Factors Determining the Cost of Paediatric Liver Transplant in India

liver transplant


We are well aware of the liver disorders in the adults, but you would be surprised to know that this disorder equally prevails in the children too. Over 30 % of the children across the world are suffering from irreversible liver disorders. The treatment for the same may or may not be available in all the countries. However, the procedure is highly successful in India, and also the Liver Transplant Expenses in India are affordable for all.

In western countries, where the quality treatment for liver disorders in children is possible, the surgeons charge very high, which might not be within the budget of the parents. If you have financial concerns, do not compromise with the health of your child, instead plan your medical tourism to India.

More About Liver Transplant Treatment and Cost of Liver Transplant in India:

The first-ever liver transplant in children was performed over two decades ago in India, that is in the year 1998. The surgery was done on an eighteen-month-old child, and there was no complications in the baby for the next 20 years. After twenty years, with the required medical assistance, the patient lived a healthy life. It is just an example of the first paediatric liver transplant surgery in the country, after that, there were various surgeries performed on different age groups, and all of them were successful.

Now, let us talk about the factors that determine the cost of liver transplant in children. The price for the Best Liver Transplant Surgery in India depends on:

  • The choice of a treatment centre for the surgery
  • Fees of the medical team performing the treatment
  • Expenses involved in the post-surgical recovery care
  • Health disorders that require medical assistance before the liver transplant surgery
  • Price for the diagnosis and evaluation
  • Location of the treatment centre
  • Cost of the medicines and drugs, before during and after the treatment
  • Immunosuppressants to be taken for the rest of the life after the Liver transplant surgery, to avoid the rejection of the transplanted organ
  • The treatment procedure followed for performing the liver transplant, which might vary depending on the medical condition of the patient
  • Number of days spent in the hospital before, during, and after the treatment

The liver transplant cost in India varies between USD 29,000 to 45,000. It is one of the most economical range for the medical procedure. Not only the cost of surgery is low for the operation, but also the medicines are available at a minimum price in India.

Final Words: It is easy to handle the end-stage liver disorders in adult patients, but the treatment in children must be immediate or else it will impact their overall growth. It can be a hindrance to their education also. So, make no more delay in planning the treatment for your child. If you could not find the paediatric surgeon for your child, approach the medical tourism companies. Medical tourism companies in India connect you to the best medical facilitator of the country and also get a personalised quote for your treatment.

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How Do Vegans Build Muscle & Mass with Plant-Based Foods?

Plant-based diets suit a variety of health and fitness goals. And if you plan them right, they can even help with building more muscle – something that most vegans struggle with.

Does it mean you can build more muscle with only plant-based foods? Precisely, and our guide will share everything you need to know to make this work.

You Can Build Muscle Without Animal Source Foods

Animal source foods provide an abundant supply of animal proteins. These proteins are complete, containing all nine essential amino acids the body can’t make on its own. As a result, animal proteins have more amino acids to contribute to protein synthesis and can help build muscle faster.

Likewise, the prevailing majority of plant-based proteins aren’t complete and are usually deficient in one or more essential amino acids. For example, pea protein is a decent plant-based source of most essential amino acids. But since its methionine content is low, it doesn’t make for a complete protein.

Luckily, you can combine various plant-based proteins to make up for this. For instance, brown rice is rich in methionine and helps replenish the lack of this amino acid in pea protein. In return, pea protein comes with a wealth of lysine – an essential amino acid that brown rice is low in.

As you see, plant-based foods can easily serve as a sole source of protein in a vegan diet. As long as you choose them well and combine them in a thoughtful way. With this in mind, let’s explore the best plant-based proteins and foods that can help vegans build muscle.

Get Plenty of Plant-Based Proteins and Protein-Rich Foods

Getting enough high-quality protein from your vegan diet holds key to packing on muscle. Not all sources of plant-based protein, however, are equally effective. And there’s only so much food you can eat in a day.

It pays to focus on the best plant-based proteins and protein-rich foods:

  • Pea protein Hypoallergenic and rich in iron, pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids that the body can’t produce by itself. Its only downside is its relatively low content of methionine – an essential amino acid that aids in cellular protein synthesis.
  • Brown rice protein Like pea protein, brown rice protein is also free of allergens and supplies all nine essential amino acids as well. Brown rice protein, however, is low in lysine – an essential amino acid that supports muscle growth and other vital functions.
  • Hemp protein With its amino acid profile similar to soy protein and egg whites, hemp protein has all nine essential amino acids. Like brown rice protein, though, hemp protein has low lysine content and works better along with pea protein.
  • Soy protein One of the few complete plant-based proteins, soy protein comes with all nine essential amino acids. Soy protein must come as an isolate and from organic and fermented soy to minimize the soy’s potential adverse effects.
  • Nuts Full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, nuts like almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts make for a protein-rich powerhouse.
  • Seeds Like nuts, seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, and chia seeds are rich in high-quality protein, beneficial fats, and micronutrients.

There are many other decent plant-based sources of protein for building muscle as a vegan, including quinoa, legumes, and potatoes. We’ve covered only a handful of the most potent and common ones.

Building muscle as a vegan isn’t just about getting enough protein, though.

Support Protein Synthesis and Anabolism with Key Components

Getting enough protein from high-quality plant-based foods is only half the battle when it comes to building muscle. The other half is making sure your body can use all the protein you consume for protein synthesis. As well as keeping your body in the anabolic mode most of the time.

To achieve this, make sure your diet delivers plenty of:

  • Magnesium and zinc While magnesium supports protein synthesis, zinc boosts the production of anabolic hormones. Both are instrumental in building muscle. And both are usually in short supply in vegan diets.
  • Electrolytes Without essential electrolytes such as calcium, potassium, and sodium, proper muscle function becomes impossible.
  • B vitamins From protein metabolism to muscle repair, B vitamins help build muscle in a variety of ways.
  • Vitamins A and D These key vitamins boost the production of testosterone and other anabolic hormones. Both of them are fat-soluble and abundant in animal source foods. Which is why most vegans miss out on them.
  • Vitamins C and E By reducing oxidative stress on the muscles, vitamins C and E help maintain muscle and expedite muscle recovery.
  • Digestive enzymes Most plant-based proteins don’t digest quickly, which makes digestive enzymes from foods like kefir and sauerkraut crucial for protein absorption.

Keeping these in check will help your body make the most of the protein you consume. There are more factors you can leverage, though, to build muscle as a vegan.

Take Advantage of Other Factors that Build Muscle

As a vegan trying to build muscle, you’ll be wise to make use of:

  • Vegan supplements It’s no secret that high-quality protein, meal replacement, BCAA, and creatine supplements help build muscle. And they’re all available in cruelty-free versions.
  • Frequent meals Eating smaller nutrient-dense meals more frequently helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, promoting anabolism.
  • Proper hydration Water makes for over 70% of muscle tissue. That’s why dehydration and gaining muscle don’t go along well.
  • Healthy carbs and fats By giving the body fuel to run on, healthy carbs and fats prevent the body from using muscle for energy.

Harnessing these factors is key to building muscle on a plant-based diet as fast as possible. here does that leave us?

Nutrition Matters but It’s Not All That Counts

Muscle building is at the mercy of many factors. And diet is only one of them. Your training program, sleep, and genetics have a profound influence on how much muscle you can build with plant-based foods.

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Soylent Review – Meal Replacement Shakes Ingredients & Price

If you are a busy executive or even if you work from home, you often tend to ignore your own needs or sometimes forget about yourself. You may say that you take yourself for granted. This kind of attitude is not a good thing when it comes to following a proper diet for yourself. Whether you wish to have 6 small meals a day or 3 square meals, it is important to be rather disciplined in life in order to follow a diet properly and to get proper results. The best option for people like you is to have a good quality meal replacement drink that can compensate for any nutrient deficiencies in your body and also help you lead a healthy and fit life.

What Exactly Is Soylent?

Most of you may have heard about Soylent meal replacement at MealReplacementReview Pro. It is one of the most recently made and reformulated meal replacement drink available at the stores. It is basically an engineered staple food that is especially designed to provide you with maximum nutrition with minimum effort. Soylent meal replacement is a good way to consume your daily dose of essential nutrients without actually eating anything. It contains carbs, protein, fats, various types of minerals such as potassium and iron. The best part is that unlike various other diet shakes available in the market, Soylent happens to be FDA approved, which makes it absolutely legit.

Most of you may wonder whether having meal replacements can help you compensate for nutrient deficiencies if you skip meals. Well, in reality, this is possible only if the meal replacement contains a proper dosage of all the essential nutrients and provides a sufficient amount of calories in each drink. Soylent is one of those few meal replacements that can help replace any proper meal easily. It provides 400 calories in each serving and 21gm of fat.

What about the Taste?

Unlike most other protein shakes or meal replacements, Soylent actually looks like a shake and also tastes like one. Basically, it has a neutral taste that lets you digest it pretty easily and add any flavor of your choice to it. You will find many people blending it with berries and some even spicing it up to some extent. The first few days will seem acceptable to you, especially the transition from solid to liquid. You will also not feel any difficulty when you need to skip solid meals and have liquid meals instead.

However, things will get a bit tougher from the following day onwards. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel terribly hungry and feel the urge to have something immediately. You will feel more tired than those normal days and you will feel like laying down on the bed for longer. This is quite normal especially when you have been living off a healthy dose of fat in your primary diet, along with carbs and a bit of protein. This sudden switch is bound to make your feel awkward. During this adjustment period, you will feel tired and more exhausted than usual.

This sudden change of diet will surely make you rush to the toilet more often than on other days. Although this will make you lose some weight, this loss of weight is just temporary. Many of you may also feel dehydrated with chapped lips. However, you will not feel thirsty since you are practically drinking your meal and not eating it. Most of you will also miss those real meals that you used to eat all these days. Most of you may also dream of various types of foods and food items in various forms.

Having Soylent as a meal replacement is a good idea provided you have the determination to continue with it until you get the desired results. The going will certainly be tough, especially the transition stage when you shift from solid foods to liquid foods. Although your body will support your decision for the first couple of days, it will retaliate badly after that time. It is not a good idea to live off on Soylent on a permanent basis. However, it is not a bad idea to have a few of the Soylent bottles ready in the fridge for those long working hours when you do not get enough time to have a proper meal and instead tend to grab onto junk food. With a bottle of Soylent by your side, your body will support your long working hours and also remain fit and healthy for a long time.

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Daily Ayurvedic products for health benefits

Ayurvedic product

Ayurveda has been practiced in India for centuries now. There are plenty of herbs that are included in Ayurveda and they are all beneficial in one way or the other. One can use them as a medicine and as aromatherapy as well.

There are some top Ayurvedic products in India which one can use on a regular basis so that they get benefited from them in every possible way.

Here are some ingredients that one can use daily:


This is not only a nerve stimulant but also a very strong digestive thing. This can aid in weight loss and can also extract out some deep rooted toxins from the body. This herb can also heal joints that are ailing and it can solve all the Vata problems. One can boil a tea spoon of ajwain seed in some water and then drink it to get the best results.


It works really well as an anti ageing herb. They can enhance vitality and this herb is very much crucial for people who have a lot of stress and needs some relaxation. One can take half a tea spoon of this herb and then cook it with milk and raw honey. Then one can drink it and they can reach deep to the tissues and cells to produce better results.


Everyone has heard about Brahmi tonic because they are very good for nervous system and brain functioning. They also help in keeping the balance of both the left and right side of the brain. They are also said to be very much beneficial to balance the high Pitta condition in a human body. Brahmi removes blockages and other toxins from the nervous system. Thus, not only enhances intelligences but also helps one to deal with depression. One can take it every morning so that they can rejuvenate the body and mind. One can take them as tea like boiling the leaves or make a Brahmi ghee out of it.


This is an absolutely natural tranquilizer and it can bring clarity to the mind and heart. This can also neutralise the acidity created by caffeine or coffee in a human body. When one intakes cardamom on a regular basis then it can remove the Kapha from the lungs and stomach. One can boil cardamom in warm milk and have it before going to bed at night.


They can not only enhance the digestive system but also aids in metabolism. This can help the human body to absorb more nutrients. They are really beneficial for a pregnant woman because it cleanses the reproductive organs really well and also improves the milk secretion.


It can rejuvenate all the system present in the human body and also reduces the level of acidity. This can calm the mind and body as well. One can add it in a brewing cup of tea as a sweetener and drink it. One can use Ayurvedic healthcare products on an everyday basis but it is better to consult a practitioner before doing it.

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The ingredients of a no scar soap

A host of remedies are available in the market so as to remove the scars from the body parts and face. But one of the brands that have gone on to become popular is No scars night soap that has found a lot of takers. In both men along with women they are bound to take off the problems of stretch marks.

A timely solution

For both men along with women cosmetic issues crop up that includes scars and stretch marks. The main reason for scarring is burn, wounds or acne while stretch marks mainly tend to arise during pregnancy, puberty or changes felt in weight. No scars are a brand that tends to hide such imperfections whereby a person can enjoy their life without showing any signs. Before you go on to purchase one it is necessary to understand the benefits of no scars soaps.

Dealing with concerns

Any individual needs to use a skincare product aligning with their type of skin. Though the main reason is that the scar left behind in a body make them look ugly as they might it really difficult to hide it under their clothes. Visible stretch marks a major chunk of population does not like and still they are bound to suffer from it though no form of pain is experienced. Yes it does make sense to use no scars soap benefits that address these issues in an effective manner. When you are selecting a product ensure that it is full of natural substances and works better on your face and skin. The skin care specialist’s advice the use of the soap as it gets rid of scarring and stretch marks. The skin is evened and exfoliated due to the presence of natural and hydrating agents like Shea butter, cocoa powder and avocado oil.

Let us explore the popular ingredients of no scars soap

  • Shea butter- the soothing property of the soap is a wonderful additive. This butter is formulated from karate tree nuts and is composed of vitamin A along with E. It paves way for hydration of the skin and heals scars. The acne scarring is prevented and cell renewal is encouraged.
  • Vitamin E – This is a common ingredient that is part of skincare products promoting healing. During the development stage it helps to reduce formation of stretch marks
  • Coconut oil- this hydrating product is good for skincare. Cellular turnover is stimulated and for faster healing collagen develops. It does possess a unique property to hydrate where you tend to get rid of the stretch marks.
  • Cocoa butter- among all the skincare products that is found in the market to deal with skin issues cocoa butter is a common ingredient. It is good enough to smoothen the skin and even hydrates it. For pregnant women it is recommended to prevent formation of stretch marks. Besides this it boasts your immunity levels whereby the skin becomes supple.

Below are some of the popular ingredients that good scar marker soap needs to possess.

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Buy online medicines and enjoy the benefits of affordable and convenient healthcare

The influence of cyberspace has shaped health care service in a prospective genre. Utilizing knowledge of science stemmed in the development of modern medicine. The availability of various branded medicine merchandisers in the market made medication reachable. Shopping medicines through the internet enlarged the scope of progress in the health department. The rapid emergence of online supplements and prescription services approached a new level. Not to mention that the Internet brought a revolution in the way we use to shop. Buying drugs became the latest trend among consumers and patients. The basic idea of this upgrading trend is to create awareness among the users about medicines and other facilities avail on the internet.

 Online pharmacy

Online medicine pharmacy is operated over the internet that enables the customer to order their frequent drugs doses through the online shopping website. Many of the pharmacy sites also provide doctors’ advice for consumer interest. .These online pharmacy stores possess professional services and best pharmaceutical products also

Benefits of online medicine shopping:

·      Efficient delivery and ease of the ordering process:

The online pharmacy follows a simple ordering procedure and fast efficient door delivery. Enjoy hassle-free shopping to avoid long waiting times. Most of the online medicine stores make sure to make delivery on the same day of ordering. Buy online medicine without prescription facility is also available on this speedy service.

·      Discounts on purchases of medicines:

       Another benefit of following the online purchase of drugs allows you to acquire heavy discounts on your bill. Rather than buying medicine from your regular medical store, online pharmacy leads to cost efficiency. You can also compare the prices of medicines before placing the order.

·      Get genuine products:

     The authenticity of drugs can be clarified through experienced retail pharmacies. As they linked with branded pharmaceutical companies and handles a large amount of medicine at their stores. Preferring online medicine purchasing helps you to get original products.

·      knowledgeable online pharmacist at your service: 

 Online purchase of drugs makes available well knowledgeable pharmacist to lead with your query. Whether it is regarding the availability of unique generic or branded medicines, all queries are answered with the utmost care. You can enjoy 24/7 customer care services around the whole year.

·      Maintains privacy:

 The online pharmacy guarantees your specification processed in a safer zone when you buy medicine. Without disclosing personal information of one customer to another, this online service will secure your ordering details.


With the usage of the internet, the immense opportunity has arisen in the medical arena. With a few clicks, you can savor the benefits of online pharmacy. Old age people and disabled people have been profited more with these services. Now working people can place their order for themselves and their family, without any commuting. Online shopping of medicines shown a high success rate not only in urban cities but also in remote areas. This latest technic is highly recommendable to all age groups. With promising features of providing faster delivery, genuine products and ensures proper packaging system. Through the website, you can also get the ease of payment by COD or use a credit card according to your interest.

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Supplement Guide for Beginners

Supplements are required by the body to get energy and to help the person to good results. There is an increasing trend of body building among the youths and they are just following their friend’s advices which can lead to poor body structure. First of all, the thing to keep in mind is that there are 3 types of supplements for a healthy life, for building muscles and for losing weight. The supplements alone cannot give results to your body without any training. Training is extremely essential, but having a healthy diet will provide good and long-term results. To get supplements you can easily log on to the BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS ONLINE INDIA and get your stack delivered at your home.

Supplements as the name suggests that these are used to supplement the healthy diet, not to replace it. As youngsters are more into building muscles, so here we will discuss about some of the supplements which can be beneficial in muscle building.

  • Whey Protein: For muscle building, protein is very much essential. Adults should consume 0.75g of protein for each kilogram of body weight. If a person is into the training and exercising, the protein consumption should be increased to assists the muscle growth and muscle rehabilitation. Meeting the protein requirements alone from the food can be difficult and thus addition of protein powder in the diet can be advantageous.

Whey protein provides around 24g of protein from each serving and is also available in various variants.

  • Creatine: It helps in enhancing the size of the muscle, energy levels and the overall strength of the body. It very beneficial for the persons performing training which include high intensive exercises like powerlifting and sprinting. Creatine can be taken by mixing it with the protein shake and prior workout or post workout and the recommended amount is 5g a day.
  • BCCAS: Branched Chain Amino Acids are vital building blocks of muscle. It helps in avoiding the catabolism which assists in maintaining the muscle mass. Catabolism is process in which body breaks down the muscle and utilize it to provide energy to the body. It contains 3 crucial amino acids- Valine, Isoleucine and Leucine in the ration 1:1:2. BCAAs can be take pre or post workout and can be taken in a small quantity for the whole day.
  • Pre-Workout: Before training, it feels like low energy level which demotivates to perform workout. The pre workout can be very beneficial in providing the energy to the body which increases the strength and endurance. Mostly these have high caffeine level which provides energy for the short period of time and is perfect for extreme trainings.
  • Casein: Due to regular weight training there is break down of the muscle fibres and protein helps in the repairing and growth of muscles. As while sleeping, due to fastening for around 7-9 hours, the body breaks down the muscle to get energy. But by consuming casein, it provides a slow releasing protein source to the body which prevents muscle breakdown.

ISOPURE INDIA provides a wide range of supplements and their best selling supplements are Protein, Mass Gainer and Amino

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7 facts to know about hair transplant surgery.

hair transplant surgery

A hair transplant is a surgery that is not meant for everyone.

There are so many men and women that make peace after losing their hair. But around 50% of the population feel descended after losing hair. These types of people start to lose their confidence and morale. Because they think that hairs are part of your personality.

  1. These are the problems that further force the people to use so many things to get rid of hair fall issues. Some people start using special oils, gels etc.
  2. But the best way to get free from this problem is a hair transplant. A hair transplant is a method in which your surgeon will cut or shave your hair and will transplant it to the bald part of your scalp.

According to the surgeons, there are two types of hair transplant. But the best one is the follicular unit extraction. If you are also searching for hair transplant facts, then you have come to the right place. Have a look at the article, to know the 7 facts that will tell you that hair transplant is the best way to get rid of hair fall issues.

  1. Hair transplant is a permanent procedure.
  1. The hair transplant surgery is considered to be permanent. Because in these kinds of hair treatments the doctor or the surgeon directly transfers hair follicles from one part to another. The direct transfer of hair follicles makes this procedure permanent.
  2. During the surgery, the doctor incises the hair on your scalp. Therefore, this is the natural incision and the hair transplanted will further look like your natural hairs.
  3. But if we take donor hairs from other people, this surgery does not work. Because each and every persons’ hair are having different types of characteristics.
  4. So, go and get consultation for hair transplant surgery today only. This is one of the best and effective way to grow the hair again.

You should find perfect doctor, this will be good option for hair harmony and you.

  1. There are 2 kinds of hairs in transplant procedures.

According to the surgeons, there are two kinds of hair transplant procedures. One is FUE and the other is FUT. Both procedures are good in their own way. But the best one is FUE. Let’s discuss why?

Follicular Unit Transplantation Vs Follicular Unit Extraction.


  1. In FUT, the surgeon takes a strip from the back of your scalp.
  2. Whereas in FUE, the doctor shaves your hair from the back of the scalp or ears.


  1. In FUT, the doctor cuts the strip into smaller fragments known as grafts. And therefore, each graft contains 4-5 hairs. And then these grafts are transplanted to the bald or thin areas of the scalp.
  2. Whereas in FUE, the doctor directly transfers the hair follicles to the scalp. They make tiny holes on the bald portion of the head and then follow the surgery.

These above 2 facts clear that FUE is better than FUT.

  1. A hair transplant is not meant for everyone.

Yes, there are some expectations who get not to go through the process of hair transplant. These can be because of the following mentioned reasons. Have a look:

  1. People who are habitual of smoking cannot go through the surgery. If they really want to do a hair transplant, they will have to quit smoking for 2 weeks before surgery.
  2. People having low donor hairs are also not allowed to go through the surgery.

There are very cases like this. In most of cases people are capable of going through hair transplant surgery. Let’s see who the people are, that can go through surgery are:

  1. People having proper donor hairs can easily make the decision for hair transplant surgery.
  2. People who are having any king of hair burn problem or injuries can also go for this surgery.
  1. After hair transplant surgery people need proper care.

It is very much important for a person, to give proper care to their scalp after the surgery. No, extraordinary care is required. Here are some tips:

  1. You should not brush or comb your hair on the part of the surgery. Because it can lead to so many complications.
  2. You should take your medicines regularly.
  3. You should keep consulting the doctor till the time he/she says Ok.
  4. You should not go back to your normal work, till the time your doctor recommends you to go.
  1. The hair transplant price is very high.

The cost of hair transplant surgery is between $4000 and $15,000. This is the price that is not easily affordable by everyone. But there are so many clinics that offer you financial help also for the surgery. Therefore, this opportunity is good for hair harmony and you.

If you really made your heart for hair transplant surgery. Then go and consult such kind of clinics.

These are some facts that you should go through before making your heart for surgery. You can also find a clinic giving free consultations because it becomes easy for you to set your mine after consultation.

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At What Cost Is It Possible to Avail Lumbar Decompression Treatment in India?


Lumbar Decompression is the effective surgery used for the treatment of the compressed nerves in the lower back. The surgery is the last option for those who do not receive any considerable improvement with the help of non-surgical treatment options like physiotherapy and medications.

The treatment is often expensive in most of the countries offering the cure of the disorder. At the same time, Lumbar Decompression Surgery Cost in India costs USD 4,500. You can save 40 to 50 % of the overall expenses you would do in any other country apart from India.

In What Conditions Lumbar Decompression Surgery is Helpful?

There are numerous causes and signs of the compression of the spinal nerves, that require Lumbar decompression surgery. The surgery is often helpful in the conditions like:

  • Slipped Disc:

In this situation, the patient suffers from considerable pain in the lower back. The reason for this spinal condition is damage of the spinal disc, that put excessive pressure on the underlying nerves.

  • Spinal Stenosis:

The human spinal column has a predefined gap between the spinal nerves. It is essential to maintain the healthy condition of the spine. During the spinal stenosis, the gap in the spinal column reducing considerably. The narrowing of the spinal column leads to excessive pressure on the internal nerves, resulting in extreme pain and inability to perform the regular tasks.

  • Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression:

It is a condition that strikes the body if you have cancer. The nature of such disease is that it spreads to the different parts of the body, and in the sequence, it strikes the spinal cord too. Usually, lung cancer is the root cause of spinal cancer. Spinal

cancer results in considerable pressure on the spinal nerves, and it cannot be cured without the surgery.

  • Spinal Injuries:

Lumbar decompression treatment is helpful in yet another condition that is when a patient comes across spinal injuries. It may result into the spinal fracture or the swelling of the nerves, in both the cases, the person suffers considerable pain in the back. The rupture in such conditions can only be healed with Lumbar Decompression Surgery.

Lumbar Treatment Cost in India is so low that the patients suffering from lumbar disorders across the globe are travelling to the country to avail the benefits. Also, the patients get to receive the necessary assistance from few of the best medical tourism companies in India. So, the patient and the attendant never face any problem in getting the treatment in a foreign country.

Final Words:

In case you or someone in your family is suffering from lumbar disorders, making it difficult for you to perform your day to day tasks, then you can visit India to get the cure. The doctors in India are highly experienced and have a success rate of 95% in performing surgeries without any complications. So, without making further delay, that may result in the worsening of your situation book your appointment with top surgeons of India now.

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Facts About Hair Follicle Drug Testing You Should Remember

Drug Testing

If you wish to get a new job, promotion, or stay working, you have to pass a mandatory drug test that companies are implementing to protect their working places.

For instance, in the USA, hair drug testing is becoming more and more popular when compared with other ones such as blood and urinalysis for numerous reasons.

The main idea is that you will get an ability to check the presence of long history drug use since hair tends to store a more extensive history that will help you determine patterns of abuse.

At the same time, it is almost impossible to cheat it, because everything will be administered in a protected environment by taking a sample from a head scalp or other parts of the body.

Finally, other tests are not efficient and reliable as they were before, especially since numerous products entered the market such as synthetic powders and urines, with an idea to help you pass the test with ease.

That is why you should check out this site: so that you can see the best brands for drug test on the market. According to most scientists, HR departments use hair screening as the most efficient and effective method when compared with others.

How Does It Work?

A hair analysis is straightforward when it comes to its process and application. The things you consume will enter your bloodstream, fill a hair follicle, and become the part of newly grown hair.

Therefore, when you smoke weed, for instance, the THC will enter your bloodstream and finish as the part of your hair shaft, through follicles that are beneath it.

As it grows, the traces of metabolites will pass from follicles to the hair and present a record of your drug abuse in the last three months or ninety days.

You will arrive at a test location, and the administrators will use a small sample from the back or top of your scalp and right to the skin line. They will place the specimen in a specially made container for this particular purpose.

Have in mind that they will take a sample of 1.5 inches of hair since it tends to grow approximately 0.5 inches every month, so that will give them ability to see what you consumed in the last three months.

They will take the specimen into the lab to check the traces of various chemicals inside. Remember that turnaround time tends to be up to three days from the testing day. Check here, to understand everything about hair analysis.

Another important fact that you have to remember is that follicle drug test is specially made to detect the patterns of drug abuse, which means heavy users and not occasional people that smoke weed.

Therefore, employers are combining urinalysis with this particular type of screening so that they can get the best possible results for both short and long-term history of use.

Even though in theory, it can detect up to one year of consumption, and in some severe cases, many more than that, the highest accuracy is limited to three months.

When compared with that, blood tests, as well as a urinalysis, cannot check the past usage, but only drugs you consumed in the last few days. That is the main reason why most employers are turning to hair test instead.

The interesting consideration is the process that will help you grow your hair. Have in mind that drug test can tell your employer whether you used something and stopped, but they cannot detect the timeline of consumption.

You will need at least five to seven days so that drug metabolites can enter your hair because that is the timeline from consumption until the new hair starts growing on your shaft. From that point, drug traces will be the part of your hair until you decide to cut it.

In case your hair is too short, technicians can easily take samples from other parts of your body such as arms, backs, chests, and even pubic area.

Remember that drug test features the same level of accuracy as other testing methods, but it has a higher advantage when it comes to checking out the long history of drug abuse. According to most drug testing companies, the reliability of hair analysis is 99%.

How to Pass Hair Drug Test?

1.   Abstinence for Four Months

Even though it is the most logical reasoning when it comes to this particular way of removing unwanted compounds from your hair, in most cases, people do not have enough time to do it.

However, if you are worried whether you will be able to keep or get your dream job or risk losing a case, then the best and most efficient way is to stop with drug consumption for at least four months.

For instance, if you smoke weed regularly, you will require at least ten days to drop the drug traces from your blood as well as another 100 days for it to grow approximately 1.5-inches from your scalp, which is enough for testing.

The main problem is that you will not be able to wait that long, which is why they choose other methods instead. We recommend you to visit this website:, and you will be able to learn how to pass this particular drug test.

2.   Shave Everything

As soon as the tests entered the market at the beginning of new millennia, it was highly apparent to everyone around us that the most effective way to beat it is to completely shave your hair on your body and stop with consuming anything.

Even though it is useful, the results you create with this particular behavior may affect your future in the company.

The first thing that employer will think when he sees you wholly shaved is that you wanted to avoid getting test, so you have to explain why did you do it and what were your reasons in general. Apart from that, employers also know about this particular hack that you can do, so if they cannot get a specimen from your body as well, they will conduct another method such as blood or urine, so if you consumed something a few days back, you would still fail it.

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