How Government  Jobs is Important in India

Today’s generation we have seen that many of the people are doing schooling and as well as higher education. In the Olden days only men were sent to the schools  but now- a -days both men & women are going to the schools.

Why we need Government Job ?

So yearly number of educates will come out of the well recognized colleges. In this fast generation, many corporate companies have established for all the individuals who are facing the jobless situations, there are many sites which provides the information of Latest Government jobs in India and it is use full for all the aspirants. But in this competitive generation, most of the graduates wants to settle in the public sectors only. 

Why because everyone feels that government job is a secured job whether it maybe big or small.

Role of Government Job in India

In the public sectors, employees will get various benefits such as 

job security, 

expensive salary, 

medical benefits, 

fixed and less working hours, 

work-life balance, 



Because of the government jobs women can easily balance the jobs & as well as their familes also. We can surely say that government job is a safety job for both men & women. 

Due to this benefits, many of the educates have high expectations on public sector jobs only. 

Some of the candidates being remaining as unemployees also. 

Easy Way to Get Government Jobs 

In this competitive generation, we can say that there is high competition for the public sector jobs. 

Many of the individuals remain as unemployees due to less public sector organizations and competition between both men & women.

 So to eradicate the problem of unemployment we should establish number of private and public organizations. 

Many employment  programs will be implemented for all the graduates. And also educate the people regarding the problems of the unemployment & how they have to face in the future.  

We are here to convey the message to all the high schooling educates, “Work is a worship whether it may be private or public sector job”.

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How To Download the IIT JEE Main Answer Key?

The Indian Institutes of Technology – Joint Entrance Examination (IIT JEE) is a competitive annual examination held in India every year. National Testing Agency (NTA) is the conducting body of JEE Main exam and it publishes the JEE Main Answer Key after each exam.

On 3rd September 2019, NTA released the JEE Main 2020 application form for candidates who want to appear the IIT JEE 2020 exam. The application form of JEE Main (January) was available until 10th October 2019. The exam will be conducted in two different sessions – January 6th -11th and April 3rd – 9th. There would be 3 papers of the JEE Main entrance exam:

  • Paper 1 is for B.Tech aspirants
  • Paper 2 is for B.Architecture aspirants
  • Paper 3 is for  B.Planning aspirants

The JEE Main 2020 exam will be conducted for admissions to various IITs, NITs and GFTIs spread across India. Apart from these institutes, the IIT JEE Main scores are also widely accepted across various state institutes, private universities and engineering colleges in many states of the country. Specifically, candidates who qualify the JEE Main exam cutoff are eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced exam.

NTA usually releases the JEE Main Answer Key only after conducting the exam. It is available within a few days from the exam, just before the JEE Main exam results are declared.

Candidates should keep a close check on the official website of NTA to download the JEE Main Answer Key of the exam. Here we bring you a few steps that you need to follow in order to view and download the JEE Main Answer Key for your reference:

  • At first, you need to visit the official website of NTA.
  • Keep your enrolment number, password and security pin ready while logging into the website.
  • Once you’ve entered the website, you need to click on JEE Main Answer Key and either select the code if the option is available or click on the given link.
  • Thereafter, you can download the NTA JEE Main Answer Key and calculate your tentative score as per the questions that you’ve attempted in the exam.

To know more about the IIT JEE Main question paper analysis and preparation, you can check the Youtube link given below:
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Ace All Your Assignments With Ease

A well-written college assignment helps you score better overall, but not everybody can churn multiple A-grade assignments in a matter of days. Most of us are familiar with the feeling of overwhelming pressure and panic when it comes to homework and deadlines. But it only takes a little effort and some discipline to ensure that you successfully turn in all your assignments on time. You can obviously seek out college essay writing services, but here are a few tips you should try out before you throw your hands up in surrender.

Take Notes In Class

You may not like it very much, but taking notes in class actually helps you in more ways than one. Not only does the activity demand your full concentration, it also ensures that you don’t miss out on important points. These notes aid your understanding of concepts better, making writing assignments a whole lot easier. You also gain a better sense of direction for your paper, reducing the time taken during the planning stage.

Stick To A Schedule

The oldest rule in the book still holds true for a reason. Having a schedule helps you optimize your time, which allows you to tackle and finish your tasks efficiently. This is important because college students always juggle between several assignments, especially during the finals. A schedule is especially useful when you have multiple tasks to complete in a certain amount of time.

Have A Designated Spot

Having a dedicated spot where you do all your work is equally important. Set up a corner in your room to use only for your schoolwork and keep all your study material and stationery. It should be a place with the least distraction so you can focus on your assignments. Retiring to this corner to do your assignments will boost your concentration and productivity.

Create A Checklist

The satisfaction and sense of achievement you feel when you tick something off a list motivates you to keep going. So, before you start on your assignments, always make a checklist. You can organize this checklist in several ways, depending on urgency, difficulty level, subjects, and more. Once you’re done making a list, you only need to get started and keep striking things off as you get done.

Start With The Toughest

Assignments take a lot of effort and energy, which drains you both mentally and physically. So, it’s always better to tackle the hardest ones in the beginning. Doing so ensures that you’re left with the easier assignments at the end and won’t have to struggle to complete them.

College assignments help you understand a subject and its concepts better as they ask you to explore certain ideas beyond what was taught in class. However, if you still find it tough to pull off the juggling act successfully, there’s no harm in taking help from college essay writing services as the practice is reliable and legal.

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Mintbook Review, First digital library in India for Students

Among so many digital learning tools available today Mintbook is gathering very good feedback from its users. I have recently used its latest offering ODLS (Online digital library subscription).

 It has e-books from more than 100 publishers in 10 different languages.

It also contains Videos and quiz related content which is gaining popularity among educators as well. Videos are very interactive and on par with the needs of students.

 They have also introduced a product called M BOX (Mint Box). M box is a   micro server that works without the internet. It is an ideal and safe device for home schooling needs as well.  With changing times as parents are opting for home schooling their children, such products will find a lot of relevance. Some of the content is available in downloadable format.

They have options in which multiple users can connect to the same M BOX device within a specific distance. Considering the need of parents especially for traveling with children this comes very handily like an educational toy. It can keep children occupied for long hours.

Also, the online digital library subscription (ODLS) serves as a good source of knowledge for educators and learners. ODLS is a very useful product from Mintbook. It contains solved competitive exam papers, interactive videos, etc. This Exam paper includes IIT JEE, NTSE and many more.

How Mintbook is different from others

The entire content is divided class-wise to address the need for children from a specific age group. It is available from class 1st to class 12th in various languages.

The content is curated under the experienced faculty to address to current needs of children.

It serves as a means of easily and rapidly accessing books from more than 100+ publishers.

Traditional libraries are limited by storage space, digital libraries have the potential to store much more information. In Mintbook this information is curated in the most simplified way so that students should not face any difficulty in researching any topic for any given class.

It requires very little physical space. ODLS can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Whereas MBOX is very portable easy to carry box which is very simple to use as well.

The low cost of maintenance makes it popular among users.

 It is much easy to download as a book. It can be used as a reference for future use.

Features of Mintbook

As the digital medium of learning is gaining popularity Mintbook have come up with a very useful range of digital learning tools both online and offline.

Mintbook have developed content both online and offline. Their online content is called ODLS (Online digital library subscription).

And their offline content is called M Box, mint box, which can be used without internet

They have a class-wise content division which makes their product useful for children of all the age group from class 1st   to class 12th.

Their academic contents are mapped to the Board curriculum. So students and educators will find it as an attractive option to supplement their classroom learning.

There is a range of resources for students available to learn beyond syllabus coverage. This can help them to have a deep understanding of subjects. The content is very engaging for learners to try, learn and understand various concepts. The videos are very helpful to watch.

 EBooks and free textbooks are a valuable addition. Digital books covering curriculum and also providing learning material beyond syllabus coverage.

Teachers can use it as reference material for assessment creation, project implementation, or Virtual Labs. Out of these virtual labs or simulations are very helpful in showing the experiments conducted in labs on a digital platform.  This can be discussed in detail below.

   For   Competitive Exam Preparation, good material is provided in terms of the latest test papers, solutions and a lot more.

The range of resources is made available to prepare for various competitive exams like Olympiad, NEET, and IIT-JEE, etc.

Simulation Lab

  They are a great source of instant understanding of lab experiments prescribed in the syllabus. It helps engage learners to try, learn and understand various concepts through experiments.

Tech Camps

They can serve as a great advantage for students and provide a deep understanding of concepts in a fun way. They provide the learner with the latest knowledge relevant to the competitive world.

  Quiz questions are a great way to engage children and entertain them simultaneously. The quiz helps to practice and cement the learning.

Concept videos help to drive clarity to the learner for better assimilation and retention.

Advantages and Disadvantages of mintbook:

It provides better assimilation and retention of content as it is very interactive with the user.  Also, it is user-friendly and can be understood by any age group user. The content is available both online and offline which makes it more useful for learners living in various geographies where internet connectivity is weak.

 The content engages learners to try, learn and understand various concepts. They have options for taking notes and bookmark the pages while reading as in any physical book.

It is curated by professional experts exclusively for customer’s needs. The content curation has made Mintbook online digital library stand out from any other product in the market. It addresses the individual’s specific needs. The simulations can be used by students in various science projects expo and exhibitions.

The deep and wide range of topics covered opens up the world of knowledge at fingertips.

Some suggestions

The catalogue can be made more user-friendly. Also, the contents which are currently segregated as per the class can be divided as per age.  The addition of more storytelling books for all age groups can be a good offering. It can come very handy for users like senior citizens.

The addition of more interactive videos will be an added advantage.

Future of Mintbook

Looking at the increased number of online users, it becomes imperative that we should have a product like an online digital library.

The future looks promising. We recommend this product for all the school-goers teachers and management.

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List of Best Engineering Colleges in Accepting JEE Main 2020 Score

From the 3rd of September, 2019, the JEE Main 2020 form has become available for admission into the most prestigious engineering colleges in Chennai. The applicants might or might not have figured out which colleges suit their skill set and training capabilities the most.Therefore, we have listed below the top engineering colleges in Chennai that will accept the JEE Main 2020 score for the convenience of the applicants –

  1. Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute

The Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute in Chennai is a deemed to be university with a re-accreditation of ‘A’ grade given by the NAAC. The college offers these courses to the students who successfully pass the JEE Main exam

  • B. Tech full-time courses in –
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Information Security Digital Forensics
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Bio-Medical Instrumentation
  • Bio-Technology
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Civil
  • B. Tech part-time and lateral (directly 2nd year) courses in –
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology

The BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology is ranked 35th in the list of top engineering colleges in India in 2019 by the NIRF. It also holds the 131st rank in the list of top engineering colleges in India. The institute offers these courses to the students who successfully pass the JEE Main 2020 examinations –

  • B. Tech full-time courses in –
  • Aeronautical Engineering                            
  • Automobile Engineering                              
  • Civil Engineering                                              
  • Mechanical Engineering                               
  • Polymer Engineering                                     
  • Information Technology                              
  • Architecture                                                      
  • Biotechnology                                                  
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering                     
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering                       
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering                     
  • Computer Science and Engineering                                        
  • Computer Science & Engineering (Specialization in Big Data Analytics in association with IBM)                                                                                                     
  • Computer Science & Engineering (Specialization in Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things in association with IBM)                                    
  • Computer Science & Engineering (Specialization in Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in association with IBM) 
  • B. Tech part-time courses in –
  • Mechanical Engineering                                                               
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering     
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Kanchee puram

The IIITDM in Kancheepuram, Chennai is one of the Institutes of National Importance in India and was established in 2007. It has been ranked 197 by the NIRF in 2019 and is one of the top engineering colleges in Chennai that accepts JEE Main scores for admission.  

The institute offers these courses to the students who successfully pass the JEE Main 2020 examinations –

  • B. Tech full-time courses in –
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronic and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Design and Manufacturing
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

The Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R& D Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai has been ranked 86th in the list of top engineering colleges in India in 2019 by the NIRF. It is a deemed to be university with a re-accreditation of ‘A’ grade given by the NAAC. The high quality of the institution can be ascertained from the list of eminent personalities that have shared their knowledge and wisdom on campus –

  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Known as the ‘rocket man’ of India, former President of India)
  • Prof. Takaaki Kajita (The Physics Nobel Prize winner in 2015)
  • Dr. V.S. Chauhan (Former Chairman of the University Grants Commission)
  • Mr. N.R. Narayan Murthy (Former Chairman of Infosys)

The institute offers these courses to the students who successfully pass the JEE Main examinations –

  • B. Tech full-time courses in –
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering

Chennai has been a centre for higher learning in the engineering field for many years. Many students from all over the country opt to go to Chennai for their engineering course. These engineering colleges are the best in Chennai because of the experienced faculty and the quality of amenities they provide.

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Centrality of eLearning Involving Animation Effect in eLearning Development

Become increasingly familiar with the best tips that will help eLearning organization to all eLearning tries of the business and see how one ought to use movement in eLearning.

This article is intended to uncover how movements can be enough utilized in eLearning via 2d animation companies.

Why Use Animations in eLearning Process

Exactly when action is to improve the idea of eLearning, various specialists dismiss the idea seeing that it reduces the estimation of the adjusting course and thusly its trustworthiness. It can’t be progressively far off from the real world, fundamentally if the substance is made with conviction and center enthusiasm of the activity advancement organization.

How about we see the use of movement in e Learning software applications around other individuals;

  • It brings a part of satisfaction and entertainment factor to the eLearning foundation
  • Animations can drive conducing eLearning conditions
  • Carefully arranged developments make the strategy of eLearning attracting and natural.
  • It can extend the impetus because of its eat assessed eLearning openings
  • It offers the candidate the capacity to pick their learning time.
  • With the help of vivacity, complex issues and thoughts can be convincingly explained

The above-given factors will convince improvement organization, why energy must be used in eLearning.

Use Animations In eLearning: Tricks and Tips

Activity, if sufficiently utilized, it can modify and shape the possible destiny of eLearning.

It ought to light the possibility of the subjects being discussed, would it have the option to show the understudies the gravity of the condition?

It is basic to focus on one subject or character without a moment’s delay

  • Make developments that engage the understudies to speak with the movement.

It is a significant issue that can be tended to by making the exuberance natural and liberal for the understudies by means of including unbelievable contribution. It gives the understudies a great deal of decisions to be dynamic and related with the path toward grabbing improving the sufficiency of the learning methodology.

  • It is basic to join visuals with sound.

Notwithstanding whether your eLearning energy has the best and most significant visuals, poor cool headed choices can quickly draw down the estimation of the equivalent.Further, an incredible and fitting establishment sound can make the best and clear feel for the understudies improving the idea of by and impressive learning information.

  • Use eLearning liveliness to address complex issues

A champion among the most huge and basic points of interest of development in eLearning is that it can help explain complex thoughts and theories in important and productive ways. Whatever may be the subject in the discussion, the flexibility of development can be used effectively to characterize the equal in major ways that can be understood and comprehended by the understudies.

  • It gives understudies the force of choice

With respect to eLearning, the understudy has full control over how the eLearning course propels. It makes it basic for some specialists who access your class when they get extra time to improve their fitness quality. Empower revive the learning content with all its exceptional quality and energy.

With development, the path toward learning transforms into to some degree all the more captivating and practical meanwhile. Energy establishes the pace. The tone of the developments used in learning will similarly set the sound of the understudies and how they should approach the learning technique.

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The ways in which studying in IIT builds your future


The Joint Entrance Examination of casually known as the JEE is certainly a very tough nut to crack in this world of engineering. But every person who gets through this tough phase of cracking the IIT Main or Advanced do not have their goals settled and what they actually want to do in the future. Many people go to IIT JEE coaching classes in Chandigarh to get through this phase. The will to make it through the toughest exam of the country, JEE serves as an important driving force behind this. We cannot rule out the lure of a dream IIT university that a student wants to get admitted at. There is a question that remains how and why are you spending your days preparing for it? How will going to IIT shape your future? Unless you are totally sure about that answer to this question, you might not enjoy the journey as a whole. It is understandable why so many people go to IIT JEE coaching classes in Chandigarh but you need to check the best reasons for doing this and if it is truly your true dream. Just because engineering is considered such a good and reputed degree, it is still not worth crushing your dreams.

Importance of IIT JEE

To be honest there are many IITians that have gone and reached great places from their IIT campus and you can be one of them if you try just hard enough. These famous IIT students have really made a name for this country and have brought great glory to the country as well. Whether it is being a CEO of Google or Cabinet Ministry, they have seen it all.

An IIT will change your life in ways that you cannot even imagine. Do not we all want to be a more amazing and better version of ourselves? The IIT experience develops various qualities which will give you a great edge over the others. There are many ways in which an IIT will bring out the best in you. They will also make you a team player. You will learn how to do teamwork and that is an incredibly important quality in the modern world. Every company works with teamwork. There are some things that are very special about these colleges.

If you get in an IIT you have a very high chance of landing a job in a very good company very easily. Though you have to work hard to turn your dreams into reality in your college years. IIT teaches the students valuable skills that are definitely required for managing events and boost their confidence to face the challenges that come in front of them when they live through their life.


Getting into IIT is a dream come true for many students. And if you are one of them, you should first learn about the importance of IIT and how it can help you escalate your career. For getting into IIT, you have to appear and gain success in JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination which ensures your entry in the Top engineering colleges. If you are aiming for a good college, you should try and get into good IIT JEE coaching classes in Chandigarh. The access to extra-curricular activities and projects that are carried out by the students at IITs makes sure that they learn about the all-round development of the student. To conclude, cracking the difficult exam and getting into IIT is tough but it comes with its added advantages.

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How A Law Degree From Recognized LLB Institute Ghaziabad Change Your Career?

With a degree of law, you can get the respect of the whole world! More than a piece of paper that certifying your qualification, it is a gateway to a carrier as a solicitor or barrister which can turn the goal of your life for a good reason. Whether you’re looking to make an informed decision before seeking admission into LLB institute Ghaziabad or you’re fresh out of law school and wondering what’s next? It is useful to know how a law degree turned the vision of your life?

If you have ever found yourself saying, “I am having a degree of law, but don’t want to bind my career with a lawyer profession, you’ll be surprised to know that a degree of law is not a full-stop but a comma of many demanding career opportunities. The skills you’ll develop during LLB regular course Ghaziabad and the experience you will enrich are relevant in many alternative careers.

Career Options with a Law Degree

•    Qualify as a company secretary

The job of company secretaries and lawyers somewhere relate to each other. Both professionals have to comply with the ‘law’. Like for company secretary, it is about monitoring that the organization must comply with company rules and regulations including Article of Association and Memorandum. To get the prestigious job of a company secretary, a law degree is a plus.

•    Choose the banking, finance and accountancy careers

Many banking, finance and accountant firms look up for a professional having sound knowledge of legal matters. The job requires a grasp of legal concepts which no one can perform better than the one who holds the specialization in law. The job also boasts some of the best-paid careers in the world.

•    Work as a tax consultant

The syllabus of LLB regular course Ghaziabad comprises all the tax modules which enable the learner to have sound knowledge of tax filings and exemptions besides law. This is why you are perfect for the job of a tax advisor.

•    Barrister

Of course, this is the genre of a law degree. As a barrister, you’ll plead the case on behalf of your client and this is what you have practiced regularly in law classes. You know how to deal with the situation and turn the judgment in your client’s favor because you have been taught to face all the legal circumstances practically as well theoretically.

•    Compliance officer

After holding a degree of law, you’ll be proficient in all legal matters so you are the best man to work as a company’s compliance officer. It is compliance officers who take care of the company’s financial conduct while ensuring it complies with regulations. You’re a perfect candidate for any job which asks for knowledge of the law. If you’re having a law degree in hand, show it with proud because now you’re a multi-performer and is open to making a selection of careers out of many choices. Options for a career with a law degree are plentiful, so whatever is your decision, choose the one relies on your area of interest.

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Best VLSI training and design course in Bangalore

VLSI training


QSoCS provides with the best VLSI training in Bangalore. VLSI is abbreviated as “Very Large Scale Integration” which determines integration levels. Equipment of junction transistor was the driving issue of growth of the VLSI Technology. VLSI may be a Technology by that 10000-1 Million Transistors may be assembled on one chip.

The VLSI design course in Bangalore takes you through the processes of implementing a semiconductor device from the physical definitions through to the look and simulation of the chip’s functions. Stress is targeted on building an understanding of computer circuit (IC) style from very cheap up and includes vital topics like the characteristics of CMOS transistors, the CMOS process technology, the IC style methodologies, the physical implementation of combination and sequent logic network, and also the physical routing and placement problems, that are essential to the follow of VLSI style as a system style discipline. Computer assisted style and simulation packages will be introduced to you within the areas of digital and analogue signal style and simulation. These tools are wont to layout the circuit styles, to predict the circuit performance and to verify the correctness of the circuits and logic.

VLSI has several advantages

1. Curtail the dimensions of Circuits.

2. Curtail the economic value of the devices.

3. Step-up the operational breeze of circuits.

4. Crave less power than a distinct issue.

5. Larger reliability.

VLSI may be a terribly immense domain and consists of many sub-domains. Keeping this issue in mind, QSoCS solely provides VLSI training in Bangalore, however conjointly many different educational programs that are a part of VLSI. It is the simplest VLSI coaching in urban centre Bangalore. It includes-

  • VHDL coaching
  • Verilog HDL coaching
  • System Verilog HVL coaching
  • UVM coaching
  • Perl scripting coaching

Joining VLSI design course in Bangalore is a tempting and fruitful from the trade purpose of facet. So as to induce an honest look of the technology one ought to begin learning necessities.

In VLSI field, there are 5 sorts of techniques are required:

1.    Conception building and basic data building

2.    Short term courses/certification throughout or once the engineering degree

3.    Master degree from alleged faculty /universities

4.    Spot and project coaching


The course content is totally revised with the newest upgraded enhancements so students could lead the race.

  • The course is structured into modules.
  • Trainers are extremely committed to remodeling students into true professionals.
  • The labs are well-developed with the newest instrumentation.
  • Online live categories for NRI students and students inquisitive about online learning.
  • Students get an honest learning setting, as students from eminent engineering schools register for an educational program.
  • The Logos VLSI Digital style necessities course is optimized for serving to the new-entrants gain confidence and jump-start their career minimizing the ramp-up necessities upon getting into these job classes.
  • The students will use the expertise and ideas gained from the course not just for performing arts with higher confidence in job interviews, however additionally in obtaining another competitive edge towards changing into a high-performing VLSI skilled.

So, get enrolled now!

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Average Placement Salary of Top Engineering Colleges in Delhi

Delhi is home for some of the best engineering colleges in India. Students aspiring to pursue engineering often have this one question in mind as to which engineering college to choose?

Most of the top engineering colleges in Delhi are ranked according to their infrastructural facilities, faculty members, and campus placements.

Here is a list of some of the best engineering colleges in Delhi and their average placement salary.

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD)

IITD, one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi was established in 1961. The university conducts various graduate and postgraduate programs and has been elected No. 1 in ranking for 3 consecutive years by ‘Outlook’, one of the most prestigious magazines in India.

For the 2018-19 batch, this year has been favorable. There have been 35 several international offers from recruiters of International companies mainly from Japan, Republic of China, and Singapore.

Placement Review:

  • On an average, around 80% of the students get recruited every year.
  • Reputed companies like Apple, Microsoft, Tower Research, Flipkart, and Qualcomm are regular visitors of IITD.
  • The average salary is around 8 LPA and the highest is about 2 crores p.a.
  1. Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi (JMI)

JMI, one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi is a UGC approved university. The placement is quite good for the engineering branches.

The university also provides internship programs within the campus. JMI is one of the engineering colleges in Delhi that provide scholarship programs for poor and deserving candidates.

Some of the top recruiters of JMI are TCS, Adobe, Siemens, Zomato, and

Placement Review:

  • The Engineering (B.E/B.Tech) the average salary is INR 7.75 lakhs.
  • For M.E/M.Tech the average salary is INR 6.12 lakhs.
  • The highest payout is of about INR 72 lakhs in an international company.
  1. Delhi Technological University or DTU

Established in 1941, DTU is one of the top engineering colleges in Delhi with best courses and fee structure and a 100% placement record.

The college is also famous for internship programs. Big companies like TATA power and Qualcomm recruit interns on an average of INR 15,000-50,000 per month stipend.

The placement cell of the college is excellent and they train and guide their students throughout the whole process.

Placement Review:

  • Some of the recruiters that visit the campus are PayTM, Microsoft, and Google.
  • The highest salary package offered was 80 LPA and the lowest was around 3 LPA.
  • The average salary offered was 8 LPA.
  1. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi (NSIT)

NSIT Delhi is one of the best government-aided engineering colleges in Delhi. Established in 1983, the technology institute is an autonomous body and is accredited by the Government of Delhi.

It is indeed one of the finest engineering colleges in Delhi and has been ranked favorably by some of the premium magazines of the country.

NSIT offers a number of undergraduate (B.E), postgraduate (M.Tech), and Doctorate programs (Ph.D.).

NSIT has maintained an excellent record in the placement of its students over the years. Over 90% of the placements are organized every year on the campus itself with an astonishing number of students being hired by some of the industry’s top-notch companies.

The placement cell of NSIT is highly efficient and also arranges for internship programs.

Placement Reviews:

  • The annual package of B.E students ranges from a lowest of about INR 4 lakhs to highest of about INR 1.25 crores.
  • M.Tech varies between 4 lakhs to 27 lakhs.
  • Some top companies that visited the campus are Airtel, Wipro, Amazon, Microsoft, Texas, Google, Samsung, Flipkart, and Nestle India, etc.

Check out the information related to courses, fees, admissions, placements and reviews for top Engineering Colleges in Delhi 2019

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