A Splendid Expression of Krishna Paintings

When an artist creates a painting, it is the verbalisation of his/her inner experience or the reflection of societal happenings or a representation of eminent personalities or an imitation of some epic... Read more »
modern art for sale

How to put art for sale online?

An artist picks the brush to reflect his/her emotions, opinions, and feelings on the canvas using vivacious colour compositions and exquisite strokes. The entire environment is filled with creativity and the mind... Read more »

How to Maintain the Newness of Your Acrylic Paintings?

Acrylic paintings are the paintings which are made of acrylic paint. This paint is dilute and has to be mixed with something for the application. Paintings of any genre or style can... Read more »

The Multidimensional aspect of Abstraction

Abstract art- the new baby on the block has been creating quite a stir these days. It emerged as a disruptor in the traditional art world. The themes and concepts of this... Read more »

Comprehending Various Forms of Shiva

Lord Shiva who is popularly known as ‘Devo Ke Dev Mahadev’ is the revered deity who enjoys a special place in the heart of every individual who follows Hinduism. In fact, if... Read more »

The Implied Meaning of Prevalent Elements in Maa Durga Paintings

Goddess Durga is considered as the symbol of ultimate energy and protective mother of the cosmos. She is worshipped and believed in, by all the Hindus, especially the devotees residing in the... Read more »

The Actuality of Charitable Auctions

Art collectors are always in wait of charitable and fundraising auctions. Why? Because there the prices of the paintings are relatively less and more affordable. But have you ever thought why all... Read more »

Idiosyncrasies of Contemporary Art Paintings

Created in the late 20th century, Contemporary Art is today’s art. Infact, Contemporary art paintings use a dynamic combination of materials, themes, concepts and subjects. This makes it hard for even the... Read more »

Jackson Pollock: The Man who created Most Famous Abstract Paintings

An Introduction: Jackson Pollock was a famous painter of American origin who played a key role in the famous abstract expressionist movement. Pollock earned his fair share of recognition and fame throughout... Read more »

5 Most Famous Landscape Paintings

There is no denial to the fact that landscape paintings belong to that genre of art which has caught the fancy of people from all around the world. The immense popularity of... Read more »