebrate a milestone of your togetherness, it has to be with a delicious cake and beautiful flowers.
  • Valentine’s Day: people celebrate love on this day and to complete the celebration on a sweet note, a cake has to be present. And some lovely flowers also add a romantic touch to it.
  • Children’s Day: there isn’t a child that anyone knows who doesn’t love cake. To make your kids happy on this day, bring them a cake with a cute design.
  • Just because: if you feel like having a cake, just have it. You don’t need an occasion to eat cake.

Once you have pictured what cake you want, the next question that arises is: where to buy it. But don’t worry, most bakeries these days have an official website that displays a large number of cakes of different flavors and designs. You can select the one that you find perfect and also request a delivery. Online cake delivery services are getting popular in various cities. In big and busy cities like Chandigarh, people don’t get the time and it gets a little difficult for them to go to a bakery and purchase a cake personally. The services of online cake order in ludhiana provide you the ease of purchasing a cake as well as getting them delivered to the desired location.

Online delivery services have made everyone’s lives easier and more comfortable. Now you can also get cakes and flowers delivered to the desired locations.

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Qualities of A Good Children’s Book Cover Illustration- What Really Matters

Children do not have a long attention span. And that is why they do not like to engage in activities like reading books. But if they are to gain knowledge and learn about things outside of what they already know, they must read books. Now, the question is- how to make kids develop an interest in reading? Well, there are different ways to make this happen, but the importance of a book with an attractive book cover cannot be overemphasized. And it goes without saying that children consider visual appeal extremely important. So, their books need to have attractive book covers with amazing illustrations. Now, let’s discuss some of the most important qualities of illustrations meant for childrens book covers

· If you have ever spent time with kids, then you probably know how amused they get when they see colors. Colors play an extremely important role in a child’s life. Starting from what they wear to what they play with, they like everything they use to be colorful. And that is why it is important that the books you hand them to read have colorful illustrations on their covers.

· Illustrations for children’s book covers should be created, keeping their understanding level in mind. So, the subjects and objects in the illustrations should not imply anything that kids cannot comprehend. In fact, what subjects and objects are chosen should be based on children’s familiarity with them. Complexity is a strict no-no for kids. Also, stay away from abstract elements. Hence, starting from the message that the illustration conveys to the characters and objects used in it, nothing should reflect abstractness.

· Since, we are talking about cover page illustrations, they should portray the theme of the book. And when an illustrator decides to convey this theme through their illustration, they should aim at exactness. Children do not like it when they see something on the book cover, get excited about it and then find a story inside the book that doesn’t quite justify the cover. If you have chosen to make the illustration on the cover page interesting or exciting, make sure the content in the book justifies it. Don’t include anything that is not in the story. You will have to be extremely specific when you handle this aspect. 

For instance, if a mass of cloud in your illustration has a face, then it’s likely that the child who has picked up this book to read will expect the story to have a talking cloud as one of its characters. So, do not mislead the kids through your illustrations. You will have to be extremely careful as whatever the kids are going to see in the cover illustration; they are going to look for it in the story.

By keeping these simple points in mind, you will be able to create the perfect Illustrator for hire for children’s book cover. But then it is always wise to hire an illustration expert for this job, rather than going DIY. After all, they know their trade well and are least likely to make unnecessary mistakes.

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Small Businesses Can Benefits With Winning Instagram Marketing Strategies

business intelligence

When it comes to business marketing, strategies may vary from one business to another. It will also depend on the platform used for marketing as well as the audience that it is meant for. For small businesses, you will need to be more specific so that you can create a winning strategy.

If designed properly, Instagram can be a powerful, affordable and beneficial for small businesses that will help it to grow easily and effectively. It will help the business to:

  • Reach to new customers
  • Increase engagement
  • Stay connected
  • Make sales from the app itself.

All these features make this platform the best one for small businesses to promote their brand and product. It will help them to tap the large Instagram audience of more than a billion if only they follow a strategy that is both tactical and artistic.

The best part of Instagram marketing is that growth is quick both in the number of followers as the users get free Instagram likes more than any other social channels considered as well as in business profit and sales.

Though maintaining a balance between art and strategy is not easy, it can be easy if you know and follow these factors:

  • People buy from companies they like and
  • People like companies they can trust.

You can ensure these both if you build relationship that will raise trust in them. The best way to do that is by creating content that provides value and information to them.

Creating great Instagram posts

When you create Instagram posts the most important thing to ensure is to use top-quality visuals. It is also needed to maintain consistency on this visual social media platform. This will make your posts engaging and successful, making it stand out from others visually.

Instagram marketing does not mean that the products need to be beautiful. It is how you present them to your users. It should not only be appealing but also cohesive so that it is of highest quality possible. There are some fundamental rules to follow to create exceptional Instagram visuals. These are:

  • Choose ‘lighter’ images because these are more successful and receive 24% more likes as compared to ‘darker’ photos
  • Use more background space to make the images less busy and to receive 29% more likes
  • Make sure that only one color or tone dominates the images to get 17% more likes and
  • Use proper editing tools and filters for your images to make them more appealing.

Therefore, make sure that you choose the right color scheme, the theme and feel of your images so that you can create the photos top post on Instagram more cohesively.

Marketing using hashtags

While using Instagram for marketing, you must follow the steps that experts suggest. This will ensure better and faster results.

First, you should use hashtags because these are the most useful element for your posts and are not going anywhere soon. Using hashtags is the best way to promote your posts and product because:

  • It will make your posts more discoverable and
  • It will make the posts easy to share.

However, using any and every hashtag available at random may not produce the desired results. Make sure that the hashtags are:

  • Popular in your niche industry
  • Relevant to your business and product
  • Used wisely and strategically
  • Selected after research and
  • The one that are being used by your competitors.

This will make your hashtags more actionable and it will drive more views and shares. The best part is that hashtags will enable you to promote your posts across different social channels and drive them all to your account and website.

Collaborate with others

You must collaborate with other people such as influencers, users and companies. This is a more feasible approach especially when you have same audience. The people you collaborate with will promote you. there are different ways in which you can collaborate with other people such as:

  • You can partnerwith known influencers
  • You can tag big brands with your posts and
  • You can also publish user-generated content.

Make sure that you mention the people who created the UGCs. Apart from that, you will also gain a large number of followers when you run a contest on Instagram. This will increase your reach and make the users talk about your brand. You will get new followers and customers as well.

Just try to be creative to make the contest valuable to you as well as your followers and offer them a valuable prize. Once again, using branded hashtags will make it easy for your followers to tag their friends.

Posting discounts and making other types of alluring and valuable promotional offers are also useful ways to increase your reach and number of followers. This will drive more sales. Adding promo codes to the posts will also help you to measure the returns from your promotional campaigns.

Add a CTA

Lastly, make sure that you add a call-to-action for the link in your profile bio. This should ideally be the second part of the bio, preferably in the last line since Instagram allows adding only one link to the profile. This CTA will tell the users what is for them on offer when they click on your link.

When it comes to creating your profile, make the best and maximum use of the 150-character limit. Also make sure that you add emojis and personality to your profile to increase your chances to be seen, liked and shared by the users. This will ensure that:

  • The users get what they are looking for
  • You can send them easily to your blog post, product page, or website
  • You do not have to change the link in your bio.

Just make sure that you keep your CTAs simple yet compelling. Two words are more effective to create a CTA. Also make sure that you place the CTA button in a more noticeable space.

All these tried and tested tips will make it easy for small business owners to gain more followers and success using Instagram for their marketing.

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Essential Tips to Choosing TopNotch Audio-Visual Company

Whether you are an event manager or you are just hosting a private event you should know that the success of the event depends on your audiovisual equipment among other factors. Many audiovisual companies in Dubai offer the best services and narrowing it down can be difficult. Furthermore, quality audiovisual technology can be the one thing that makes your event memorable. If you are having a hard time selecting an audiovisual company for your event, here are some simple tools that you can rely on. 

High-Quality Equipment

In this business, a company is as good as the quality of its equipment. Audiovisual companies in Dubai use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that your event is memorable for a long time. Before you settle down on one company inspect their equipment to ensure quality is not compromised. Also, ensure that they are not booked by other clients on the day of your event. If they are let them assure you of the equipment that will be brought to your event. Many companies in this industry have more than one client.

Other events may clash with your event forcing them to distribute the equipment to different locations. Due to this logistic challenge, your event may end up with poor-quality audio-visual equipment. Furthermore, make sure that they have different options in case the one they bring fails to work in the middle of your event. Lastly, ensure that their equipment is also suitable for your event. This is because different types of equipment can be used to serve different purposes. Furthermore, you not only want quality equipment but also a variety of equipment that are specifically designed for events like yours.

Ensure they offer a wide range of equipment like big projection systems, conference systems, widescreen systems, audio reinforce equipment among others under one roof.

Pricing Model

If you have to get what you pay for, then at least ensure that you go for the best services. In such much as quality is expensive, paying top dollar should not be your only option. Your company of choice should be able to provide the best services within your specified budget. Most rental companiesoffer affordable packages and price is an essential factor in deciding who to work with. They are indeed ready to listen to you and come up with an agreement. During your analysis of these companies, you can also average their price to get a clear estimate of how much you need to budget for their services. You can also take advantage of the competitive pricing model to negotiate for the best prices.

Overall Service Delivery

The best audio-visual company provides more than just the rental of their equipment. A good company knows that set-up and takedown can be quite inconveniencing for you and so many usually offer these kinds of services for free. You can relax and have peace of mind because you are not worried about setting up the audio equipment or deal with the video equipment that is not working properly or those that are not working at all. However, in case you are prepared and knowledgeable enough to do the set-up and the take-down aspects then a representative from the company should be available during the event to answer any queries that you might have.

A company that offers complementary services when you rent their equipment is also ideal because some of the services provided may be essential and costly in the long run. Therefore, ensure that you select a company with a favorable package that includes more than just the basics. If you choose the best company then their staff will go out of their way to ensure that your event is successful as you imagined it to be.

Level of Experience

One of the best things you can do to ensure that your event is not only memorable but unique is going for a service provider with extensive experience. If the company is new then the person handling the equipment should have enough experience. You don’t want to waste your money on a company who doesn’t even know the basics of operating audiovisual equipment. You don’t want to find yourself in an awkward position by cutting corners and end up with a failed equipment at the most crucial time.

Experienced companies are committed to the success of your event because they know if your event turns out to be mediocre, it will hurt their brand. Moreover, if your event succeeds, they can get numerous referrals which translates to more business and fame. When looking for experience also ensure that the company you are looking for has handleda similar event like yours. For instance, a company may have enough experience dealing with events such as private parties or weddings but they have zero experience in dealing with fundraising or corporate events.

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How to Read Newspaper for Competitive Exams

If you are preparing for competitive exams, you need not take chances with what you read. Nothing embarrasses like tailing in tests. It does not only lower your esteem, but it will also cost you promotions and opportunities for climbing up the ladder. Your fellow competitors may even look down on you. Many resources can give you the best information that you need, such as journals and newspapers.

A newspaper is a periodical publication that gives a broad scope of data ranging from local, national, international, business, sport news, among others. Apart from keeping you updated with the happenings all over the world, this document can also be a source of exam materials.

Tips on Reading the Publication for Exams

It is essential to note that most, if not all, exams whether written or oral, revolve around the current affairs. It is advisable, therefore, to always be informed with present events, be it local, national, or international. When reading the Newspaper:

  1. Have a pen and a notebook

Look for the sections that give you the necessary facts, figures, and information that you can use to argue your case in an exam. You should then read these sections extensively and jot down the necessary points. Look for data on other pages.

  • Form Questions and Look for Answers

Depending on the tests you are sitting for, try to form as many questions as possible. Peruse through the newspaper pages and get as much information as possible. Compile the data and try as much as possible to give comprehensive answers. If you love reading sports magazines; then do follow the same formula of reading.

  • Read different publications

Relying on one edition of the papers may not give you all the information you need. It is, therefore, vital that you have various articles and gather as much data from each as possible. Read each paper at a time, highlighting the sections that you feel have the information you read. Note down also the vocabulary and grammar used to improve your language.

  • Read Daily publications

Make it a habit of reading the publications every day to get as much information as possible. Reading daily will also keep you informed about the emerging issues which will help you build your database.

The Vital Sections to Read

Not all pages in the Newspaper may be resourceful for competitive tests. It is necessary to know the sections to be devoted to not to waste time reading unnecessary staff.

  1. The front page

This page typically highlights the most important news, and it is advisable to look carefully and filter out what is helpful for you.

  • Editorial

This page combines opinion as well as the editor’s noted. It is a highly resourceful page, and you can gather a lot of data necessary for answering exams. It can help you improve your language skills, widen your knowledge, understand critical issues.

  • National and international news

Look for as much information from this section as possible and make notes

  • Business news

You can also get valuable information from this section. Take your time to read the article as it also deals with the economy, which may feature in exams, especially for MBA exams.

Conclusion The Newspaper is a vital resource for examination materials. You should, therefore, devote some time daily to go through different publications and note down the necessary points. Know what to read and what to leave out as this will make you well prepared.

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5 Reasons Why Successful Businesses Hire USA Tax Accountant in Singapore

Every responsible business owner knows that accounting is the life blood of every growing business- even for small businesses where cash holds the crucial importance. Unfortunately, monitoring the income and expense of business is something that is often overlooked when business owners get involved into conducting daily operations of their business. This is the point of time which realize the importance of hiring an experienced USA tax accountant in Singapore who can do more than just your taxes and bookkeeping.

Wondering how a tax accountant can reduce your work stress and help in business daily operations? Here are five benefits an experienced accountant can bring to your business.

Guide you in the loan process

A start-up business often regulates with a loan and it is common, most of the business owners start their venture with the loan amount. Having an accountant dedicated to your business will understand the financial position of your business can help you present the purpose of the loan successfully and consider options for financing.

Practise accounting in accordance to Singapore Accounting Standards (SAS)

Accounting is more than just knowing your business ins and outs and accounting software merely helps in eliminating the debits and credits- but you still need to meet the accounting work according to SAS. This is where the expertise of US tax accountant in Singaporecomes in a great help. They are aware of Singapore Accounting Standards and perform accounting of business accounting to the regulations.

Enjoy the accounting and taxation skills of an entire team

Having a full-time professional accountant and tax expert is a great asset to the business. However, having a team of expert accountant and tax specialists working on your books as well as tax affairs is better than having an in-house employee keeping them.

Let’s accept it, there are plenty of loopholes found in accounting and one accounting specialist is sometime not just enough to figure them out. Outsourcing your accounting operations require a team of account and tax professionals.

Professionally deal with tax matters

No business owner can do the multi-tasking even if he has the expertise in every field from marketing, resolving client queries, accounting and US tax in Singapore affairs. Hiring a professional will reduce a lot of burden and help you focus on achieving the business goals. Hiring a tax accountant in Singapore keep up with the legislative changes and help the business to remain in compliance.

Professional Business Advisory

Experienced accountants do more than tax filing and bookkeeping. Accounting experts take a comprehensive approach of your finances and keep your business at a prosperous state. Having years of experience across the various industry verticals, accounting professionals can help you in accessing the various pitfalls and advise you to make strategic decisions.

As a dedicated business owner, your first priority should be on running your business and achieving the targets. Hiring a professional accountant proves a great investment as the professional will assist you in maintaining your focus and keep you the track toward your business goals.

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7 Smart Rental Business Ideas For You

Business realm is ever-evolving; you need to find a promising business model that can provide you with the best benefits in the market. It has become more than essential to create a significant identity in the market and emerge as a big player in the industry. There are plenty of businesses that you can probably search and select to start generating revenue. Over the years, leasing and renting business have become a popular choice due to their ease of setup and management. Starting leasing and renting business is undoubtedly a smart way to earn big profit with minimum investment. Renting business is an old part of the moneymaking industry because a growing number of people are looking for affordable and convenient business set up that they can pay rent for. 

The benefits of rental business and many, which make them a popular choice of business. Take a look at some obvious reasons why rental businesses are popular in the market-:

  • A good income source: When you start a rental business, all you need to worry about is the initial investment and setup of the company. Later, you can enjoy the rental income by putting the business on rent. It is one of the biggest advantages of a rental business that you can expect a steady source of income. 
  • Income from property value: When you purchase a property for the rental business, you will also get the benefit of the property value. You can wait for til the property reaches it’s optimal, and you can enjoy the income from selling the property. 
  • Sweat Equity: The other benefit of rental business that you can take into consideration is the sweat equity that will add additional value to your property. It is vital to maintain your property by repairing, painting, re-furnishing it that will eventually add more value. 
  • Mortgage Reduction: This is one of the underrated benefits of owning a rental business. When you start a rental business, you can get a reduction in your mortgage as well. 

Smart Rental Business Ideas

If you are planning to start a rental business soon, here are a few ideas that you can think about-:

Photocopier Rental Business

Whether it is for legal or academic purpose, people need to photocopy their stuff for plenty of reasons. There are certainly a lot of people who are looking for a photocopier rental that they can start with. All you need is a small kiosk with a quality photocopy machine to start photocopier rental in Mississauga

Air Conditioning Rental Business

It is the rental business to provide the clients with air-conditioning, along with all the additional services of installation and maintenance. There are many start-up offices, travelling businessmen, temporary settlers, etc. who might be looking for the rental service. 

Arcade Game Rental Business

Gaming arcade is in trend, and people are investing in arcade game rental. It is the best way to tap into the demand. People are hiring arcade machines and equipment for carnivals, parties, festivals, etc. 

Apartment Rental Agency

It is one of the ideal rental business ideas that don’t need much investment. All you need to do is partner with the apartment and learn about the terms and conditions. A majority of people are searching for real estate agents who can provide them with the clients.

Audio Equipment Renting

Whether it is for a wedding or a birthday party, people hire audio equipment for many reasons. You can think of starting audio equipment business in order to start earning the profit. It is considered one of the profitable renting business. 

Furniture Renting Business

Furniture renting business is also a great idea to make amazing profits. There are plenty of businessmen who are looking for the ideal furniture business which they can rent. You can make a big profit from the furniture rental business. 

Car Rental Business

Yet another fantastic rental business that is high in demand is car rental business. People want to hire cars as they are affordable and more convenient than buying a new car. You can always think about starting a car rental business as it has a great scope in growing in the industry. 

Book Rental Business

People are more interested in reading books on rent rather than buying them and piling them in their homes. You can think about starting a book rental business that doesn’t even require much investment.

The Bottom Line

The rental business has plenty of benefits than you can think about. Starting a rental business is one of the smartest decisions you can make to start earning more profit with less investment. There are plenty of rental business ideas that you can think about. 

The above mentioned were some of the popular rental business options that are popular. You can consider these ideas when starting a rental business. 

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Details on the EPF Registration Process – Every employee’s necessity

In this modern era, every global citizen is a part of a strenuous rat race taking place in our daily life, the race for our existence – the race for the minimal needs of survival. Every employee in our country is toiling hard to earn a good amount for their living. Hence, to fabricate their effort and make a kind of security money for their future, there is a government organization, organizing an employee’s provident fund – The employee’s provident fund organization. The employee’s provident fund organization is set up for the beneficiary for both the firm as well as the employee’s working in it. Thus, let us take a short glance at the EPF registration process, especially at the conditions and procedures involved.

EPF registration process

The EPF registration process is done separately for both, that is a separate procedure for the firm and another separate procedure for the employers. The firm which has 20 members or more can be considered for applying for the registration process in EPFO. Hence, let us take a look at the processes involved:

  1. The process of registration – The process of registration involves the following steps: –
  2. Visiting the required portal – The employer must visit the portal for registration in the Employee’s Provident Fund organization’s official website – On this website, one must click on the ‘establishment registration’ option to proceed in the process of registration.
  3.  Signing up – One must sign up first. The procedure would require providing the employer’s name, email address, mobile number or valid contact number, verification code, etc, after which the employer can finally sign up and move forward with other errands involved in the registration process.
  4. Registration for EPFO – ESIC and entering of the required establishments’ details – After following the previous instructions click on the option mentioned as ‘Registration for EPFO – ESIC’. Then click on the option ‘ Apply for new registration’. After then you have to input all the required establishment details, employment details, branch details, workers at the establishment branch, etc. Ensure to take enough time during filling up this section because any mistake during filling up this section can lead to cancellation for the application.
  5. Digital signature certificate – For a new applicant, the submission of a digital signature certificate is mandatory for registering in the Employee’s provident fund organization.
  6. The confirmatory email – For all these processes the employer must check the received confirmatory email from the Shram Suvidha. If one has not received this mail then he or she can contact the EPFO for further inquiry. 
  7. Documents required for registration at the EPFO – There is a list of documents that are required during the filling up of the employee’s provident fund application form by the employer. The list includes several documents like a copy of partnership deed, income tax documents, etc. One can check the list online on the official site of EPFO.
  8. Download EPF passbook – The employer should download the EPF passbook for having further transactions and tracking and documenting the deposits in the provident fund.

Therefore, the above-mentioned errands are necessary for registering in the EPFO to open a provident fund.       

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