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Do you love to play rummy for free? If you do, Deccan Rummy is the perfect place for you! With the greatest variety of tables, Deccan Rummy is the best place to play rummy online free game in India. Offering an authentic rummy experience, we provide our players a competitive gaming environment that fosters expertise in the game. Join us and play free card games with stunning features and a mind-blowing gameplay!

Deccan Rummy – Free Rummy Dowload

Are you looking out for an authentic site to play free rummy? Deccan Rummy has got what you want. Download and play free games at and enjoy the unlimited fun without spending any cash. At Deccan Rummy, we always strive to provide the best gaming experience to all our players. Our games are also available on a wide range of platforms – Mac, iOS or Android. You can always play our games from anywhere and at any time. Becoming a Deccan Rummy player couldn’t be easier thanks to our free-to-use software and Mobile APPs. The simple download process is an added advantage.

If you enjoy playing rummy from your browser, you will certainly enjoy it on your mobile. We’ve strived hard to provide you the classic 13 card Rummy experience as realistically as possible on your mobile devices. Download and enjoy awesome features exclusive to mobile APP listed below:

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Download Free Rummy software

Play rummy using our sophisticated software that improves your gaming experience. You can try downloading our rummy software freely from our website and try playing some games to get the look and feel of rummy online. When you’re ready to join the real cash rummy games, you can deposit money in your account. Want to download our software? Simple visit downloads page where you can download it for free. Play with our free rummy software for an authentic rummy experience. Download now and start playing on your PC.

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Deccan Rummy Apk is customised to give you a faster and smoother rummy experience on your Android devices. Our simple-to-use App and easy-to-follow download process means you could play rummy at Deccan Rummy in a matter of minutes. Our Mobile APP for Android lets you play whenever and wherever you want. Download our Rummy APP for android and enjoy our hassle-free Rummy games on your Android devices now!

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Experience the brand new way to play rummy online on your iOS devices.Get the best gaming experience on your iOS devices by playing with Deccan Rummy APP for free. The new and improved user interface is designed to give you a seamless gaming experience. Download Deccan Rummy Mobile for iOS devices for a faster and smoother rummy experience.

Rummy Online free game – how to play?, India’s most authentic rummy site is where you’ll find more tournaments and games than any other site. Having earned the tag of India’s safest rummy site, we have provided you the most secured environment to play rummy games 24*7. We have incorporated the best security features that keep the player’s information secure.  Play without fear & be a winner today. The key to winning in rummy online is to continuously improve your skills. Skills are the only one that is going to bring you riches in this game. No matter what level you are in, you should always be trying to brush up on your rummy skills. A good knowledge of the rummy tips and tricks gives you an extra advantage in winning the game. Head over to Deccan Rummy and put your skills on the line and grab prizes upto Rs. 20 Lakhs! The time is yours now!

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How to prepare mentally for a football match

Football is the ultimate team sport that makes the most of everyone’s skills and abilities. Physical fitness is important, but there is just as much importance in mental ability and agility for the very best players. This is true not only in the 90 minutes on the field but also in the buildup – workouts and practice – and the aftermath and the post-match analysis, when it can be hard to regain focus if the result did not go your way.

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Getting the mental preparation right helps build confidence, trust in the rest of the team, and the focus required to achieve at the top level. This combined together the focus required to achieve at the top level. This combined together with the skills that you learn for your particular playing position will see you well on to the way to success.

Play The Athlete

Whatever else is going on in your life, when it comes time for match day, you need to be able to put everything aside and focus on the task at hand. Many athletes across various sports, both amateur and professional, have specific pre-match routines and rituals to help get them “in the zone.” Some will put there Discount Football Kits on in a certain way like a good luck ritual and only buy their kit from certain places. Some teams will all wash their kitking football kits in a special powder to smell a certain way. This might include a specific set of stretches or exercises or a special playlist of music, it will depend very much on the individual as to what works for them.

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Expect The Best, But Prepare For The Worst

All athletes will experience adversity at some point in their career, and the difference between a good athlete and the best athlete is how they deal with it. There will be different challenges to overcome – such as injury and defeat – and they will all require a different a good athlete and the best athlete is how they deal with it. There will be different challenges to overcome – such as injury and defeat – and they will all require a different approach to overcoming the adversity.

Have Confidence In Your Ability

Believing in yourself is one of the best mental skills you can develop. Know that you have worked hard enough, challenged yourself and prepared properly, and you’re halfway there. Then, you can focus on the execution of the task ahead knowing you’ll be ready to cope with whatever the game throws your way and stick to your game plan.

For more tips on preparing for your big match, see the advice from Livestrong.

Add in some mental preparation to your training drills and be in top form ahead of the match. There are lots of drills to hone your discourse and these will often be shown to you by your team coach. The key is to get the balance right and not focus too much on either the physical or mental elements of training.

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Is the India team prepared for this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup?

The cricketing world is once again preparing for the next edition of the Cricket World Cup, which kicks off in England at the end of May. And with India generally enjoying a status as second to England in the winning odds tables, it’s not out of the question that the side will pull it out of the bag and come either first or second. This post will explore just how prepared – or otherwise – the side currently looks.

Recent wins

First of all, the Indian side is likely to be fuelled by confidence from recent victories in games across the world. They recently played several oneday internationals and other games against New Zealand, for example, in which they thoroughly trounced the opposing side on many occasions. A brief look down the January scorecard alone reveals that there was an eight wicket victory in the first oneday international in Napier, while there was a 90-run win at the second ODI just a few days later. Any ICC Cricket 2019 World Cup Guide ought to take into account past performance – and while it’s never a guarantee of future outcomes, it does serve to indicate what could end up happening.

Figures and statistics

Perhaps the main advantage that India has in this year’s event is that they have not onlythe world’s number one batsman, but also the world number two. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli make a formidable team, and they are a real asset for the side. And when it comes to bowling, the Indian team also have a great person on side: Jasprit Bumrah is the world’s number one. He’s managed to take85 wickets in the almost 50one day international games in his record, so it’s likely that teams around the world will quake at the sight of him. The Indian team, having so many great players, could hardly be better equipped.

Climate and environment

One thing worth noting about this year’s World Cup, however, is that it takes place in a climate that is far removed from what many Indian cricketers are used to. The temperate climate of England, where the tournament is being held, is likely to give a big advantage to India’s number one rivals. But this hasn’t stopped teams from claiming the title before: the first ever Cricket World Cup was held in England back in 1975, and the West Indies managed to clinch it then. The climate might not be on India’s side, but history certainly is.

India’s got a lot to think about when it comes to this year’s Cricket World Cup. It’s certainly not in the bag for the side, and there are some serious considerations about everything from the climate of the environment to the surface of the pitchesthey will be playing on. But strong performances recently mean that victory is not out of the question, and the side could well find themselves in with a chance of a big win.

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Rafael Nadal’s French Open Dominance Looks in Serious Danger


Author: Jonathan Turner

It’s the time of the tennis season that has, for much of the past 15 years, been dominated by one man. The kind of domination not seen before and likely will never happen again.

The ATP Tour’s European clay court swing – typically starting at the Monte Carlo Masters in April and culminating with the French Open at the end of May with the Barcelona Open, Madrid Open and Rome Masters in-between – has of course been Rafael Nadal’s playground.

The Spaniard, currently ranked world No 2, has won the Monte Carlo and Barcelona titles 11 times each, he is an eight-time champion in Rome and lifted the Madrid trophy on five occasions, while 11 of his 17 grand slam titles have come at the French Open. There will forever be debate over the greatest male tennis player of all time, but the greatest ever clay court player is undisputed.

Yet, with Roland Garros fast approaching, Nadal’s stranglehold on this stretch of the season has certainly loosened this year and his aims of adding a 12th title in Paris look in serious danger.

After returning from (his latest) injury in Monte Carlo, it appeared to be business as usual as Nadal swept through the early rounds to reach the semi-finals. Unsurprisingly a massive favorite against last-four opponent Fabio Fognini, the 32-year-old was completely out of sorts to lose comprehensively 4-6, 2-6 in a performance he described as his “worst on clay in 14 years”.

A few eyebrows were raised following the surprise defeat, but equally many viewed it as little more than a blip. After all, even the incomparable Nadal was allowed the odd off day, particularly as he had just returned from injury. He would come roaring back in Barcelona to remind everyone of his peerless prowess on the red dust.

Instead, he scraped through his opening assignment, a second-round win over Leonardo Mayer during which Nadal dropped his first set in Barcelona for four years. That was followed by a much-improved performance against fellow Spanish athlete David Ferrer, before another narrow win against German Jan-Lennard Struff – a player of great power but not commonly suited to the clay.

Nadal still entered his semi-final against Austrian Dominic Thiem – arguably the second-best clay court player in the world – as the favorite, but was outplayed in all departments to lose 4-6, 4-6.

Those who had raised eyebrows after Monte Carlo, have now turned in to ringing alarm bells.

Despite the defeat, Nadal insisted post-match that he had plenty of reasons for optimism, after his confidence took a knock in Monte Carlo.

“After this week my confidence is back,” Nadal is quoted as saying by the ATP Tour website. “I really believe that I made very good improvements to create a good base to try to achieve my goals during the next couple of weeks.”

Those goals will undoubtedly include a return to winning ways at the Madrid Open next week followed by the Rome Masters before aiming to peak at the French Open.

But compared to past years when Nadal entered the clay court swing after extended breaks following injury, the gap he held on his rivals has closed significantly, and that doesn’t even include the potential threat posed by the curiously out-of-form world No 1 Novak Djokovic.

Thiem, whom Nadal beat in last year’s French Open final, may lead the chasing pack, but the likes of Russian Daniil Medvedev – finalist in both Monte Carlo and Barcelona – a resurgent Kei Nishikori, the talented Stefanos Tsitsipas, and of course Djokovic, could view this as their best chances yet to knock Nadal off his French Open throne.

There is still plenty of time for Nadal to rediscover his best form in time for the grand slam in Paris and he is still the favorite to add a 12th Roland Garros title. He will almost certainly reach the latter rounds of the French Open, by which time his rhythm may well have returned to a level where he is once again unbeatable.

American tennis legend John McEnroe once famously said: “Some say beating Rafa over five sets on clay is the toughest thing in sport – not just tennis.” For a long time that certainly seemed the case, considering Nadal has only lost two of 88 matches played in Paris. The Mallorca born tennis player may well extend that remarkable record, but for only the second time in his career – the first being 2015 when he was seriously out-of-form following surgeries on his wrist and appendix – questions are being raised about Nadal’s clay court dominance.

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Guide to Understanding the Real Charm of Horse Racing as a Sport

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is one of the most ancient of all sports practiced in civilization across the worlds since ancient times, but it is a modern spectator sports experience in recent times. It typically involves two or more horses ridden by a jockey or driven over a set of distance for competition. Horse racing has a comprehensive format. Different countries adopt different style and tradition for it. There are different variations including running over obstacles, on various track surfaces or different gaits.

Horse racing is also an integral part of legends and myths. Chariot racing was one of the essential sports in ancient Greek and Roman history but in later times ‘hot blooded’ horses or ‘thoroughbred’ horses became popular in British royal society.

Types of horse racing

There are various types of horse racing, including Flat racing, Jump racing, Harness, and endurance racing. Flat Racing and Jump Racing are the most popular and common form of racing in Britain and Ireland.

The training conditions of different horses are different depending on their breeds, age, and skeletal soundness. A horse’s fitness is utmost important to prevent any injury to both the horse and the person riding it. You can check out to know more about this sport.

America, Ireland, Poland, Australia, Great Britain are few of the countries where horse racing is considered as on the of the popular sport

Horse Racing and Tourism

Horse racing and horse racing tourism have become immensely popular in the recent times. They are like two sides of the same coin. Countries like Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia and many others have engaged them in horse racing tours. These tours are fascinating for those who want to enjoy the thrills and spills of a day at the races amidst comfort of luxury transport and a hearty meal to keep you going.

Horse racing tours facilitate the tourist to travel to beautiful race courses to a different location with their families and friends and experience a different culture, food, and people in various destinations. These tours mainly concentrate on providing tourist race course exercise in great comfort.

Some tour guides also provide traveling to horse racing stables accompanied by racing trainers which makes the perfect day for the racing fans. The tours are meticulously designed starting from morning breakfast to spending the entire day with the trainers. After the long weeks of weeks of office if you want to spend some relaxing time with your dear ones then the horse racing stable tour is an apt one.

Race Courses

Racecourses come in all luxury and style and are situated all around the world. Some are draped in luxury and others are as bare bone as they get. Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious venues for horse racing in the world. It is located near to Windsor Castle, and it also is a destination for horse race tours. The other famous racecourse is Churchill Downs in the United States. It can hold up to 120,000 people. The other such famous horse racing course in Birdsville races of Queensland in the town of Birdsville. This place is a real pilgrimage of Australian fan. Apart from these few famous race courses, there are other race courses as well like Tokyo racecourse which is famous for its intake capacity with its 2,23000 capacity.

Though horse racing is a very popular form of sport, there are also dangers associated with it as in the horse can stumble and fall, or fall while crossing any obstacle. So while racing or while doing involved in tourism, it is imperative to take precautions and are advised to participate under proper guidance.

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Benefits of taking membership in plantation country clubs

There are several benefits of being a member of a plantation country club. It can be said that a club is indirectly operated on the wishes of the members. The members have the control over the rules and regulations which are being followed at a golf club. When you take up the membership in these plantation clubs, it leads to enhancement of the Club experience due to the increased number of participants as members.

In comparison to the plantation, there are many extra facilities which are provided by private clubs. The things which mark the difference between plantation country club and private clubs are:

  • The members: Once you become a member of a plantation club, you will feel yourself as a part of a large family. The existing members are likely to welcome you with open arms. It is quite difficult to meet people in a club and make friends with them. However, in a plantation country club, you will get a family like feeling around you from the start. This will ensure the fact that you enjoy well at the golf club.
  • Quality of facilities: The staff at majority plantation clubs maintains the quality of the facilities they provide their members. They ensure that the members are treated with professionalism. The members are required to pay low equity contribution along with benefits of annual dues. This is one of the prime reasons why plantation golf and country clubs are considered as the best clubs.
  • Best value: The plantation clubs ensure that the members get the benefit of the first rate club at the best value of the area. The staff generally has the ability to operate and maintain the facilities which they provide to their members. The plantation clubs ensure that their members get the fullest return of their investment. They ensure that the members get the benefit of proper sound management, participation at the events of the club, strong and interesting social programs for the members to take part and accomplish in.

The types of membership available:

The plantation clubs provide various types of membership to the families and members you opt for a single membership. The types of membership provided can be categorized into three basic categories.

  • Full: It includes unlimited golf and tennis opportunities.
  • Sports or Fitness: It includes the benefit of unlimited tennis.
  • Social: It includes limited golf and tennis options.

Apart from these special facilities which the person gets on becoming a part of the Club, the membership allows them several common benefits. They can make use of the heater on an unlimited basis, utilize the junior swimming pool and make use of the fitness center. Apart from that, the members can also utilize the clubhouse facilities and also get the benefit of dining.

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Membership Benefits You Can Enjoy At Plantation Country Clubs

Plantation country clubs are but societies in their own rights. These are the clubs that belong to the elites and the upper class of the society. These are the elite groups and places where you can go enjoy a good game, all the facilities that are required for proper practicing of the game, enjoy a great ambiance, make some of the best social contacts and have a great time in general.

The above mentioned points are but some of the brief advantages of having a membership in a plantation country club. In this discussion, we shall be taking a closer look at the various benefits of having a membership in such clubs.

Best Facilities – Sports like tennis and golf requires a certain setup. These setups cannot be found in any place out of the ordinary. The plantation country clubs are some of the best places where you can get all the facilities for the purpose of playing these games. These are the sports that can prove to be some of the best hobbies and also great physical exercises. These are the clubs where you can enjoy such sports to the best possibility.

Socializing – These are the places where you can make some of the most influential acquaintances. These are the places that are frequented by the elites of the society and hence you can make friends in the kind. Hence these are the places that you should go searching for good contacts.

Training – These are the sports that also require good training. These clubs are some of the best places where you can find some of the most reputed coaches and guides of the game.

Arrangements To Be Done Easily – These places can be a great place to arrange a social gathering or an event. As a host, you will get all the support from the authorities of such clubs. These are the places where you can arrange for different types of parties and even cocktails. The ambiance and the other facilities are generally of great quality. These are the places that allow the entry of certain classified people and hence you can keep the entire matter a really classy affair.

The membership of such clubs can be attained through contacts and references. These places can offer facilities for more sports than just tennis and golf. They can be a great place to take your family for a quality time and outings. Kids for sure will go to love such places with lush green sprawling spaces.

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Knowing the Tale of Dead Man’s Hand with

You have come to the right spot, if you are curious to learn hear the historical tales poker is surrounded by! PokerLion tells a tale!

Today online poker is most playing online game in India. The new generation India love to play poker because, poker is the game where you can find thrill, fun, excitement and many more. Now online poker is more than a game, it’s a USD200 million industry in India., the most trusted online poker site in India, managed and developed by a Kolkata based game development company named Ability Games Pvt. Ltd., The Managing Director and game entrepreneur Navneet Makharia says, the first aim of Pokerlion is make poker game more popular in India.

If you are a poker lover then you should know the poker game rules. And it is also important to know the history of the game too.

The game of poker online has innumerable amazing tales to listen and talk about! Its history, its present tournaments’ stories, stories of the people associated with this age old game and so on.

Today we are here with one such tale! The tale of Dead Man’s Hand or Wild Bill Hickok! Have you heard about it before?

On August 2, 1876, Wild Bill Hickok, originally named James Butler Hickok, was playing poker at a saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota. Suddenly, a pistol fired from the back of his head. Hickok died immediately. He was holding two pairs: black aces and black eights at that time and it shave become known as the Dead Man’s Hand. But is that a legend? Or is it real?

Dead Man’s Hand

According to popular legend, Hickok held two black aces and two black eights at the time of his death. The fifth card, or kicker, is a source of mystery. A few claim it was the queen of clubs. Others say it was the nine of diamonds, the jack of diamonds, the five of diamonds, or the queen of hearts. Still others say no fifth card ever existed, suggesting Hickok was in the middle of drawing a new card when he was murdered.

Even though it’s true Hickok was shot and killed on that day, convincing evidence is sorely lacking to prove what exact cards Wild Bill was holding at the time of his death. To date, no contemporary accounts have been discovered that might reveal what the hand was, or if there even was a hand in progress at the time.

The term “dead man’s hand” has been used in Western lore since 1886, but that early citation wasn’t in reference to Bill’s hand. The story of Hickok’s final hand doesn’t actually appear in print until 1926.

Frank J. Wilstach in his 1926 book, Wild Bill Hickok: The Prince of Pistoleers quoted “Doc” Peirce, the town barber, who was asked to serve as an “impromptu undertaker.”

For those of you keeping score, that’s fifty years after the actual, shooting occurred. This mystery will likely never be solved.

The Dead Man’s Hand in Popular Culture

This infamous hand has been mentioned in numerous songs, television shows, movies, written fiction, and video games, to name a few. The dead man’s hand is also quite popular in logos, insignias, and tattoo designs.

If you ever get to play poker hand of those 4 cards, be happy to play the ‘Dead Man’s Hand.’

Good luck at the poker table!

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Tips to Choose the Right Golf Club for You

You should make sure that you are choosing the right golf club Fort Lauderdale for your needs. There are a few things that you would need to take into consideration, such as the location, the course and much more. Here are a few of the main criteria that you should look at when it comes to which place you should get a membership form.

What to Look For
When it comes to picking the right golf club Fort Lauderdale there are plenty of things that you would need to consider. Some of the top criteria that you should think about before making the final decision includes:

• Course – If you are looking for a course that would be better for beginners rather than those who have a better game, then that is what you need to look for. However, most of the courses will be good for all players, so make sure that you are choosing the one that fits your needs, especially if you are an advanced player.

• Cost – The cost is another thing that would help you to determine the right golf club Fort Lauderdale to join. Make sure that you have figured out how much you can afford to spend on the membership and then find one that fits your needs.

• Availability – Another area that is important is the availability of the course. You should know when you would need to make an appointment to play or when you can come and play freely. This is critical, so make sure to find one that has open slots or appointments that are convenient for you.

You should always make sure that you are choosing the right membership for your needs, which means that you need to know what to think about. The course is one of the most important areas, so ensure that you check it out and see what the status is.

It is important that you pick the best location for your sporting needs, which means that you should think about what is vital. If you want to have a course that would allow both beginners and more advanced players to enjoy the game, then check it out. Also, the cost is another thing that you would need to think about, so find one that you can afford without breaking your budget. The availability is also something that is important, so find out the requirements for playing and if an appointment is needed.

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Jose Needs to Bring Positivity at Man United

football news

The 13-time PL Champions Man United have had created horns of dilemma under the watchful eyes of Jose Mourinho. Some players are working fine. On the other hand, others are waiting for the supernatural powers to make them the best thing since sliced bread.   With the effect of that – the latest football news mostly talks the wrong side of the cover. There will always be the current football news briefing that a player is not happy at the club.

While in the summer transfer market, United and Jose failed to make big latest sports updates, which is leading some problems at United at present.

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Alexis Sanchez Needs his Moment

The 29-year-old Alexis Sanchez joined the three-time European Champions in the month of January this year. The Chilean international has since played 15 matches and had scored just two Premier League goals for the Red Devils. Indeed, it the principle reason behind not making big football news.

As an Arsenal player – Sanchez had played for just making the latest football news in a positive way. However, the theory is completely different at Old Trafford.   Despite getting the favourite left-hand side position – the two-time Copa America winner has been failing to deliver his smooth best.

Some might say the Jose Mourinho’s defensive football is one such reason behind not scoring that such goals. However, it’s the responsibility of a player to show his actual worth in the brick-and-mortar world of sports.

Alexis does have shown against Burnley that he can make the current football news in a positive member. Still, doing it while facing every PL opponent will assist him to make better football news in the south of England.

Martial Needs Ultimate Shot

The 22-year-old Anthony Martial was a great prospect for United when he came to the club back in 2015. Under the guidance of LVG – the French international made the current football news after scoring the goals at a consistent rate. At the other end, the game has been going too badly with the two-time Champions League winner Jose.

Martial, who once called as a potential ballon d or winner, is now facing too many stipulations to make the latest football updates with his performances.

The manager is not picking the fences for the player on the left-hand side. Because of that, the athlete is failing to make the latest football news in a better manner.

The talent is young and his confidence is down. This is why giving him his very best position will help the Portuguese manager to keep the closer gap between Jose and other Premier League managers.

Every fan cam, who are producing football news around Man United, have been saying it for months now that using former Monaco player on left is a way to make him as good as an apple pie again.

He can cut defaces of the oppositions quite easily from there. If Jose gives him 2 to 4 chances regularly – then hitting the nut with the sledgehammer is so impotent. Otherwise, he will look a bull in a china shop. Such why scoring and producing the latest football updates would help to reach the highest possible level.

Pogba Needs Nothing

In the past two seasons, the pundits were presenting the current football news near to Pogba. They wanted United to play with three midfielders in order to make the French international out of this world. In the 2018-19 season – the boss is doing the same. Still, the 25-year-old is not using his best powers to run the midfield better than the most. Not having the consistency is hurting Pogba as he is failing to create the latest football updates as if he wants.

The Present Situation of Man United

After having two lamentable results against Brighton and Tottenham, Jose Mourinho’s Man United registered a crucial Premier League victory over the venerable Burnley 2-0 at Turf Moor, which helped them to show some fantastic latest football news.

The cryptic Romelu Lukaku opened the scoresheet and made a great football news for the Red Devils in the 27th minute of the match through a header thanks to Alexis Sanchez’s perfect cross from the wing.

It took 17 more minutes for Belgium international Lukaku to score his and United’s second goal of the match.

While in the second half, the ultimate drama happened at the end of United. The World Cup winner with France in Russia Paul Pogba missed the penalty before Marcus Rashford’s 71st-minute red card.

The 13-time Premier League Champions saved the match with 10-men for the reaming 19 minutes and assisted last year’s proxime accessit in the Premier League to get whole three points against Dyche’s  Burnley, who are not doing their best in terms of making latest football updates in a winning way.

In the end, the red sun of Manchester is turning Blue – it will be great to see what Jose do next.

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