Inspirational Words By Real Life Yoddhas

Real-life Yodhas refers to those people who are courageous, fearless and determined like a Yoddha. These are the people who do their duty and fulfill their purpose in life, no matter how difficult it is. Being around these kinds of people is a gift because they will inspire and motivate you in every step of your way. Many great successful people who we consider real-life Yoddhas have left us with many inspirational words. With very few words they say a lot of things. These are some of the most valuable inspirational words by real-life Yoddhas.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

This is a quote that was given to us by none other than Alber Einstein. As we all know Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists in the history of this world. What he is trying to say here is that when we come across a problem, we have to think in new and creative ways to solve the problem because we can’t solve the problem with the same kind of thinking used to create it. Read this quote again and again and it will start to make so much more sense.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill

These are the inspirational words by the great Winston Churchill who was the Prime Minister of the United Kindom. In this quote, Winston Churchill is saying that when we change, we improve a little and when we change often that’s when we become perfect because changing every day means to improve a little more every day. Changing and adapting yourself with your surroundings and environment is the best way to becoming perfect.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Everyone knows about the work Nelson Mandela has done in his life. He fought for the rights of black people and helped all the black people realize that they are no less than anyone else. He proved this by becoming the first black person to be elected as the president of South Africa. Education helps us to understand and identify our rights, it helps us to face any difficult situation. If we are educated then we can educate others and that is how a change in the world starts. That is why in this quote, Nelson Mandela is comparing education with a weapon.

“Failure is just the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” – Henry Ford

Henry Ford is the founder of the very famous and successful Ford Motors Company. Before finding success, Ford faced a lot of failures and rejection. However, each time he learned from his failures and did better the next time and this is exactly what he is trying to say in his quote. Failure does not mean the end of your dreams. Failure just leads you to the right path to success. Each time failure occurs, just learn from the mistakes that led to the failure and try again without making the same mistakes again.

“Life should be great rather than long” – B.R Ambedkar

B.R Ambedkar was one of the very great people who contributed to removing discrimination and untouchability from India. He was a jurist, economist, politician and also a social reformer. In his quote, he is trying to say that living a short but great life is much better than living a long but boring life, however, boring or great life is subjective. These kinds of inspirational words will motivate you to take action towards the things you want.

“The problem is not lack of resources or capabilities but lack of will” – Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a nationalist, a teacher and also an activist. He had a huge contribution in the fight against British authorities. In his quote, he addresses the people who make excuses for having a lack of resources or talent or capabilities. As he said, you can achieve anything if you have a will inside you. When people have a strong will, they do not care about the lack of resources or lack of capabilities, if they have will then they will find a way anyhow.

These are some of the most inspirational quotes from real-life Yoddhas. Just reading these quotes help us to understand what kind of person they were. From Albert Einstein to Bal Gangadhar Tilak, all of them had a different story, a different life, however, the one thing that was common in all of them was the characteristics of a real-life Yoddha of being fearless and having a never give up attitude. These inspirational words could just be the motivation you need to start your journey to greatness.

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Government Jobs in India- All Information And Other Benefits

Are you the one looking for a government job? If yes, then this article will serve for your benefit. Government job in India is been a tradition for many families. Most people across nation associate it with pride and honor. Getting a government job requires hard work and dedication. With increasing demand for work the positions have increased, hence one has got more scope to fit in these jobs.

A growing trend has been observed in recent years, that more and more people are opting for government jobs. The primary purpose behind preparing for government jobs is that it secure the life and guarantees a job till retirement age in India. In addition to the salary aspect, there are pension and other needed benefits.

The government sector is flourishing now a days and hence it now has a division of Mini Ratnas and Maha Ratnas as the name suggests with more capital coming in Both these categories of companies have huge job opportunities for the right candidates.

Well, before we proceed let us focus on the major type of government exams for various jobs: –

  • SBI PO Examination
  • IBPS SO Examination
  • IBPS PO Examination
  • RBI Grade B Examination
  • SBI & IBPS Clerk Examination
  • Indian Railways Examination
  • UPSC Civil Services Examination
  • G.I.C Officers’ Exam
  • L.I.C Officers’ Exam
  • G.I.C. Assistants Exam
  • L.I.C Development Officers’ Exam
  • National Defence Academy (N.D.A.) Exam (UPSC)
  • Combined Defence Services (C.D.S.) Exam (UPSC)
  • I.A.F. Airman (Non-Technical Trades) Exam
  • I.A.F. Airman (Technical Trades) Exam
  • Indian Navy Sailors Direct Entry Recruitment Exam
  • I.A.F. Airman (Educational Instructors Trade) Exam
  • Indian Army Soldiers General Duty (NER) Exam

And many more…


Most government exams need minimum age and qualification from recognized university. Majority of exams have no bar on education. For UPSE exam the age should be between 21 to 30 and most of the government jobs have that age bar set.

Salary Scale in Government Jobs

In India pay commission which is a government body determines salaries of government employees. Since independence, India has formed to review and implemented seven pay commissions to recommend the salary increment of all the government’s civil and military employees.  With discussion on this let us now focus on the benefits that one avails from a government job.

Benefits from the government jobs

  • The job gives you the basic monthly salary and in addition to that you get Dearness allowance and House Rental Allowance.
  • Gratuity is another big thing here as you work for longer tenure.
  • Bonus is the part of salary every year
  • You also get the retirement benefits, which includes Provident fund, gratuity, salary arrears, insurance if any etc. 

So, Government jobs in India is a perk for life and to get there your hard-work is the key. Most people in India clear these exams every year and get the best jobs in the country such as SSC and UPSE jobs. Government jobs are the best if one wants job security and retirement benefits are also the best. So, if you are looking for a government job decide what profile you want to work for practice to clear exam and then serve the rest of life like a happily with job surety.

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Moderates and Extremists Leader Name


The leaders in the early times of the congress were considered as Moderates. They believed that in the British sense of Justice and further expected that they will soon be removing the grievances of the Indians once they were familiar with the same. Many leaders believed in the ideas to remove the guidelines made by the British. Therefore, Moderates raised the hopes and the aspirants of the Indian in the resolution adopted in different sessions and meetings of the Congress. Moderates believed that British can further change the policies and reforms. They were not with the ideology of British but they believed that the British sense of Justice will further be removing the grievances.


  • They demanded equality which seemed to be the rather abstract idea; they equated liberty with class privilege.
  • Their politics were limited to the goals and methods.
  • Moderates are secure with their attitude.
  • They were conscious of the explorative nature of the British Rule but wanted its reforms and not expulsion.


Moderates’ methods somehow became a failure and the method of agitation emerged in the group within the Congress the demands of them were more vigorous. Therefore, the method of agitation was at an extreme level. Extremist always believes in the ideology of their views and ideas. They were more interacted with the people and represent them at large. The ideology of creating new ideas for the people somehow worked and made them different from the moderates. We can’t say that the idea of moderates didn’t help they both have their ideology. The extremists never believed in the British sense of Justice. Hey believed that British have conquered India for the selfish end and they will always govern India.


  • The goal of the extremists was Swaraj. The different leaders interpreted it differently.
  • For Tilak, Indian control over the Administration, but a total severance with Great Britain.
  • Aurobindo Ghosh in Bengal visualizes Swaraj still meant self-rule within the parameters of British Imperial Structure.

The Moderates and Extremists differ widely in society regarding the meaning of the term known as Swaraj. The Moderates explained the self-rule which remains with the British Empire. The extremists understood it differently. Below is the list of few moderate and extremist leaders name .

Some of the Moderates Leader are as follows:

  • Dadabhai Naoroji
  • R.C.Dutt
  • Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  • S.N.Bannerjee
  • A.O.Hume

Some of the Extremists Leader are as follows:

  • Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Lala Lajpat Rai
  • B.C.Pal
  • Ashwini Kumar Dutt
  • Aurobindo Ghosh Rajnarayan Bose

These were some of the major differences between Moderates and Extremists. The leaders though have a different political view like extremists were beyond the thoughts whereas moderate works according to the methods and policies. They both have their separate ideology and they also worked for it. The political views of the moderates and extremists were highlighted at the time of different movements. So we can’t say the ideology of moderates was bad, they both worked accordingly. Both have their own perspectives and ideas and they played an important role at the time of British Rule.

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Recruiter Jobs in India: Job Role, Eligibility, Skills and Work Environment

Recruiters are an essential part of a human resources team. Recruitment is one of the essential responsibilities of the HR department and the work can be done internally or externally. It’s the responsibility of the recruiters to build a strong workforce of the organization that works towards achieving the goal of the organization. Recruiter Jobs in India are widely in demand, either for the HR team of the organization or for independent recruiting firms. In other words, a professional can be directly recruited as a recruiter as an internal team member or else the organization outsource the recruiting jobs to another company. Basically, it is considered as the first major role of a HR executive and with experience, he or she can be designated to the position of an HR Manager. A high-quality workforce can be created only with the help of an efficient recruiter. Hence, recruiter jobs are important jobs in the job market.

What jobs are assigned in recruiter jobs?

When a candidate joins in recruiter jobs, the major responsibilities include:

  • Headhunting potential candidates for a particular job role
  • Searching potential candidates in job sites, job fairs, company’s internal data base, networking events, references, college campuses and with the help of other marketing programs
  • Screening resumes and choosing the best ones that meet the job requirements.
  • Conducting initial interviews (telephonic or face-to-face)  and then short-listing eligible candidates
  • Follow-up of interviews
  • Doing background checks of selected candidates
  • Conducting reference checks as well
  • Coordination with senior hiring people to estimate staffing needs
  • Mailing of appointment letters
  • Conducting of exit interviews
  • Maintaining timely reports on recruitment activities and so on.

Educational requirement to be in Recruiter Jobs

To apply for recruiter jobs, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement. But still, candidates who have professional certification in HR or diploma holders in HR are given more preference. Candidates with Masters’ degree or MBA in Human Resource have added advantages.

Additional skills required in Recruiter jobs

Mere educational qualification is not enough. There are certain essential requirements to do well in recruiter jobs.

  • Communication: One basic skill is communication skill. He or she must be capable enough to have a good interaction with the potential candidates.
  • Interpersonal: The candidates should have good interpersonal skill to build a rapport with senior HR employees and other team members and also the potential candidates.
  • Patient: Recruiters should be able to maintain poise and patience while interviewing candidates.
  • Updated knowledge: Candidates should keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the HR market, should be well aware of Employment law, Labor relations and collective bargaining.
  • Updated internal information: Candidates should also keep themselves updated with the internal structure of the organization, training and development imparted to candidates, the HR needs.
  • Good decision makers: They should be good decision makers as well. In other words, they should be capable enough to review job applications, screen candidates, choose the correct profile, and make the right choice in choosing candidates for the job.

Recruiter Jobs’ environment

Recruiter job is basically a full-time job role where the recruiters work in office environment. The newly joined recruiters may have to do field job as well by visiting college campuses and job fairs to source candidates. Nowadays, recruiter jobs have also become popular freelancing or part-time jobs, especially for women. They can work comfortably from home, devote few hours during the day and give calls to the contact list provided and choose candidates.

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Common Parenting Questions About Kids Attending Loved Ones’ Funerals

Funeral Planning

Funerals are a solemn event, and everyone is expected to act accordingly. The grieving family needs comfort and a helping hand from other people who are close to them. They need the time to celebrate the life of their deceased loved one while reflecting on how they can bear going on without them. If you happen to be a parent attending a funeral for a relative or friend, your children will probably be there with you. You know how children can be when it comes to events that they don’t understand, so there will be a lot on your hands than simple comforting. Here are some questions that parents like you might ask whenever the situation arrives:

How Great Is My Responsibility?

As a parent, you already know what your role is with your kids at home. However, there are more things to consider when you’re attending a funeral with them. Children are naturally curious, and they will ask you what it is and what it means. They will also ask about the smallest things such as the flowers, the casket, and even why a person is lying down in it in a cemetery in Kaysville. Always be prepared to entertain these questions with care and honesty enough to fill their curiosity. You can even take the time beforehand to brief them and tell them what kind of service you’ll be going to. Fill them in on what to expect and how to act accordingly.

How Should They Behave? 

How they should act is important since maintaining the solemn nature of the event is part of paying respects. Apart from being curious, kids tend to find ways to entertain themselves when they feel bored. They’re also naturally playful, so there will be attempts where they loiter around or play with other kids. All of these matters should be handled even before going to the venue. Explain to them the importance of keeping quiet when necessary and show them how to talk in a manner that won’t disturb the whole service. As parents, you should be the role model and set an example for them on how it’s done.

In What Way Should They Speak?

With children, anything that’s on their minds is okay to say. They may speak without understanding the situation, or they might not speak until told to do so. Regardless of their natural tendencies, they should be taught about what to say in such times. You can teach them simple sentences of condolences that they can easily learn. There’s a possibility that they may not get it the first time, so this will require a lot of patience from you. Children are naturally affectionate, and they can become courteous with the right guidance. If they learn such things at a young age, then they will thank you later in life. Funerals aren’t an easy situation to deal with. In an event where everything is as it should be, making it easy for children to understand it is a whole different responsibility altogether. As parents, it is part of your role to teach them the importance of proper behavior at funerals as they’ll need to attend them as many times as needed during their lifetime.

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Advance Funeral Planning and the Most Common Myths Around It

Funeral Planning

It can be a bit stressful to talk about death, especially if it’s one of your worst fears, but it’s something you have to deal with eventually. More people are now planning their own funeral because they’re well informed of what it can do for them and their family.

Advance funeral planning has many benefits, but a lot of people are still not convinced, and that’s partly because of the misconceptions surrounding it. Here, we will discuss the most common myths about advance funeral planning and why you should talk to a funeral director in Taylorsville or anywhere in Utah soon.

There’s No Need to Talk About Death Right Now

Truth is, you can never be certain when it comes to death. You’ll never know when it will happen unless you’re able to predict the future. Delaying “the talk” and not planning about it is more difficult, as everything can be too late when things finally happen.

Talk about it with your family or with your agent as early as now so they would be ready if ever something unexpected happens to you. This is just the reality, and dealing with it as soon as possible is a must.

I Don’t Need to Prepare if I’m Financially Stable

This is wrong, as you would have to prepare for your death and funeral no matter what your financial status in life is. Planning for your funeral does not only entail saving up for it, as it includes finalizing your death wishes, too.

You can include your special requests such as the songs to play during your burial, whether you want to have an open or closed casket, or whether you want to be cremated or not. Everyone has to prepare for their funeral whether you are financially stable or not.

They Wouldn’t be Able to See It

Yes, your loved one who passed away would not be able to see their own funeral, but it is important to pay homage to them one last time. Also, friends and family members would definitely attend the wake and the funeral itself. Of course, you have to make them feel like you’re prepared.

Difficult decisions and arguments might arise if the funeral is not sorted out, which is why it’s best to talk to them and have everything pre-planned before anything else happens.

We Already Purchased a Cemetery Property

It’s not just about purchasing your final resting place. A funeral is more than just purchasing a property. It is also about planning what to wear for it, which funeral company to call for arrangements, whether you want to be cremated or buried, if you want a closed casket, where you want your ashes to rest, and many more. It’s important to talk to an agent about all of these and have them document every single decision you make for your funeral. Having said all of these, you might want to talk to your funeral agent right away. Doing so will give you and your loved ones peace of mind, as you’re rest assured knowing that everything is well in place if ever anything happens.

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Women Empowerment – Rising the power of Women

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment means raising women to their highest potential. Providing them freedom of speech, choosing career  and they must also be self dependent .

When women is a girl she works hard to nourish her talents. But as she gets married. Her  abilities and talents are weighted on a balance. And after marriage, she is thrown in a world of day – to – day routine works and forced to suppress her talents and desires.

But, in present scenario I feel proud to see that today’s woman is no longer left helpless, for an example, Malala Yousufzai said “All I want is an education and I am afraid of no one”. SHE denotes a glimpse of woman power . She didn’t feared any gun shot, faced it boldly and earned her right to education when the glimpse is being broaden, then , logically all women in India, are having such a strength.

Factor that affects woman power are as follows :


Most important factor that affects women empowerment is Family background  When a women as a child grows in such an environment where she is being felt low , faces gender inequality and treated as an inferior person then she thinks herself as she is  shown in the mirror in the eyes of her elders.

But when a girl is born in a family where she is understood, where she is treated as a blessing and treated equally as her brother and even in some Indian families girls are respected as a goddess and they perform rituals of “Kanya Pujan” in “Navratri” then that girl, definitely,  will reach the top and live life with flying colours.

Otherwise she becomes at taboo.


Education is the process of learning knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. It is divided into four categories :  pre school, primary, secondary, college or university. When firstly, parents take girls till Secondary Level, then, according to Kiran Bedi a girl must choose her path from college to choose her career herselves then,  their parents role is over. Girls must be open minded and plan their future goals as planning bridges the gap between where we are today and where we want to reach.

Confidence of girls : A confident girl leads to a confident woman, when a girl is confident in her teenage, she turns into a confident woman and leads to women empowerment.

Society: Society where a girl lives in is very crucial factor to determine the empowerment. As when society appreciates a girl success and respects woman and treats her equally with men,  then, definitely it leads to women empowerment .

History: About 42000 years earlier,  women  only made life of human beings more civilized .Women developed how to control fire and made sticks for hunting to be helpful to men and 20 thousand years earlier,  she only noticed the small girls who made clay toys and threw on fire which made it strong .Hence women only invented making of utensils even woman is the first doctor as recognised in our history, as shown in Ramayana and Shrimad Bhagwat Katha goddess Sita and goddess Radha are most beautiful , generous, knowledgeable, having values and we worship  today them  because of their holi deeds this must ensure women empowerment women can be Kaali at times of self protection, woman is really goddess image .But, unfortunately, women herself couldn’t realise it. She must be empowered.

 Some achievements of women facing difficult circumstances are as follows:

  • Bhuri Bai – labour work in her childhood – first international adivasi artist.
  • Farida Rihana – faced no support from family – first Indian woman paratrooper.
  • Sunita  Krishnan – faced various brutalities, revolts  even just saved from acid attacks trial-  she saved 21000 girls and women from human trafficking.
  • Jasinda Ardorn – travelled  for giving speech in United Nations with her three months daughter-she became New Zealand Prime Minister in above examples,  women empowerment has reached the heights women would be empowered when men start working that type of work that women has to do as in  words of Jasinda Ardorn . The most famous example of firmly decision maker is Gita Gopinath( International Ehief Economist) . Next example is Avani Chaturvedi of Rewa, her dream came true as she became first woman fighter pilot of Indian Air Force .Also  in India gender gap is decreasing in politics .

Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 march and it represents women is empowered fastly. We can understand importance of women from this, as some one has said –“you educate a man , you educate a man; you educate a woman ,you educate a generation” When women is empowered the whole generation is empowered when women is happy whole family flourishes. In recent study it is found that 82% women lives in  stress as she faces 24 hour house work with no respect and no pay .In this situation, firstly women has to understand self care and self importance. Self importance doesn’t means to be egoistic it just means respecting yourselves .Women must take one day free of cooking and do whatever she likes she must be respected by a family but firstly she has to love herself as she is precious .

Healthy wealthy and Happy women : Firstly ,women empowerment is just on how healthy is women’s mind and body and how happy her soul is? When women fulfils all three factors next is how much education she has earned then comes  financial security .She is a mother she needs to be educated .We have listened a bad person but never listened a bad mother. Woman is full of love for her child and always has good intentions for her child she makes sacrifices for child therefore , women herself should realise her value. Even in God’s view women and men are equal then why people and  women herself couldn’t understand it. She must be empowered by spreading Awareness to her. She must be awarded for Excellence and let live her  life peacefully because she is full of talents ,she is all rounder ,she is Sania Mirza, Indira Gandhi Babita Phogat, Sushma Swaraj, etc. she is everywhere .She is proud of the nation, she is Miss Universe ,Miss World .

In present scenario, women may be well educated and  earned professional training but then also , she becomes unemployed as she has to manage house work and job work together. For this ,awareness must be created to make sure whole burden of house work must not be for women only  man has to understand women empowerment then it will lead to working women and benefit in growth of national income. Women must be positive thinker she must behave like a hero then only she will be empowered .She should not feel herself as a burden  because she is eal hero.

 Ways to empower women There are no such  written  code of conduct on empowering women but with smaller steps greater successes can be achieved .

Some ways are as follows :

  • Girls must be made bold from their childhood.
  •  No discrimination performed at home .
  •  Women must be non – competitive  to other women
  • Always take decision what she likes.


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Precedent for patriotism in India

A man courageous and brave,
Had a role in removing the word slave,
From India and freeing it,
From the merciless rule of the British.

He sacrificed his life,
In the struggle to make India free,
A man devoted to his country,
Fought hard and made history.

While he was in jail he started,
A hunger strike and fasted,
For 116 days straight,
Without caring about his fate.

Our hero Bhagat Singh was born on September 28, 1907. Patriotism was in his blood as his father was a revolutionary. As Bhagat Singh was growing he came to know about the revolutionaries of his family. Bhagat Singh joined freedom movement when he was thirteen, he left his school to join this movement. Bhagat Singh and his two revolutionaries Sukhdev and Rajguru shot the Saunders to dead, he was responsible for Lalaji’s death. These three were arrested for throwing a bomb in the Delhi assembly and were sentenced to death. They were hanged one day before the day was appointed. The title of Shaheed-e-Azam was given to him.

 When he was hanged,
He just smiled and passed,
Away from this world,
Leaving his revolting words.

A man courageous and brave,
Was not the British’s slave,
Devoted to his country,
He fought hard and made history

Sukhdev was born on 15 May 1907, he was a famous revolutionary who struggled for the independence of our country.  Sukhdev Thapar was his full name. he was from Ludhiana, Punjab. He was just 24 when he got martyred for his country. He was with Bhagat and Rajguru, who fought for their country.  

 Arrested for the murder,
Of a British police officer,
John Saunders, he was arrested,
Subsequently hanged and convicted.

He was just 23 years of age,
When he was convicted and hanged,
By the merciless British’s rage,
He will be remembered till everlasting days.

In reference with the same lets see some desh bhakti shayari that can cause Goosebumps and outrage in every Indian citizen the feeling of true patriotism 

आओ झुकर सलाम करे उनको जिनके हिस्से मे ये मुकाम आता है,

खुसनसीब है वो खून जा देश के काम आता है…

जिन्हें है प्यार वतन से, वो देश के लिए अपना लहू बहाते हैं, माँ की चरणों में अपना शीश चढ़ाकर,

देश की आजादी बचाते हैं, देश के लिए हँसते-हँसते अपनी जान लुटाते हैं..!!

लुटेरा है अगर आजाद तो अपमान सबका है,

लुटी है एक बेटी तो लुटा सम्मान सबका है,

बनो इंसान पहले छोड़ कर तुम बात मजहब की,

लड़ो मिलकर दरिंदों से ये हिंदुस्तान सबका है।

Subhas Chandra Bose was born in the rich Hindu family of Cuttack on 23 January 1897. He was a famous revolutionary.  He went to Japan and gave a famous slogan “Delhi Chalo” to his Indian National Army. A violent started between Azad Hind Fauj and Anglo-American forces. But Azad hind Fauj was forced to surrender along with Netaji. After some time, Netaji left for Tokyo but the plane got crashed and it was informed that Netaji was killed in that accident.

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The life and inventions of John Logie Baird

inventions of John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird was born in Scotland in 1888 and the wanna-be soldier who was not allowed to sign up due to a number of health conditions spent a lot of time tinkering away in his workshop. He is the man credited with bringing us the television.

It is hard to imagine a world where the humble television set didn’t exist as nowadays so much of our life revolves around the flat screen in the corner of the room or situated on the wall of our living rooms. Technology has advanced dramatically since Baird’s first invention and we have so many different options available to us in terms of the television set that we buy and the aerial that we use to receive the pictures. If you are in need of help with your TV aerial then steve unett aerials provide a tv aerial repair cheltenham service and it would be worth contacting him so you can sit down and enjoy your favourite television programs. TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham companies can help with a variety of aerial needs.

John Logie Baird created his first television set using an old tea chest. The other materials that he used included sealing wax and glue, scissors, darning needles, some bike light lenses and an old hat box. He started playing around with the idea for his invention as a result of his mover to Hastings in 1923 because of his increasingly poor health. He had a dream of seeing a moving image transferred onto a screen but not everyone believed in his vision and some even thought him to be mad. When he looked for publicity by approaching the Daily Express the editor refused to meet him stating that he was “a lunatic …..who says he’s got a machine for seeing by wireless”. If only the editor had had a crystal ball maybe their decision would have been a different one. In 1925 the first successful transmission of “Stooky Bill” who was the head of a ventriloquist dummy.

inventions of John Logie Baird

Image Credit

In 1935 Baird’s television was trialled against another one that was an all-electronic system and unfortunately for Baird his did not stand up to the competitors version. Just two short years later in 1937 his system was dropped completely and Baird died at the young age of 58. Regardless of his invention not being taken up he is still seen as one of the leading lights in the development of the television set.

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Helping children to buy gifts for parents

usb wall charger australia

There is a certain age where children are old enough to want to buy their parents gifts for birthday’s or Christmas or Father’s or Mother’s Day. They are past the age where they are happy to make something, but they are not quite at the age where they have enough pocket money to spend on something substantial. And typically, the parent is still in the space where they don’t want their youngster to spend much money on them. So, what do you do? It is important that you find a way to let the youngster get something but at the same time, they need to learn about saving and the value of money. So, something small and useful works, ideally with a homemade card. Here are a few ideas that could work.

usb wall charger australia

Stay Charged

Everyone has a cell phone, and everyone needs chargers. While it is true that each new handset comes with a charger, these tend to break or get lost. And even if they don’t there is space for diversification. How about a car charger for instance? Or, if the need calls for it, do an online search for a phrase like ‘USB wall charger Australia’ to see what comes up. It’s another type of charger to solve a need and, bought online you can probably find it at quite a good price.

Cheap thrills

If the parent is a reader spend some time at a second-hand book store. These tend to be great places to find well-priced treasures. With a little bit of knowledge about the type of material mom or dad like to read you should almost certainly be able to find something appropriate. An added benefit with books is that the youngster can write a message inside the cover so that each and every time you the parent rereads the book there is a reminder of a special time in the past. It makes for great memories.

Tasty delights

Almost everybody has a weakness for something tasty. It might be chocolate or nougat, or dried fruit or Turkish Delight. It doesn’t really matter what it is, what matters is that your child knows what you like as their parent. From there on, it is all pretty easy. They don’t need to buy anything too huge, just a little something that is nicely wrapped, and which can be shared – or enjoyed in private after the rest of the family has gone to sleep.

Licence holder

Very simple and very effective. Also, quite easy to come by and not overly expensive. Branded licence disc holders for the car are a nice touch for a parent who loves cars. The drill is simple, dad drives a Mercedes and he is really proud of it. Find a permanent licence disc holder that is Mercedes branded and he will have it on the inside of his windscreen for as long as he has the car. Very simple and cheap and, as with most of the other gifts listed here, something that will invoke a memory each time it is viewed.

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