Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment – Rising the power of Women

Women empowerment means raising women to their highest potential. Providing them freedom of speech, choosing career  and they must also be self dependent . When women is a girl she works hard... Read more »

Precedent for patriotism in India

A man courageous and brave, Had a role in removing the word slave, From India and freeing it, From the merciless rule of the British. He sacrificed his life, In the struggle... Read more »
inventions of John Logie Baird

The life and inventions of John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird was born in Scotland in 1888 and the wanna-be soldier who was not allowed to sign up due to a number of health conditions spent a lot of time... Read more »
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Helping children to buy gifts for parents

There is a certain age where children are old enough to want to buy their parents gifts for birthday’s or Christmas or Father’s or Mother’s Day. They are past the age where... Read more »

Five things you never knew about bongs

For those who like to smoke weed, or other substances for that matter, one of the more favoured and traditional ways of doing so is with a bong. It is a word... Read more »

Amethi development under Rahul Gandhi Regime

Amethi as a city is actually a case study and a role model for development for the entire nation and world. Amethi was one of the most backward regions in the country in... Read more »
Political Campaigning

Five Trends in Political Campaigning

A political campaign is an organized effort, put together to influence the decision-making process within a specific group. In democracies, political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, by which representatives are chosen.... Read more »
Strangest Things to be Posted

The Strangest Things to be Posted

As you can imagine, Christmas is the busiest time of year for the Royal Mail. They have to employ an additional 20,000 staff just to cope with the extra deliveries required during... Read more »

Sitting Down to Watch the Queen’s Speech

Each year on Christmas Day thousands of people sit down to watch the Queen make her annual speech to the country. Well that is if you have made sure that your televisions... Read more »

What makes Weddings so special in India?

Weddings in India are considered to be the most sacred ceremony it signifies the unifying of two people in love as well as their families. It binds two families together to have... Read more »