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Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While You Cook


Statistics tell us that Americans eat out for at least one daily meal an average of 5.9 times per week. While we know this has a lot to do with how busy our daily lives have become, with the majority of families having both parents working full-time jobs outside the home, there could be more to it than simply not having time for the actual cooking.

Americans tell us that not only do they not have time to cook weeknight dinners, but they also don’t have time and energy for the messy clean-up involved when the cooking and eating is done. Why spend time wiping up crumbs, spills, pots and pans, and greasy stoves, when you can eat out or pick up food that someone else has cooked?

Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work the way it does on the food channel when chefs have every ingredient they need pre-chopped, pre-measured, and waiting in decorative little bowls to be added to the pot. Inside our homes, the chopping, blending, measuring and pouring cause real-life messes that build up during a cooking session into an intimidating and exhausting pile which many busy Americans don’t have the time or energy to deal with.

So what are some ways to minimize the pile-up of kitchen mess while we cook? Is there anything that can make cleanup faster and easier?

The answer is an emphatic “yes.” Unlike Rachel Ray, we don’t have assistants scurrying around cleaning up after us while we strut our cooking prowess in front of a simmering pot, but there are some tips and tricks for a faster kitchen cleanup.

Be Smart Before You Start

While this may seem like a no-brainer, the truth is, many of us live such busy lives that even before we begin cooking, our kitchen may be cluttered and … well, somewhat less than perfectly clean. If you begin with a mess, the molehill will soon become a mountain. For instance, you can’t immediately place a dirty mixing bowl and spoon into the dishwasher, if it’s still filled with clean dishes from last night’s wash. So if you want to keep your cooking mess manageable while you work, it’s important—not to mention hygienic—to begin with a clean kitchen. A great dishwasher can be your best kitchen assistant if you have it unloaded and ready to be filled while you cook. 

Use a Bowl to Collect Counter Clutter

It’s helpful to keep the first bowl, pan, or cutting board you’ve dirtied out on your countertop to collect clutter while you cook. This means anything that’s going to go into the trash, such as empty packages, wrappers, cans, and peels, can be thrown into the bowl, so when it’s time to begin cleanup, it can all be thrown away in one easy move. If you have recyclables, keep your bins handy in a corner of the kitchen while you work so you can easily toss things in.

It’s also a good idea to keep a bowl of warm, soapy water in your sink with a clean sponge or dishcloth inside so you can easily grab it to wipe up any liquid spills, or drifts of flour, sugar, salt, and spices that end up on your countertop.

Load as You Go

Probably the most important clean-while-you-cook tip is to have your dishwasher unloaded and open, so every dish and utensil you use can be placed directly inside when you are finished with it, rather than letting them pile up in the sink and become a big job you have to tackle when you’re through.

It’s also important to put away each package, container or canister as you go. Don’t leave them on the countertop to pile up into a mess to tackle afterward. Return each item to the cabinet, pantry, refrigerator, etc. while you work.

When measuring out ingredients with measuring cups and spoons, you can save countertop messes by measuring over the kitchen sink. Then, any spills can be quickly rinsed away.

Pay While You Saute

Another simple, but effective way to keep your kitchen clean while you cook, is to perform minor cleaning tasks between cooking steps. For example, if you have to wait for meat to brown in a pan before adding vegetables, it’s the perfect time to grab the sponge or dishcloth you have soaking in warm soapy water and wipe down the surfaces you’ve used. You can also scour any pans that need a scrub before placing them into the dishwasher.

In fact, if you are involved in a multi-step cooking project, it’s actually a great time to tackle other kitchen tasks you’ve been putting off. While it’s probably not the best time to mop the floor, it is a good time to do the small chores you’ve been putting off, like cleaning the microwave, scrubbing the sink, watering plants, or giving your kitchen window a quick clean with your window cleaner so you can enjoy a splatter-free view of your backyard.

It’s so much easier to tackle each small task as you go than to face a mountain of dirty dishes and countertops after you eat, as opposed to when you just want to rest and recuperate from all your hard work.

Increase Your Screen Time

If you haven’t discovered the blessing of a good splatter screen for cooking, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. A splatter screen is an inexpensive kitchen tool that is invaluable in limiting stovetop mess. Splatter screens come in the same standard size options of your frying pans and can be placed on top during cooking. The mesh screen allows your food to breathe, and steam to be released but catches splattering grease and food to keep it from landing on your stovetop and surrounding areas. Then it can simply be placed into the dishwasher along with your pots and pans.

Following these simple clean-as-you-go tips will make your entire meal-cooking project and cleanup a much more time-manageable and less intimidating chore.

And it’s so much easier to enjoy your home-cooked meal without a pile of dirty dishes and greasy stovetop waiting for you to finish!

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Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Versus Doing it Yourself

Professional carpet cleaning in Bangalore makes your rug look better, yet in addition makes it last more! Earth caught in your rug will separate the material and in the end stain or demolish your rug. Rug and tile cleaning administrations a floor covering cleaning organization accompanies one year of boundless return visits. Your neighborhood Better Business Bureau can give organizations that have a notoriety of taking care of business directly without extra or concealed expenses. 

Producers of these cleaning synthetics have gone through the last 20+ years making new rug care advancements. Especially, Encapsulation dry-cleaning and Green based synthetic substances have been the discussion of the business throughout the previous couple of years. Professional carpet cleaning in Bangaloreis actually the same than everything else; you get what you pay for. Not exclusively can floor covering cleaning clean your rugs and dispose of rug scent, it can similarly crash minuscule living beings and smell from your home. 


Steam cleaners have worked in boilers that glow the water inside to make steam. The steam will be showered on to the floor covering and various surfaces in order to loosen soil and even recolor. Steam cleaning is comprehensively recommended as the best cleaning procedure. You can similarly put aside money in case you have a story covering cleaning coupon from the association you contract to clean your floor coverings. Steam spread cleaners use weight and temperature development to suck all the problematic stains, rendering an awesome and new spread around the end. 

Steam cleaning truly does not use steam, yet uses high temp water. The temperature of this bubbling water is standard speaking between, 150 to 200 degree Fahrenheit. Steam Cleaning, generally called bubbling water extraction is the most notable sort of master floor covering cleaning procedure being utilized. Various specialists feel it is the best cleaning system for floor covers. Steam cleaning is helpful for cleaning the floor covering especially when there are people who have hypersensitivities. This will genuinely discard the smell and the modest animals. 

Steam extraction at such high temperatures truly plunges significant into the fibers of floor covers and flushes out the bothersome particles. The pretreatment and conditioner that we as master floor covering and tile cleaners utilize loosens the bothersome particles setting them up to be expelled with the incredible steam cleaners. Steam-heat systems oust excess soddenness on contact, nearby soil and grime. 


Wool can be cleaned by any of the different procedures for floor covering cleaning. It’s extraordinarily flexible, and works honorably with both wet and dry systems. Wool is adequately hurt by blurs and salts be that as it may. Downy should be cleaned with fair chemicals (pH 5.0-8.0) and dried quickly to control yellowing or caramelizing. 


Master associations either use an adaptable overpowering controlled steam cleaning machine which can bring to your home, or a truck mount steam cleaning machine which is moreover ground-breaking in cleaning your floor coverings. Hire a carpet cleaning services in Bangalore which can focus on up the cleaning works more. Capable zone floor covering, mat, and tile cleaning associations can in like manner fix or right most carpet deformities found. These specialists are adroit at weaving and can fix up any zone floor covering or mat.

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Budget hotels in Belgaum

Everybody likes to travel and in traveling, we are very in choosing the best destination and the suitable accommodation in that place. Let me suggest you a wonderful destination –Belgaum known as Belgavi .and some of the budget hotels in Belgaum.

All About Belgaum

Belgaum is the place where beautiful nature and history meets and you can travel here with cheap money because it has Budget hotels in Belgaum, less travel expense, etc.

nature is very kind with is  Situated at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain range on the Western Ghats with dark and dense forests,  beautifully flowing rivers,  waterfalls, and lush greenery in most part of.

For the religious pilgrim, Belgaum also has a number of ancient temples. While some of them are in the heart of the city, while others are located within the fort walls, and some others can only visit by trekking or walking through the hills or the forests.  these age-old temples are filled with wonderful architecture and historical importance are undoubtedly worth to visit.

The forts in Belgaum are great tourist spots, especially for those who interested in history. Each fort has some historical importance and stores, and there are many inscriptions on the walls of forts and palaces. Rather than this Belgaum is an important commercial hub and export center for Karnataka

So you have all the reason to stay here so just check for budget hotels in Belgaum

Top budget hotels in Belgaum

The below hotels are a personal choice and I am sure that none of them disappointed you

Hotel Inland Avenue

It is one of the budget hotels in Belgaum. Which is known for better facilities and ambiance. The room is very neat and tidy. It is in a better position that staying in this hotel this you easily get transportation facility to all part of the city. It is very cheap that it only cost rupees 2000  for one night

Hotel Suvarna Mandir

Another budget hotel in Belgaum.  This hotel is only 1.3 kilometers away from Belgaum Railway Station so it is very easy to reach. This place is known for the best treatment and food. The behavior of staffs in this hotel is ever memorable. It only cost rupees 800 per night here.

Western Tower Hotel

Another budget hotel in Belgaum. It is the best hotel in the city .it is in the best location which is good for travel all around the city.. staff here is very good and the hotel is really very clean. I will give a 5-star rating to this hotel and its restaurant which is Top-in-town. One night stay here costs only 2000* rupees

Hotel Triveni

It is a budget hotel in Belgaum situated in Shivaji Nagar. It is very near to many tourist libations. They provide you better-staying conditions and facilities. The neat and clean atmosphere in this hotel is fit for you to refresh. This hotel cost only rupees 1000 per night.

Hotel Surya Yatri Niwas

This budget hotel in Belgaum is a Good place to stay for business opportunities. Nearby to the bus stand and friendly staff. Food is very good with complimentary breakfast. They have an in-house restaurant too. The rooms here are neat and clean.  it is only rupees 1000 to stay here.

Hotel Rajpurohit Rajwada

In this budget hotel in Belgium is the best choice. its overall experience is very good. You will surely like the fast service provided here. the staff here is very co-operative. the rooms were clean with all the amenities promised .you will surely love this place. This place cost only ₹ 933 per night.

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The modern and high tech surveillance is essential for proper security of any property

Working environment savagery, modern surveillance, and fear based oppression compromise faculty and property security. At the point when office passages aren’t verified, organizations are powerless and subject. The visitor management framework with programming devices, ID approval, physical hindrances, and a well-structured anteroom can keep the off-base individuals out and let the correct individuals in productively. The campaign is the absolute most significant security point in any structure or office where insurance of staff and property is vital. Make one-time-use guest identifications including photographs, names, and affiliations, have names, and approved zones of access, just as termination times. Enable workers to enlist guests online ahead of time and be informed electronically or by telephone when they arrive.

  • A computerized framework gives a review trail that is anything but difficult to make and access. At the point when offices depend on logbooks, reusable guest identifications, and security protects, security breaks are almost certain: Data in logbooks can be obscured or false, making an off base record of guests and no notice that they aren’t who they state they are. Contenders, programmers, and providers can peruse them and increase private data. Guests can disregard to sign out and return identifications; unapproved guests can utilize unreturned identifications to penetrate offices and access representatives, confined territories, hardware, mixes, or exclusive information.
  • The front desk visitor management introduced a guest the board framework to keep up security at its office during redesign. The framework checked contractual workers’ characters, followed comings and goings, and cautioned them when they were expected for wellbeing preparing. At an information stockpiling focus, a framework streamlined section for workers, temporary workers, and others, empowering the office to watch out for unwelcome guests. A noteworthy air terminal redesigned its office guest the board to a computerized framework.
  • During the airplane terminal’s extension, it dealt with the inundation of advisors, contractual workers, and merchants, and kept the air terminal secure. Recording written by hand names or notwithstanding enabling guests to physically enter their own recognizable proof data prompts unintended slip-ups and opens the entryway to deliberate distortion. Rather, schools ought to depend on information read from officially sanctioned distinguishing proof cards like a driver’s permit through an ID scanner. For protection purposes, schools should utilize frameworks whose scanners arrange just the information vital for screening and don’t keep a photocopy of the ID.
  • This robotized procedure isn’t just increasingly proficient and solid, yet the framework additionally enables you to make an electronic record that is open even off-webpage by online frameworks if there should arise an occurrence of crisis or evacuation. The significance of having the option to quickly check names against national sex guilty party libraries and authority requests is self-evident. Be that as it may, it is about difficult to do this physically. Furthermore, there’s a high probability of mistakes when physically entering a guest’s name and date of birth. That can make regular names produce many potential matches
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4 Ways 3D Floor Sell Plans for Real Estate

There are a lot of improvements at once can see when we talk about how the 3D floor plan has simplified the design model for commercial and residential property. There was the time when real estate agents have to invest money, time and effort into a sale. Each marketing material, tools were so expensive that they cannot borrow or afford to buy that. That is when 3D graphics come into the limelight for helping businesses by actually offering 3 D visualization at its best.

The 3D floor is known for the great asset in real estate industry as its attracts buyers and offer great market information, their demand and allow real information which communicates greatly between interested buyers and 3D rendering company.

As a result, 3D floor plans are able to sell much faster than any other available sources and let’s find out what are the options and ways to understand the 3D floor plan in details.

A 3D floor plan brings selling at a faster turnaround

  • It might look odd when you are going to buy an apartment and no listing of property makes you feel dissatisfied and look for other options. If the property is listed then it is easier for people to find out which room is far better and 3D floor rendering helps to buyers what expect from the real estate property.
  • Unlike 2D where it is needed to interpretation, 3D offers a more convenient and par excellence listing results in a better conversion rate of listing

3D floor plan increases the brand image like online marketing

  • The 3D floor plan is pretty handy when you want to land at home page, social media posts, and newsletters which are the part of online marketing. Like in listing here using 3D floor plan rendering one can get to know all the details information regarding room layout and its measurements.
  • A 3D floor plan is an excellent tool for empowering online marketing. Sales, presale and another potential way you can target more consumers. let you know the exact and accurate online sales forecast and continue to help realtors to find more business.

3D floor plan for advertisement and print media

  • One of the main features that make the 3D floor plan is it is more inclined to print media .online billboards, hoardings, banners all is an integral part of the local real estate market.
  • Those marketer practice marketing materials effectively rendered some inspiring things which are done without any paperwork making buyer show interested in approaching the realtor.

3D floor plans cherish upon on present time

  • Some of the growing challenges that do come to a realtor are how to bring all the business opportunities and convince the buyers to recommend and 3D floor plan sells the house at a fair rate.
  • Floor plan software and techniques are helping the seller to invest and realtor can hire an interior deco to wrap up the design project within the given deadline of work. As a result, the buyer will be expanding their business opportunities and satisfied with the end results.


These are the most common ways floor plan rendering can help and assist real estate sales upfront. If you want to improve and increase the marketing goals then look no further and ask Archi CGI 3D rendering company to experience the result-driven work promises.

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A Millennial Guide to Interior Designing (a budget friendly plan)

Sometimes, the idea of interior designing horrifies because of the perception people are having about its expense.

Is interior designing really not a thing for people with strict budget?

Let me bust the myth that interior designing is always about spending a lot of money. You should know that interior designers like Sanjyt Syngh can do wonders without throwing out a big amount from your bank balance.

The fact is designing your space is more about your imagination and creativity rather than money. These days the clients of interior designers are not only limited to the opulent class. Beautifying your home is not a luxury anymore. Let’s see how wonders can be done by making little changes.

Even if you don’t have a budget to organise your indoor space, interior designing can be your cup of tea. You can be your own interior designer; you just need to understand some basic concepts.

Delhi based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has shared his thoughts in his budget-friendly indoor designing experience. He justifies that interior designing is not only about filling your home with expensive creation.


First of all, you need to analyze the overall space and choose the right colour because the effect of shades matters more than you think. Creating the perfect look by putting the right colours and patterns on wall is like winning half of the battle.


Before buying anything, make sure you have a proper space for it. Doing it the other way is the most common mistake people usually make. Collecting unnecessary stuffs is only going to increase the clutter. Spend less but be clear on what you are spending and how you will actually utilize it.


Never forget to pick the right pieces for your home while travelling. This is the best way to get an unusual variety in your home. You can also get original artwork at affordable prices from local stores of whichever place you are visiting. According to Sanjyt Syngh, “Artwork is a great option to give the desired feel to the overall space. The large-sized pieces may do wonders. But there is no alternative of original artwork according to him.

Apart from picking what would look great in your home, you have great opportunity to discover ideas from different places. You never know, where you can get the best inspiration for embellishing your home. I hope now you are ready not only to pick things but also ideas to transforming your personal world.


Sanjyt believes as an interior designer that oversized, bold and colourful pieces do not create that magic. The point is to make that space eye-catching, not just to highlight that piece. Less is more may sound a cliché but it is crucial to consider while designing your interior.


Imagine a scenario in which no space is left in your home and every corner is occupied with something. Of course, it does not sound like a meticulously designed interior at all.

An adept interior designer does his job without destroying the spacious feel of a home. What is the point in designing your home, if it makes it look over-occupied? According to Sanjit Syngh, every corner of your home should not be embellished with captivating pieces. Otherwise it may start looking at a shop of handicrafts, art pieces, and vases. Leaving some areas empty does not only give a spacious feel to your home but also saves your enough bank balance.


Give the finishing touch with the right lightening effects. After all, lights are something that impacts your mood and productivity. There is no way you should compromise in it; it is the easiest and cheapest way to enhance the overall look. What you need is just little bit of creativity and imagination.

There is no need to spend so many bucks on lights. Sanjyt Syngh always suggested his clients to adorn the light with enthralling lampshades. It adds the exact effect you are looking for. The fun thing here is that you can add your own creativity when it comes to lampshades. DIY lampshades are the best pocket friendly solutions to balance your expense and a great way to distract yourself from your mundane schedule.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start creating the perfect plan to transform your shelter of peace.

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Top downhole drilling tools

downhole drilling tools

The various downhole tools are: –

  • flow and pressure control
  • impurity control
  • drilling
  • downhole control systems
  • and handling tools

In 2014, in terms of value Drilling, downhole tools held the largest market share in terms of value.

  • List of Top Downhole Tools Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Cougar Drilling Solutions
  • Vertex Downhole Ltd.
  • United Drilling Tools Limited
  • Drilling Innovative Solutions, Llc
  • Dyna-Drill Technologies Inc.
  • Eaton Oil Tools, Inc.
  • Ferro-Tube Oil Tools Co., L.P.
  • Gulf Coast Downhole Technologies.
  • Deep South Chemical, Inc.
  • Downhole Stabilization

To Execute our project successfully, it is essential to find an appropriate company with a good track record. We help you in connecting with the top manufacturers of Downhole Tools and to get the best quotation.

In oil and gas drilling there’s no such issue as a very vertical borehole. Regarding the historical development of vertical drilling, the initial vertical wells were trained by the percussion drilling methodology.

seven sets of key drilling tools

  • automatic vertical well drilling tools,
  • downhole turbine tools,
  • high-performance PDC bits,
  • hybrid bits,
  • bit jet pulsation devices,
  • the no-drilling-surprise monitoring system,
  • casing running devices for a top drive;

Five kinds of cementing slurries and drilling fluids

  • high density and high-temperature water-based drilling fluids,
  • high temperature
  • oil-based drilling fluids,
  • large temperature difference cementing slurry,
  • ductile cement slurry system.

Here are the top downhole tools manufacturers: –

  • Cougar Drilling Solutions
  • Vertex Downhole Ltd.
  • United Drilling Tools Limited
  • Drilling Innovative Solutions, Llc
  • Dyna-Drill Technologies Inc.


Researches and tests will be focused on new drilling/completion technologies and methods for deep and complex wells, new equipment and tools of automatic and high efficient drilling/completion for deep and ultra-deep wells, and integration and application of drilling/completion technologies. Deep and ultra-deep well drilling technologies are expected to reach advanced international Level as soon as possible.

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How Should You Take Care of Your Oven?

oven repair

A kitchen cannot be complete without an oven. It is one major home appliance that you can rely on anytime of the day—from simple frying to baking and other complicated cooking methods. Because of its usefulness and functionality, some high-quality ovens are handed down from one generation to the next. Here are some oven maintenance tips to prolong your oven’s durability and length of service:

1. Clean spills right away.

Mop up spills or splatters immediately before they set. Use a wet cloth to wipe off the mess as soon as it has cooled down. Mix baking soda and white vinegar to clean your oven thoroughly. Soak the grates in this mixture overnight for deep cleaning. Do this three to four times a year. You can also do spot cleaning when necessary.

2. Do not remove dials and knobs.

Never attempt to remove dials and knobs when cleaning. Water could get into the electrical wiring and cause a short circuit. To clean dials and knobs, simply wipe them with a damp cloth.

3. Protect your oven against spills.

Use a baking sheet when cooking dishes that might spill.  This will lessen the mess, prevent stains, and make cleaning easier and faster.

4. Clean your filter and hood.

The filter and hood of an electric range catch the grease and moisture as you cook your favorite dishes. Make sure to clean them regularly to avoid getting clogged and stained. Follow the manufacturer’s manual for cleaning instructions and recommendations regarding replacement. For gas range, use detergent and hot water to clean the grates and burners.

5. Use a natural cleanser.

Commercial cleansers contain abrasive components that are harsh on your oven’s finish. They also leave residue that can get into your food, making it unsafe for consumption. To prevent this, opt to use natural cleansers such as baking soda and vinegar. Wipe off the grease in your oven with a soft cloth. For hard stains, spray them with the mixture to loosen the dirt. Then use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad to remove the stubborn dirt.

6. Check door gaskets and port inserts.

Oven doors normally have moisture as you cook food. However, too much moisture can mean faulty door gasket. Watch out for gaps and missing pieces. These could lead to heat loss and result to longer cooking time and higher energy bill. Ask a professional to check your oven doors and other port inserts. If you’re looking for experts in home or commercial oven repair, there are various service providers in Salt Lake City. Feel free to contact them for assistance.

7. Observe caution when using aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil reflects too much heat. According to experts, foil used to line the bottom of your oven can melt and damage your oven.  If possible, avoid using it to line the bottom of your oven. If it is absolutely necessary, be cautious in doing so because it can become a fire hazard.  

8. Keep motors lubricated.

Ovens with a sleeve-bearing motor blower should be lubricated every six months, while those with pre-lubricated motors do not need additional lubrication. Keep this in mind to avoid unnecessary blunders.

9. Use the correct amount of power.

A lack of power can lead to poor appliance performance. When using your appliance, make sure that it has the right amount of power to operate. A buck-boost transformer can help your appliance function smoothly. A well-maintained oven prevents costly repairs and premature replacements. On top of it, routine maintenance prolongs your oven’s life. To maximize your oven’s functionality, keep a maintenance schedule. 

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Things to consider when looking for a PG

You know what many people are getting towards new cities for better opportunities and facilities. But they certainly don’t have a house in those cities right? It is the reason they opt for other options for their stay over. one of the most suitable and safe option for staying in an alien city is a pg. a PG can make you feel at home, keep safe and can be got in your budget.

What type of PG?

There can be different types of PGs and you can choose as per your preference and ease. Whether you are looking for pg in electronic city Bangalore or in any other area; you can easily find a PG for you. That is as per your needs. Make sure that you keep in mind the following points:

What is your budget?

You know many people get intimidated when they start looking for Pgs. It is because they don’t underline the budget they have. you have no idea how effectively it can help you to have a budget in mind before you start looking for a pg. you have to note down your budget before you decide any pg. once you have a budget in mind you can make a choice accordingly. You would not make any decision that might turn out to be pricy for you down the lane. After all, the rent of a PG has to be paid every month. You have to think about the long run too. Keep the following things in mind:

  • What is your monthly income and can you comfortably get the PG rent out of it?
  • What about the day today needs? Would you be able to survive with the pennies left after spending monthly on the PG?

Once you have these things in mind you would be able to draw a proper outline of what you can do with your money and which type of Pg. would comfortably get into your budget.

What do you need in specific?

Is there anything that you cannot live without? Do you feel that you want certain things for sure? What are your plans? Do you have anything in mind specifically that you look forward to have in your PG? Come on, you cannot take it lightly because you have to stay in the PG for months and even longer. What is the point if you are not comfortable or at ease in the PG despite spending a lot of money on it? Your stay would definitely have an impact on your day today working and studies. you cannot take any chance with your PG. even if you want a single room in a PG and not a shared room make sure that you talk to the owner in prior. In this way you would not have to panic about anything at all. You might have to give a little higher payment for solo room but that would be your preference. If you are okay with shared room then you can go for that too.

Thus, now you can start looking for pg in electronic city phase 1 for gents and these discussed points will help you make the best choices.

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Reasons to Switch to a Modern Fireplace

Using wood for your fireplace has its unique charm, but it comes with a few risks. Embers from an improperly put out fire can cause accidents and stored timber can be a starting point for a termite infestation. Modern fireplaces that use gas have become quite popular, and there are several reasons why:


Traditional fireplaces have flying embers that can escape your furnace and cause damage to your floors or even start a fire. Log fires can get out of hand when unattended and putting them out requires utmost care. With a gas fireplace, you have absolute control over your fire, requiring a mere twist of a knob to regulate heat or stop the fire. Even when left unattended, there are no flying embers, and your fire remains at a constant level.


Traditional fireplaces require venting — which can be impossible for most apartment-type homes. You’ll need to construct a chimney or some other venting option if you want a traditional fireplace. On the other hand, gas fireplaces can provide you with the heat and fire that you desire without needing additional venting. Gas fireplaces come with a vent-less option that provides the same heat while producing minimal emissions.


You can use several types of firestones for your fireplaces or firepits. Firestones give your fireplace or fire pit a seemingly magical appearance, and they go well with modern or antique fireplace mantels. You have the option of using colored stones to match your preferences or your room’s design. Firestones come in several colors, shapes, and sizes, and you can switch from one colored stone to another on special occasions or set the mood of a party or gathering. They might not have the crackling sound of logs, but firestones have a quite fascinating and ethereally beautiful quality.

Cleaner Air

Gas fireplaces produce little to zero particulates and absolutely no smoke. The smoke from a wood-burning firepit can be quite irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat. That soothing smell of burning wood, that’s particulates and smoke entering your lungs. As the smoke gets into your lungs, it can cause more severe problems like bronchitis and lung cancer. Gas burns a lot cleaner than wood — no particulates in the air that can enter your lungs and no soot to clean afterward.


Unless you cut your own logs, traditional fireplaces can be more expensive to use. A traditional fireplace can use around $200 worth of logs in a year while running a gas fireplace for that same period will cost around $60. Traditional fireplaces also require more maintenance and cleaning. If you’re thinking about installing a stove, traditional fireplaces will have 2-3 times the price of a gas fireplace.

Overall, traditional wood-burning fireplaces have a certain appeal, but modern gas fireplaces are safer, cleaner, more efficient, and less expensive. The appearance of burning wood does have a certain appeal, but fire stones give your furnace a much more modern look as well as a more elegant appearance.

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